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Tue Mar 13, 2018, 01:24 PM


Making Democracy Work for Americans -"The Democratic Ideals"

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We must promote "Civics Educational Awareness” it will not only help our Economic System, but promote our Progressive Living as a Civil and Civics Aware Society.

Business in America has a responsibility to Society, community, state, and nation!!! "Basic Civics Teaches This".

Every State, City, County should create a MANDATE, that ANY COMPANY, that takes any Public Funds or Provision, must sign a covenant that can't be broken, with the Municipality, that they will remain in that location for 25 yrs, and if they break or seek to subvert that covenant by any means, they are slapped with a $'s penalty, that goes to that City, State, County, of which they accept Public Funds or Provisions. THEN, THERE WILL BE NO MORE OUTSOURCING. If they attempt to subvert by any means, that City, State, County can seize the company and maintain its Operations as a Public Enterprise, Run by a Panels voted in by the Citizens of That State, City, and/or County. That is how we may end up PROTECTING the Civil Society, with Civic Responsibility.

If we promote Civics Education and its Ethics, Values and Principles, we would no long have DEVASTATED community created by Corporate Corruption and Greed.... They will know they have a Civic Responsibility to Americans, both as citizens and consumers as well as Employees.

If they want to open Foreign Location, as long as it DOES NOT Diminish the Local Entity of their Corporation, and Does not Import back to infringe upon the Local Economics... then they can, do so... for the benefit of their foreign locations, as long as it does not Diminish the Exports from its American Based Location.
If people UNDERSTOOD the nature and basics of Civics, they'd also know the responsibilities that Corporations have to Citizen, Community and Employees, as well as the Municipalities that give them benefits and concessions. It's a Civic matter of a Civil Society...

But after decades upon decades of a society, NOT KNOWING, AND NOT UNDERSTANDING, the Civics that support this Democracy, Its Industry, and its Communities and the tax dollars and public benefits given and afforded Industry... Then it is easy for Industry to fleece the people, the municipality, and ultimately play financial games, that destroy communities by the exportation of Business and Industry.

Learn Civics... if you care about the Democracy of American and the System of Economic System set up as Capitalism to RESPONSIBLY function in the United States of America's Democracy.

Sadly, Most Right Wing Idealist of Confederate Grooming are Too Lazy to Read, and others are too caught up and consumes in the Conservative Madness, of seeking drama, while every aspect of Conservatism ideals chokes the life out of them, and tell them to blame it on everything else.

It's no great wonder as to why; Trump said he loved the Uneducated...... "No God respecting people praise the lack of knowledge... in people.

Some People are too caught up in the long generation pass along through their history of being groomed to promote race bigotry, race bias, race ignorance and unaware that everything they did to try and damage and disenfranchise black people is the exact same things, that disenfranchised the working poor whites and the dire poor whites.

An UNEDUCATED SOCIETY that does not understand the Civics of its Governance System and the Ideology of its Formation as being a Democracy... ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THAT SOCIETIES, Governance and Ultimately they are a Danger to that Nations Democracy and the Capitalist System that helps support it and its citizenry and systems.

Lack of Civics Educational Awareness produces an Ignorance within the masses, which proceeds to Destroy Much, and never knows they are their own worst enemy through their ignorance.

Sadly....American people were not taught that Civics after the 1970's, and these policies and rules were buried when companies went into International Areas, and 'Degree Riders seeking mass profit, gutted the Ethics of Business and Community Relationships. When that happens, people were too dumbfounded to know how to fight to keep and maintain, ethnic and demand that business uphold its promises. Thus came... Business Closure and Outsourcing.... and America have declined in every economic way since that time.

Ronald Reagan, set out to damage "higher education", first as Governor of California, and then as President. The damage he did to COMMUNITY COLLEGES has not been repaired in all these decades, and the damage he did to State Universities is still damaging American Society to this very day. People hail him with praise he is not due. He further damaged American communities across this nation with the "flood of drugs" he cast upon the people of America, and the scourge has been damaging families and individuals every since.

We have to know "evil when we see it" no matter how it masquerades to be something else. The evils from the Republican Administration has been wreaking havoc and destroying American for many decades. It accelerated when the Southern Democracy moved over to the Republican Party in 1969. ( People must remember , the former Southern Democrats were the Confederacy Idealist, they took that Ideology and moved it into the Republican Party and dominated it. When that happens, the Democrats of TODAY were born to be the champions of Civil Rights, Humanitarian Rights, Respecters of American People, and The Guardians of Equality for All American People, The current day Democrats carry forth the works that Lincoln did, in pushing for the abolition of slavery, and the freedom of people.

The Confederate Democrats were for the Plantation Owners, when the Civil War was over, they became the Southern Democracy... Now they are what is the makeup of the Republican Party. (A political party flips, with aim to roll back civil rights and to push Confederate Ideals; this is the makeup and mentality of the Republican Party of Today.

Many young people are unaware of these things, and often one can hear Right Wing Republican say, stuff like , Oh' it was the Democrats that created the KKK... NO... it’s was Southern Democrats who aspired to Confederate Ideals, who created the KKK... Not the Current Day Democrats. Today, many KKK members are staunch Republican Idealist, because Republican of Today aspires to the Ideals of what was the Confederacy.

Armed with this information, when you encounter those who like to push their fiction and madness, be prepared to understand the Civics of "political flips" to ensure you can counter their ignorance with facts.

Many of today's people who devote themselves to Republican System, have no idea they are part of a party that promotes Confederate Ideals. The fiction they have been fed of Fiscal Conservative, never existed , it was fiction, by the Republicans to want to direct money to their ideals which meant to deny anything to support public citizens and the welfare of the people and nation, their aim, is of Confederate Ideals, which is to take money from anything that helped the mass of the general American population. During the Confederacy, the wealthy plantation system, had no concern for blacks or poor whites, they would not create nor support anything that gave provisions and assistance to the poor or the working poor. They saw people as either slaves or indentured servants, relegated to being members of a "disposable service class". We see today, Republican Ideals detest Unions, They detest a Living Minimum Wage, and they detest any means or avenues that can provide people economic uplift to meet the standard of living which is promoted as the American Ideal. We've seen the Middle class vanish, and now under Republican ideals, the Middle Class is only for Degree Riders, who paid into a University system, and those who earn more than $250k per house hold... anything less is lower class in the Republican ideology . The lower class has levels: the upper lower class, the middle lower class, the average lower class, and the destitute.

How do we turn it around? We reconstitute Unions, we stop measuring people based solely on University Degree, and we respect the skills and talents of individuals. We stop measuring people by monetary holdings, and began to respect people by the quality of their character and the dignity of civility they uphold. We make vocational and technical skill training have value again in society, and we make opportunity open for any and all who is willing to invest themselves with effort to embrace opportunity.
We stop segregating ourselves by "university degree labels", and acknowledge the achievement as people simply who has a passion for a field... not people who use a "degree label as a "get a job" certificate in fields, that are irrelevant to their degree field of study. This brings fairness back to Opportunity. They will compete not based on degree, but ability to meet the nature of work they pursue. Then we no long have people using degree labels, to usurp people who have experience and skills.

We as Democratically minded people have a responsibility to "Demand that Civics is Returned to our Educational System, and Ethics become the core principle in our value system and how we lives as a society. Confederacy madness and its infestation within Republican Ideology has damaged this nation long enough.

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