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regnaD kciN

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Sun Feb 18, 2018, 08:15 PM Feb 2018

SNAFU at Snoqualmie?

After my previous visit to Snoqualmie Pass, I was eager to get back when I had better winter gear. Since a warm, rainy period was in the forecast, I jumped at the chance to head back up there on the last day of January. However, while I was careful to make sure I had my parka, hat, gloves, snow boots, and other such winterwear, once I got up there, I discovered I left one item at home...my tripod!

Fortunately, my Sony has in-body stabilization, and hand-holds well, particularly in the bright environment of a snowy landscape.

As usual, here is my vlog on the shoot. Hope you enjoy it!

SNAFU at Snoqualmie? (Original Post) regnaD kciN Feb 2018 OP
Great pics Sherman A1 Feb 2018 #1
absolutely gorgeous photos RandomAccess Feb 2018 #2
Gorgeous photos! Wow. Thank you soooo much! CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2018 #3
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F8 and be there. flamin lib Feb 2018 #5
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Beautiful. Dark n Stormy Knight Feb 2018 #7
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flamin lib

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5. F8 and be there.
Sun Feb 18, 2018, 08:30 PM
Feb 2018

Its the being there that's a killer. Get up before dawn, come back after dark, freeze yer ass or burn yer buns. Sleep on rocks or crawl in the mud. That's what it takes to get pictures like this.

My admiration goes out to you and Demotex for having the fortitude to do what it takes to get these images.

Oh, and as a gearhead, ya gotta love in body image stabilization. Tripods are becoming obsolete. When coupled with lens IS a 600 mm lens can be hand held at 1/15 sec. Recorded record for OMD with 8 mm is 10 seconds, freehand no bracing. That's insane.

Still, unless you're willing to be there f8 means nothing.

Bravo for the images.

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