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Wed Jul 6, 2016, 11:12 PM Jul 2016

woot, anyone else have problems with ordering stuff? like they saved your credit card number.

I have bought things before, not often as I used to, they always sent me to a page to get my order in and I would say don't save my credit card. Well, I haven't ordered anything for a year and I saw the cutest baby thing for a shower I am going to,
I go to the cart to buy it and wallah - the order is in and I have not filled out the shipping information or the credit card number and I am trying to figure out what happened, i finally looked in my e-mail (I don't get automatic email notifications because I keep e-mail on the web I have a bunch of then,. it says I can cancekl in 15 minutes after I order - well I have been looking around and 15 minutes was long gone. when I look at the details inthe e-mail I see they shipped itto a friend in Florida where I shipped something last year - that is my default shipping location now!
OK I bought something with the wrong credit card going half way around the country so I won't have it for the shower and all because Woot decided to save my information and saved it in a way that is not anything I would choose?

I am ranting, I know I am ranting, I am so furious they saved this information and applied it without asking me. I am sure there was not page where I could see what was there and now, it won't let me change any information in my account unless I save a credit card number there. Now I either have to cancel that card to get it out of their system and to delete my account. I don't want them to have the information I dont' recall anywhere where it said you had to leave such information with them. I think my woot days are over.

woot, anyone else have problems with ordering stuff? like they saved your credit card number. (Original Post) hollysmom Jul 2016 OP
Can you call? You might be able to fix this by calling. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2016 #1
it is already shipped to Florida. hollysmom Jul 2016 #3
Woot - now Amazon - has terrible customer service so I am not surprised by this... Phentex Jul 2016 #2
I have emailed but too late it shipped hollysmom Jul 2016 #4


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3. it is already shipped to Florida.
Thu Jul 7, 2016, 01:57 PM
Jul 2016

now my friend would have to ship it to me and it is a big item. i told her to refuse to accept it, make theym take it back, don't know if that is going to work.


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2. Woot - now Amazon - has terrible customer service so I am not surprised by this...
Thu Jul 7, 2016, 06:34 AM
Jul 2016

The only way to reach them is by email and it takes a few days to hear back from them.

First, they changed the quality of the shirts they sell. They aren't at all what they were to begin with. The sizing changed at that same time but they waited a while before they told anybody that. I like these shirts for my son and the newer ones didn't fit as well. They brought in a choice of brands and that helped a little. But of course, you pay more for the better fitting shirt.

At some point, they overhauled the site and with that, you had to log in with your email instead of your username. Well, I couldn't log in and I tried every combination I could think of. When I tried to just open a new account, it would not let me saying that email was taken.

I emailed them FROM MY CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS and all they said was you now have to log in with your email address. I emailed them again and told them I did that and they wrote back saying I had an extra letter in my email. (The same email where they were responding.) I wrote again and was very specific, like I was writing to a 3 year old and explained that they had the wrong email on the log in and they could verify by LOOKING AT THE EMAIL I WAS WRITING FROM. I think it took four emails to get them to understand the issue. All of this took 2 days in between each message for them to respond. So after a couple of weeks, they changed the login address and I was able to log in.

Email them with your situation but be patient.


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4. I have emailed but too late it shipped
Thu Jul 7, 2016, 01:58 PM
Jul 2016

I know the deals were not as good, but now I feel if they keep your credit card hostage, I have to cancel it and never buy anything again from them It should not be up to them to decide.
Pain in the ass.

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