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Thu Nov 29, 2012, 08:44 PM


Russel Means on European Revolutions

Resent exchange with NoOneMan about socialism (http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1024&pid=2729) brought to mind old but still relevant speach by Russel Means and his Rule of Thumb on European Revolutions:

There's a rule of thumb that can be applied here. You cannot judge the real nature of a revolutionary doctrine on the basis of the changes it proposed to make within the European power structure and society. You can only judge it by the effect it will have on non-European peoples. This is because every revolution in European history has served to reinforce Europe's tendencies and abilities to export destruction to other peoples, other cultures and the environment itself. I defy anyone to point out an example where this is not true.

The whole speach and criticism of European "religion" including Marxism is worth reading and listening: http://www.dickshovel.com/Banks.html

The words may sound hard and even angry, but the truth they contain is worth attention and thought and discussion also from socialist progressives, as ethics is the foundation of our relations and theories of revolution and we want our revolutionary praxis to be ethical. And lot has happened since Means' speech three decades ago. The fall of Soviet empire and the Zapatista uprising by Maya people that launched this anticapitalist revolutionary cycle we are living, with altermundial social forums, Latin American etc. democratic revolutions, indignados and occupiers, etc., as mainland Europe itself is now falling prey to IMF and Banksters and vulture capitalism. Most notably Greece, the birth of European Idea. European Idea which is now dying, devoured by itself, so that humanity may live. In this global revolution people of European origin are learning from native peoples - about horizontal democracy, commons, sense of belonging to nature - and this revolution passes Means' rule of thumb test. This revolution is about all our relations, not just human relations but also relations with other species and forms of life. Our communes, our ecosystems.

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