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Tue Apr 24, 2012, 08:28 PM


Democrats divided in Florida over Corzine's bundling for Obama but no one talking about it

After all, I learned all about MF Global and Corzine right here on DU. Obama gave money back but now he's taking the money from him? Democrats talk about this everywhere. Who's money is this? It's workers! Why is this going on? There are several sources for this, but dems are getting attacked for asking about this. One dem I know wrote this back after being attacked for sending out "right wing" news sources!
Here is a response from a very good democrat!

This was the reply to a man who runs a Very small democratic club.


John Corzine who is being investigated by the SEC ..and gambled 6.3 Billion $$$ of investors money...and is being accused of lying to congress..bundles $ 500,000.00 bucks..after Obama re election team said in November they were going to return Corzines money..but now we know..the money was not returned!

And yes it was a republican news source that first reported it..but it was posted on most Democratic web sites and blogs ...as the story was not being reported by MSM ..

I checked it and checked the validity of it ..on Obama's own web site and Obama's own current records of campaign finance report that was posted at Obama's web site, before sending the article out!

I would not have known about this article...had it not been posted all over Democratic web sites!
I omitted the anger posted by many of the democrats that posted the article..and the very angry comments by democrats!

Democrats were told in the Fall Obama was going to return the bundled money from Corzine..it is obvious by Obama's own "current " financial report..the money was not returned!

This ABC story is the first I have seen from any MSM !

And yet anyone can go to Obama's web site..and look at the campaign finances..and scroll down to the highest bundlers...and see Corzines name on the 1/2 a million dollar bundler list!

When one has an open investigation for fraud and lying to congress..and having lost 6.3 Billion Dollars of investors money..there damn well should be questions about this!!
Money lost was pensioner's money..farmers money..and it was illegally gambled!

There are new emails produced ..and under investigation..of Corzine lying to congress!

The Reason I have always been a democrat..is because we "USED to be different " than Republicans..we didn't steal pensioner's money..we protected it!

6.3 billion bucks stolen..isn't chicken feed! And Let me add..another reason I have been a lifelong democrat is.."We Used To" have pride in telling the truth! And we " Used To" have principles!

Lying by ommission of truth..is foreign to me...but it doesn't seem to be so by the "New". Or "Third Way" democrats!

What a pathetic lot these new Democrats are! They are no different to me than the republicans who looked the "Other Way" on the crimes of the Bush cabal!

Jon Corzine Still Bundling for Obama - Diggdigg.com/news/politics/jon_corzine_still_bundling_for_obama_1Cached
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3 days ago – Corzine, according to the Obama campaign, has once again helped raise more than $500000. Corzine was named a bundler money man.

House panel memo ties Corzine to missing MF Global funds
By David S. Hilzenrath, Published: March 23The Washington Post

A House Committee issued a memo Friday tying former U.S. senator and former New Jersey governor Jon S. Corzine to a major transfer of funds out of MF Global, the brokerage firm that collapsed under his leadership with $1.6 billion of customers’ money missing. On Oct. 28, as the cash-strapped firm struggled to stay afloat, MF Global transferred $200 million of customers’ money to J.P. Morgan Chase, the memo by the staff of the House Financial Services Committee said. According to the memo by congressional investigators, another MF Global employee wrote an e-mail saying that the $200 million transfer was “Per JC’s [Jon Corzine’s] direct instructions

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