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Sat Nov 10, 2012, 04:41 AM


Musician Artists

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by Starry Messenger (a host of the Socialist Progressives group).

location: Northeast US
positions available performing music
styles all

experience average 20 years per plus, recording engineer experience a plus.
requirements: pure poetics, an audition live, and a functional musical instrument
ability to perform live for long extended period s of time

excuses and explanations none
disposition rational hell raising underdog

influences:world music, labor value theory dialectics, improvisation,
busking, jamming, human ability, spontaneity, truth, justice,
the ability to performance work and study, conversation, plus some.

objective: living
Who may apply? Only those who won't screw it up.
Where and how does one apply? by coming to Pennsylvania and trying out in a three hour non-stop jam.

Experienced seasoned musician artist wood worker, engraver, construction worker,
restaurant employee, literati, finger painter, psycho babbling psychologist, painter, roofer,
mason, gardener, green house worker, brick layer, metal worker, iron worker, Luther, etc.

Seeks people to put in some work in (America) for which there are real benefits for the right people whom need be more than talented.

Becoming a seasoned musician artist is not easy, being seasoned musician artist is even more difficult,
being a seasoned musician artist who is progressive is even more difficult, where in the end earning a living is made as difficult as they come.

One can begin with all the slick phrasing of a polished salesman with a thousand pitches but a pitch or a gig is not what makes the artiste (love that french thing e).

As you are reading this as you wish you have begun in what would promise not to be all too mundane, profitless, futile or devoid in lacking if effort is made.

Inquires more than 500 words 3000 characters including spaces will be burned as inherently evil, resumes are not required nor allowed just a proper functional musical instrument.

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