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Sun Apr 21, 2013, 11:02 AM


More about the LEGEND of Grover Norquist

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But What motivates Grover, Really?

(NOTE: Posted prior to 2012 Election)

As generally known, when questioned about taxes Grover Norquist aligns with official media released Republican Statements. He supports the "Party Line", that the GOP is denying tax revenue to public programs in compliance with a supposed "Oath of Honor" taken under pretense of Loyalty to their party.

Think that's reasonable?



Nope. What motivates the TeaPublicans isn’t lofty ideals, they’re concerned (obsessively!) with Campaign Finance, of course. They're trying to assure future resources, "Super PAC" and related Corporate financial support.



More importantly, they’re concerned (obsessively!) with the prospect of securing reliable resources of Future Campaign Finance, of course, not those presently under control of Norquist.

They're trying to definatively ASSURE future (as yet unrealized, unlimited) "Super PAC" and related financial support that's not yet been committed by those vast untapped resources provided for under Citizens United.

Accomplished by refusing to cooperate with ANY programs relying on Tax Revenue, depriving *We The People* of jobs and critical infrastructure while providing a *Tax Free Future* for the Corporations at our expense.

In effect depriving these programs of funding or destroying them ENTIRELY in exchange for Campaign contributions (Quid Pro Quo), and that behavior is Entirely Acceptable in our current political climate! Just ask Rick Scott, Scott Walker, or any of the other TeaPublican policy supporters.

They've sold the Trust we've given them (IE Oath of Office) to the highest bidder, they're now wholly owned, functionally reliant Corporate tools. The "Oath to Norquist" we're all familiar with simply assures complete cooperation with this all consuming Agenda. NO Exceptions to towing the TeaPublican party line will be tolerated.


TeaPublicans (of course) deny that any coercion or impropriety is taking place, Republicans have NOT been intimidated into cooperation with the Right Wing Agenda, Of Course Not


Other Long Term Strategy Goals?

If we take into account the influence of our current election cycle, Tax Denial is an easily explained tactic. Under GOP policy our country cannot be allowed to substantially recover before the 2012 election, economic growth won't be allowed to reflect positive credit to President Obama even if impending *Catastrophic Economic Failure* is the alternative. Right Wing measures of Austerity are closely related, those proposals support and sustain intended (related) Denial of Economic Growth.

As always, Republicans place their own political interests ahead of National Economic Stability, the rest of us aren't much of a consideration compared to the Corporate Loyalty nurtured by current GOP Leadership.

Right Wing Media support for policies of Tax Attrition

Under "Official" GOP media supported contention, policies of Tax Revenue Denial and resulting negative impact on our economy and effected Public Programs are NECESSARY, period, no further discussion required. Speaks for itself, right?
Because it's simply the "Right Thing to do" once you've sold out to Corporate Constituents

Tax Attrition and resulting Enforced Impoverishment continue to be carried out in the guise of supposed (unnecessary, contrived) Deficit Reduction.

THAT'S what's best for America! Right? Depriving ALL social programs of funding is the GOLD STANDARD for GOP policy, Mr. Norquist understands that very well

We should ALL pause for a moment to appreciate the service provided by this Outstanding Patriot, this Pillar of Freedom and Exceptionalism!

Grover "The Hero" under GOP Dogma

No, Mr. Norquist is NOT enforcing an unspoken imperative in support of Tax Subsidies resulting in huge windfall profits for the wealthiest 1% of Americans across the last decades.

Cooperative GOP House and Senate members are IN FACT stout defenders of Liberty, Patriotic officeholders who're bound by Honor and Integrity, who've simply decided to do what's Best for America, right?

By cutting or removing completely those Public Programs supporting the poorest, least secure Americans. Thereby enabling the sustained Corporate Tax Cuts we've all become familiar with How could anyone be confused about what motivates these Heroic Freedom Fighters?

They're NOT "Corporate Shills" who've completely SOLD OUT to Monied Interests, who've sold their Oath of Office to the Highest Bidder, NOPE.
Not even Mitt Romney



The “Affluent” are well aware that political payoffs (AKA Bribes AKA Legalized Corruption) are MUCH less expensive than paying taxes.
They’ll continue to feed the GOP political machine as much as necessary to keep their tax deferred “subsidies” and other loopholes courtesy of Lobbyist Influence.

And they’re obviously well aware that our current bad economy represents an OPPORTUNITY to further increase the rift between the “Affluent” and the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Union Representation is under continuous attack NATIONALLY, yet another opportunity for the Corporate Interests to reduce the stability and political influence of “Middle America”, IE the ragged remains of the Middle Class.

Business as usual for the Corporate GOP.



Interested in becoming a GOP Corporate Tool?

Being funded by compromised resources while holding an elected position, taking Tainted campaign money tied to obvious (Blatant!) conflict of interest issues? That's Just Fine!

Because the GOP says so, in pursuit of their agenda supportive of the richest 1% of Americans, who then (by way of Reciprocation) fund cooperative Republican Politicos with resulting HUGE campaign finance resources provided for under Citizens United.

In cooperation with the current Reicht Wing majority SCOTUS which continues to control our Electoral AND Judicial systems, based on nothing more than the (contrived) rhetorically based, arbitrary opinions of those justices without further legal justification.

And related Policies of Austerity enforced under current Republican Leadership are ALSO just fine, they don't threaten the integrity of our entire Social Contract, nope. Proposed Austerity Measures are absolutely NECESSARY to support Tax Subsidies that would otherwise be denied to deserving Corporate Interests

And why not? For instance, why would anyone actually rely on Food Stamps, Right TeaPublicans? Or Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Retirement Benefits, they're all just so much weight on our shoulders, we the Deserving Moneyed Elite. Right?

Those who've invested in these programs (HOW many decades? YOU FOOL!) can just wither up and blow away under TeaPublican dictates, in fact, current Reicht Wing legislation will ASSURE this.

Additionally, Denial of Tax Revenue to programs supportive of the poorest segment of our economy isn't VILE or DESTRUCTIVE, NO!

It's actually PATRIOTIC under current GOP doctrine to reduce and/or cancel Medicaid supplements, Food Stamps, WIC, Head Start, Homeless Shelters, poverty support programs of ALL types.

All done under a fervor of Patriotic Posturing centered around (unnecessary, contrived) DEFICIT REDUCTION.
Which makes that Agenda Completely Legitimate. Of Course!

On the related topic of Campaign Finance Corruption:



Why would anyone need a NEW retirement benefits package? Because the one you've been paying into is being raided by Corporate Austerity Legislation!

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