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Wed Oct 24, 2012, 09:26 PM

The Tree of Wooden Clogs

Should be mandatory material for anyone who thinks all you need to create a thriving society is a dose of Romny-omics.

Last week I went with my 3 year old to play at a neighbor's house - someone whose family made their money working for the "1%", skimming a healthy bit of commission cream providing financial advisory service. When her husband died, it was not the 1%-ers who helped her move furniture, watched her kids when asked, gave freely of time and support. Guess who did those things for her?

Now, it's a few years later, and this "friend" starts on a tirade about President Obama being a crook, a liar, a killer of Americans in Libya, and for good measure throws in some trash talking of George Soros, while our toddlers are happily playing in another part of the house. When I VERY civilly, almost jokingly, said she has been watching too much Fox news, she threw me out of her house - I mean literally kicked me out with my drink still in my hand, tossed my daughter out the door in her bare feet, and then when I knocked on the door for her to please give me my daughter's coat and shoes (she did manage in her fit to throw my daughter's coat out the door onto the ground, which only upset my daughter more, who was already crying because she was being pulled away from a really fun time and didn't understand what was going on at all), anyway, when I knocked on the door for the shoes, for good measure this lady, after telling me to beat it or else, called the police on me!

Enter the big shoulders of government that this woman thought nothing of summoning as though they exist only to do her personal bidding - two police cruisers to escort a peaceful neighbor off a 1%-er doorstep... two police officers looking through a 1%-er house for 10 minutes to find a little girl's shoes because the property owner is too proud in her ultra-conservatism to respect other people. Good use of tax payer money. And who needs shoes, right? Just go buy a new pair, but whatever you do, get off the 1%-er's property. And when the police aren't around to act as peace-keepers anymore because their budgets have gone bye-bye in the face of fiscal responsibility...

When you read about the permissive "home defense" gun laws that are being passed, such as the Montana law detailed in yesterday's NYT article, it's adding up to a nasty prescription for class warfare of a nature not seen in this country, probably ever, but something that readily harkens to the Padrone era of Italian history.

I did not make this up.

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