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Sat Jun 24, 2017, 12:07 AM

A Way to Hone our Message

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I know we can't just be the party of resistance, but part of the job of getting our message out is how we paint the
opposition. I believe a key way to do this is by zeroing in on what has become a core belief of the Republican Party, specifically those on the top who support Donald Trump, because I believe it has hurt us when we have tried to saw
Trump's foundation off by stigmatizing those who support him who are at the bottom. The core Republican belief that I
am speaking of is the belief that people's moral worth is based on their income and how much they have in their bank
account that is not from social benefits such as SS DI and Medicaid. This is directly behind the Republican agenda to strip
people of these benefits. This belief is tied to a philosophy called Objectivism, which was popularized by author Ayn Rand
and is held by Trump supporters such as billionaire Robert Mercer, a man who, according to an article I read in The New
Yorker, sees more worth in cats then in welfare recipients. We need to expose this to the ordinary people of America, many of whom voted for Donald Trump, and who we can, and I do mean can, convince to vote Democrat if we also
set out a progressive economic message that is populist as well. And by populist, I mean not in the way that degrades their neighbors, and they have neighbors all over the country, but one that shows them the value in themselves and
those around them. If we do that, we can crush the Republicans two years from now and another two years beyond that.
We can also defeat the one percent ideologues that put them in office.

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