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Sat Jun 11, 2016, 01:50 PM Jun 2016

A Final Debunking of Progressive Attacks on Hillary Rodham Clinton


If Bernie thought the Iraq war was such a mistake on Hillary’s part, why did he confirm her as Secretary of State?

Trade Agreements:

Though Hillary supported her husbands trade agreements, as Senator of New York, the only trade agreement Hillary ever had the opportunity to vote on was CAFTA [Central American Trade Agreement]. Hillary voted *AGAINST* CAFTA. This important fact is often overlooked by the media and I’m not sure why.

Many of the videos you see of Hillary opposing gay marriage were posted by right-wing groups to turn liberals against her. Ironically, the clip most commonly used is from a speech Hillary was giving *AGAINST* amending our constitution to ban gay marriage — saying that though she opposes gay marriage in principle, she opposes amending our constitution. Context is everything.

Let us also remember President Obama, Vice President Biden, *AND* Bernie Sanders evolved on gay marriage. Bernie officially evolved on gay marriage in 2009. For Hillary to be vilified for her gay marriage evolution more than her male counterparts is the very definition of sexism. It is also proof Karl Rove is hurting Hillary among the very people that should be enthusiastically supporting her:
A Final Debunking of Progressive Attacks on Hillary Rodham Clinton (Original Post) LiberalFighter Jun 2016 OP
there you go, trying to confuse them with facts. niyad Jun 2016 #1
It's not a difficult task. NurseJackie Jun 2016 #2
HAHA sarae Jun 2016 #4
Thanks, the truth has been distorted many times, mostly by RW talking points. Thinkingabout Jun 2016 #3
I read this yesterday. Very good! A lot of information! Her Sister Jun 2016 #5
Excellent information ladym55 Jun 2016 #6
I happily shared the CAFTA bit with GDP. It's... LAS14 Jun 2016 #7
That is BRILLIANT! NastyRiffraff Jun 2016 #8

Her Sister

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5. I read this yesterday. Very good! A lot of information!
Sat Jun 11, 2016, 02:35 PM
Jun 2016

In different areas to debunk. Nice to have so much compiled in one article. Thanks for posting.


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6. Excellent information
Sat Jun 11, 2016, 03:08 PM
Jun 2016

Should be required reading all over the place.

To all my BFF's in progressive media who have been happily trashing Hillary and promoting conspiracy theories at every turn to support the Bern: Karl Rove thanks you for doing his work for him.

I see Greg Palast claims that California was stolen from Bernie ... I need to break it to my daughter that her vote for Hillary last Tuesday was part of some grand conspiracy rather than a CHOICE.

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