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Fri Mar 1, 2013, 06:31 AM

ALEC and Norquist affiliated WA legislators

Here is a list of Washington State politicians who are connected the the "evil duo"; ALEC and Grover Norquist. It's a handy reference as info comes out of the Legislature and Congress.

ALEC-affiliated politicians are expected to introduce, sponsor, and support in debate "model legislation" from the ALEC playbook. The ALEC playbook is comprised of several "toolkits" with detailed plans, background information, talking points, and model legislation to accomplish their ends. Toolkits cover topics like budget reform, repealing Obamacare, education, energy, prisons, etc. Affiliated politicians are rewarded with campaign support and "big name" speakers at their events. ALEC members include legislators as well as large corprations; Exxon, PhRMA, Koch Industries, etc.

Reading legislation sponsored by ALEC-affiliated members, we can see how even innocuous-looking legislation is intended to move our state to a greater ALEC goal. It is truly insidious!

ALEC-affiliated State Reps:
Jan Angel R-26 Port Orchard (ALEC State Chair)
Matt Shea R-4 Spokane Valley
Gary Alexander R-20 Olympia
Charles Ross R-14 Naches
Joe Schmick R-9 Colfax
Kevin Parker R-6 Spokane

Two Democrats have attended ALEC meetings, but have since resigned from ALEC. They are Troy Kelley and Kevin Van de Wege. Kelley attended one meeting. Van de Wege announced his resignation on 4/12/2012 (about the time the Trayvon Martin killing was hitting the news and "Stand Your Ground" Laws were coming into question).

ALEC-affiliated State Senators
Don Benton R-17 Vancouver (ALEC State Chair) (Vice Chair Gov't Operations)
Linda Evans Parlette R-12 Wenatchee
Michael Carrell R-28 Lakewood
Pamela Jean Roach R-31 R-Auburn
Doug Ericksen R-42 Ferndale
Janea Holmquist-Newbry R-13 Yakima Valley
Randi Becker R-2 Eatonville (Chair of Health Care and Vice Chair of Education)
Mike D Hewitt R-16 Pasco

One Democrat, Brian Hatfield announced in April 2012 that he has not renewed his ALEC membership (see above comment on timing). (Hatfield Chairs Financial Institutions)

ALEC-affiliated Members of Congress from Washington are:
Jaime Herrera-Butler Vancouver
Doc Hastings Yakima
Cathy McMorris Rogers Spokane
Perhaps Reichert is too lazy for ALEC; as it involves actually doing something!

ALEC info available at alec.org and sourcewatch.org

Grover Norquist's "No Tax Pledge"

Signers of Grover Norquist's "No Tax Pledge" are merely expected to vote "no" on any measure that will increase taxes or fees; either directly or indirectly. An indirect "increase" would be closing loopholes or eliminating any favorable tax treatment that was granted in the past; either temporarily or in perpetuity. Norquist claims major credit for the defeat of George HW Bush in 1992 for reneging on his "Read My Lips. No new taxes." pledge. (Thank you, Grover!) The reward for "no" votes is campaign support. The punishment for straying from the "pledge" is that Norquist will fund a primary challenger and withhold campaign money and support from the truant.

An interesting aside: One of Grover's first signers was Ronald Reagan, who, coincidentally raised taxes -- but only on individuals (eg., Payroll tax was doubled)!!

Here are the Washington signers of the Grover Norquist "No Taxes" Pledge:

12 House Members:

Cary Condotta R-12 Wenatchee
Larry Crouse R-4 Spokane
Mark Hargrove R-47 Covington
Brad Klippert R-8 Kennewick
Joel Kretz R-7 Wauconda (NE WA)
David MacEwan R-35 Union (Hood Canal)
Ed Orcutt R-20 Kalama
Jason Overstreet R-42 Lynden
Liz Pike R-18 Camas
Charles Ross R-14 Naches (also in ALEC)
Matthew Shea R-4 Spokane Valley (also in ALEC)
David Taylor R-15 Moxee

All four Republican Members of Congress from Washington have signed Grover Norquist's pledge; Herrera-Butler, Hastings, McMorris-Rogers, and Reichert

Norquist info is available at Americans for Tax Reform; atr.org

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