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Fri Apr 27, 2012, 03:24 PM


Heads Up to California DUers receiving Unemployment Insurance - CA going

to discontinue Fed-Ed extension (final 20 weeks of UI) as of May 12, 2012.

Imagine my shock when, in trying to learn what had happened to my most recent benefit check which was half what it should have been, I found this on the website of California's EDD website.


FED-ED extension for unemployment benefits will end soon in California

SACRAMENTO – Californians currently collecting unemployment benefits on what’s known as the FED-ED extension will soon see an end to those benefits. The state Employment Development Department (EDD) estimates that amounts to about 93,000 people in the state when you include those collecting FED-ED extension benefits now and those who could qualify over the next three weeks. Over 100,000 more who might have qualified for these benefits between now and the end of the year will also be without the additional financial assistance.
California no longer qualifies for one of the extension programs known as the FED-ED extension due to its improving economy as compared to the extraordinarily high unemployment rate of three years ago. The FED-ED extension is typically the last extension of unemployment benefits that have been available during this recession to qualified states. The FED-ED program has provided up to 20 weeks of additional benefits to eligible long-term unemployed workers since March 2009.
EDD will have to cease all FED-ED payments within a three-week period, making the week ending May 12, 2012, the last payable week of FED-ED benefits claimants can receive. That means anyone who has qualified for FED-ED benefits and who has sufficient balance on their FED-ED extension could continue to receive those last three weeks of payments, but after May 12, 2012, no benefits will be paid, even if the claimant has a remaining balance on their FED-ED extension.
Because this is a unique situation, FED-ED claimants may run out of their FED-ED benefits much sooner than they may have expected. The EDD is sending out notices to all unemployed individuals currently collecting FED-ED benefits to alert them to this rather abrupt but legal requirement to end the FED-ED extension. The notices will include information and references to other government resources (i.e., welfare assistance, etc.) to assist these long-term unemployed individuals. We encourage our customers to also seek further information on our EDD website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.
“The particularly harsh recession left many people unemployed for long periods of time. The FED-ED extension assisted them with a final 20 weeks of federal benefits while they continued to search for their next job,” said Pam Harris, Director of the state Employment Development Department (EDD). “The FED-ED program is designed to end once a state’s economy starts to significantly improve. Still, we know this is hard on our clients. We’re doing everything we can to get word out so they can plan accordingly.”


Silly me, thinking I had another 22 weeks of UC and wouldn't have to take a 50-75% paycut and a job I detest almost immediately just to make my housing payments. Instead of 22 weeks remaining, turns out I have only 3 weeks.


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