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Tue Sep 19, 2017, 10:52 AM

Is Pearce getting paranoid? Or just farther to the right?

The latest email from NM-02 misrepresentative Steve Pearce:
"Yesterday was Constitution Day. It was a reminder about the central document that governs our country and guarantees our rights and liberties.

For the most part, the press gave the day little attention. Nor did they take notice of a poll that showed 37% of Americans could not name one of the rights protected by the First Amendment.

While that statistic is sad, more sad is the constant attack on our rights in the Constitution. Consider recent statements from the national liberals on what they want to change:

Freedom of Speech. They want government to regulate who can say what. They want the ability to ban people who say “uncomfortable” things. The free expression of ideas is under attack.
Freedom of Religion. If you have faith, you are being driven from public life. In the U.S. Senate, they are talking about stopping people from becoming judges because of their Catholic faith.
Right to Bear Arms. The left is determined to confiscate the guns of law abiding citizens.
Protection of Property from unlawful seizure. Whether it is eminent domain or the creeping bureaucracy, too often government applies its force to control what is owned by a private citizen."

Wait a minute; who's attacking the constitution? There are more attacks coming from the Shite House than from anywhere else.
OK, freedom of speech. We can say "uncomfortable" things, but does anyone have the right to promote taking away the rights, or even the lives, of others?
Religion: So someone in the senate said something stupid and prejudicial. Yes, it was wrong, but it's not a movement.
Bearing arms: This is a really loaded issue. (pun not originally intended, but I'll let it stand.) Personally, I have no problem with food hunting, especially when the neighbors share. But there needs to better control over who can own guns. No, I don't have the faintest idea how to do that.
Property: Let's look at Pearce's record - opposing National Monument status for Organ Mountains/Desert Peaks. Rather than preserving these areas for everyone, he prefers selling or leasing them to individuals or corporations.

"Now we read that Hillary Clinton wants to end the Electoral College because she lost the election. Thankfully, the Constitution makes it very hard to change the rules just to advance one party’s political power."

Clinton and a lot of others want to end the electoral college, not out of spite, but because it is outmoded and does not represent the voters. trump was not elected by the American people, but by a bunch of party kissasses called the electoral college.

"The Constitution, including its Bill of Rights, at its core says, “just because government wants to do something, that does not make it right or legal.”"

And just because something is legal, that doesn't make it right.

"But if we are to uphold our Constitutional system, we also need to win elections. That is why I am turning to you to ask for your support of $25 today.

For the 70 days I have been running for Governor, nearly each day I have been attacked by one of my opponents or special interest groups. They are already running negative TV ads more than a year before the election. Why are they attacking? Because they want complete control over state government. With complete control they will try to bend and break our Constitutional freedoms to advance their left wing agenda."

Being attacked? Awww, pobrecito. Why? Because so many people are disappointed with his misrepresentation and do not want him as governor

"Please support my campaign today with a donation of $25 so I can continue the grassroots organizing to prevent one party control of our state.

Steve Pearce"

At least this letter was not addressed to "Dear Supporter." He doesn't need a supporter; his congressional voting record proves he is "sin cojones." (Yeah, cheap shot, but I'm extra cantankerous this morning.)

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