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blue neen

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Fri Mar 2, 2012, 06:23 PM Mar 2012

Workers Promised Careers in Marcellus Shale Laid Off After One Month

"PITTSBURGH -- Sixty men from all over the United States are staying in a Moon Township hotel Friday night with one common bond: they came to Pennsylvania with the promise of a career in the Marcellus Shale gas drilling industry, only to have it crushed a month later."

"They told me I would have a job and it would last," said Keith Miller, of Tennessee."

"Jeffrey Milton, of Orlando, Fla., said he was told, "I never had to worry about any layoffs."

"Channel 4 Action News' Jim Parsons spoke with 10 of the workers, each one saying he was recruited to come to Pennsylvania by Houston-based gas drilling services company Baker Hughes."

"But after just one month on the job near Williamsport, all of them were fired."


"I was basically promised the world, good money like these other gentlemen, and they basically promised good work in Pennsylvania alone for 14 years," said Scott Peterson, of Indianapolis."

"Brian Golden, a former police officer from Jacksonville, Fla., closed his business and left a wife and six kids behind for a future in natural gas drilling that lasted only one month."

"I was begging him almost in tears and said, 'Please, send me to North Dakota because nobody wants to go there. I'll go today. I don't care. Cut my pay.' I begged him to cut my pay to keep my job because it is bad. He could not care less," said Golden."

Read more: http://www.wtae.com/news/30596320/detail.html#ixzz1o0LVYYlF

blue neen

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2. This is really sad.
Fri Mar 2, 2012, 06:47 PM
Mar 2012

Those of us in Pennsylvania are getting used to the B.S. that the drillers and gas companies spew. It's a shame these guys had to fall victim.

Callous indifference is the perfect way to describe the corporate weasels.

Mc Mike

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4. The vaunted 'job creation' from fracking, in action.
Tue Mar 13, 2012, 11:48 AM
Mar 2012

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Maybe a lot of PA blue collars aren't smart enough to reject the lying promises of job creation, neen. It seems like these companies bring their people into our state instead of hiring us, as a matter of course. I've seen a lot of out of state plates on company work vehicles in Pgh. The execs aren't driving those vehicles, out of state blue collar workers are. Still, I'm sorry for their troubles.

It's great that repug gov Corbett has given us the best of both worlds here. We get the poisoned water and environment, and we get no tax dollars OR jobs from the fracking endeavor.

On edit, quote deposit:

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blue neen

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5. No, they're not creating jobs for Pennsylvanians.
Tue Mar 13, 2012, 01:28 PM
Mar 2012

All they are creating are natural disasters!

The military psyops the drillers use on landowners, workers, the media can be very effective. It's only when it's too late do the citizens realize they've been had.

Thanks for checking in!

Mc Mike

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6. I was hoping to provide you a Pgh. Post Gazette link, from last November (~ 11 - 14 - 2011),
Tue Mar 13, 2012, 05:50 PM
Mar 2012

But unfortunately, it doesn't want to work anymore. Subject is fracking and Range Resources' employment of military psyops personnel.

For what it's worth:


In case it straightens itself out, here it is.

Mc Mike

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8. Thanks again.
Wed Mar 14, 2012, 10:29 AM
Mar 2012

That info succinctly answers the question of whose military-industrial complex it is.

I e-mailed my p-g link last Nov 15, so I had it saved for future reference, in terms of subject matter and date. I'm glad your link actually works.

I think that Range Resources' barrage of commercials - showing happy land-owners, diner owners, and newly hired blue-collar workers - those happy commercials could be augmented to show some Eric Prince - style weasel egghead from psyops, talking about how great his life is, while dropping propaganda flyers on some village in Pennsylvania. "We go in playing Wagner. It scares the f out of the natives. See my story at Rangeresources.com."

Mc Mike

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9. Additionally, b n, I'd like to add
Mon Mar 19, 2012, 02:05 PM
Mar 2012

Mr. Golden's tearful statement 'give me a pay cut, and send me to ND, because nobody wants to go there', was obviously not a successful gambit, in terms of keeping his family of 8 fed. But when Rachel Maddow hosted repug Sen. Inhofe from OK on 3 -15, the Senator told the sad story (Segment 'E', min 10 thru 11) about how some poor fracker in ND named Harold Ham said that his problem is that there is full employment in ND but he needs people who are willing to work, and Harry wishes that he had some more able bodied laborers (but nobody wants to work in America, I guess. What a bunch of lazy whiners).

I'm glad Inhofe made Rachel laugh near the end of the segment, because her steadily increasing frown could have caused her permanant wrinkles, or even possibly damaged her eye sight.

The GOP sure does lie, and suck.

blue neen

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10. Yes, they love to use that meme--"nobody wants to work."
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 06:12 AM
Mar 2012

BTW, it's great that Rachel is paying attention to Governor Corrupt and how he is systematically destroying Pennsylvania.

I've been waiting...everybody in this country needs to know what this ass clown is doing to our state.

Mc Mike

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11. The GOP SOBs' SOP is
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 08:54 AM
Mar 2012

for all of them to do as many nazi things possible, as fast as possible, all at the same time, all over the country.

Which leaves us normal Americans struggling to focus on Scott in FL, Perry in TX, Kasich in OH, Daniels in IN, McDonnell in VA, Snyder in MI, Walker in WI, Brownback in KS, LePage in ME, Corbett in PA, Brewer in AZ, Christie in NJ, etc. Not to mention trying to pay attention to the repug congresscritters' frankly treasonous moves at the state and federal levels. So our heads are spinning by constantly having to change focus to the latest outrage the GOP is pulling, in our own states, or somewhere else in our country.

Corbett is a typical ALEC driven repug. Attacks Civil rights, Voting rights, Women's rights, Labor rights, the environment, whatever the 1% want him to attack. He pulls the exact same nazi moves as the rest of them, and pretends that he thought his positions up by himself. Our state is just like the rest under repug control, more and more of us are getting more and more disgusted with the repugs. Barring any voting machine hijinks, I think this will be a good year for our party.

blue neen

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12. Yes, all of those Governors are pulling the same crap as Corbett.
Sat Mar 24, 2012, 05:58 AM
Mar 2012

The "Fracker Cracker" doesn't have near the brain capacity to think all of this up himself.

I hope that everyone does get disgusted with their hateful agendas...I don't understand why people keep voting against their own best interests.

Good post, BTW!

Mc Mike

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13. 'Fracker Cracker' is good. 'Gov Gashole' is, too.
Sat Mar 31, 2012, 11:44 AM
Mar 2012

He strongly reminds me of Barney Rubble.

If we can combine the Occupy 99% with the upcoming 99% Spring - ers and with traditional Dem activist groups, we might get a critical mass this election cycle. If the election isn't close, the repug voting machines can't steal it.

Mc Mike

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16. Great Pic. Thanks for digging it up.
Sat Apr 7, 2012, 06:31 AM
Apr 2012

It really captures the vacant look that's always displayed in Corbett's eyes.

It looks more like a mountain top removal site photo-op, though I see they're fracturing bed-rock in the background.

Looks like Koch is showing Corbett how PA women can take the mandatory T.V. ultrasound, without feeling they have been violated by the repugs' invasive big government take over of medical care.

Mc Mike

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18. The Flintstones can teach us a lot about the modern PA repug party. NT
Thu Apr 12, 2012, 12:38 AM
Apr 2012

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15. When you work for those who bend over others for a living
Mon Apr 2, 2012, 03:41 PM
Apr 2012

don't be surprised when you get bent over.

I do feel bad for them, but a 12 year old could have seen this coming.

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