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Wed Apr 10, 2013, 06:47 PM

Dum de dum........Hey kids! You will need a book of matches.....

So you want to impress that gal at the local coffee kiosk or maybe just your chums at school while at recess, well this bit of hand slight should get their attention.

For materials you will need a single match from a book of matches and an inkpen or magic marker.

If the match is dark on one side and light on the other no further preparations are needed but if not then darken one side of the match with your pen or marker.

Grasp the match by the match-head between your thumb and pointer finger and hold the match vertically upright with one flat side or the other facing you.

Next, keeping the match held vertical slide your thumb and finger in such a way that the match twirls exposing one side then the other. Get a feel for this as it is critical for the 'trick' to work properly. I find moistening my thumb and finger first helps.

Now add in the motion of twisting your wrist so that the match held upright is now facing down. Then reverse the motion so the match is back upright. Do this while twirling the match, get a good 'feel' for the combined motions.

Now do the combined motions in this controlled fashion: as you twist your wrist moving the match from upright to down twirl the match between your thumb and finger so only one side remains facing you. Practice this a bit doing so at a moderate speed. Notice how it appears that instead of seeing just the one side of the match it appears you are seeing both the front and the back of the match, that "both" sides are now the same color (" both " sides dark or " both " sides light) . This then is the illusion in your new magic trick.

Now that you see how the illusion works practice this trick holding your hand in a more comfortable position, for me I am holding the match horizontal flipping the match from left to right while twirling it between finger and thumb.

With practice you can perform this simple slight of hand easily amazing most who have never seen it before. One additional twist is to write your victim's name on one side of the match, show him that it is only on the one side but not the other and then watch his face as you show him that it has 'disappeared' entirely only to reappear on " both" sides.

Have fun.

Disclaimer: it's probably best you do not take the matches to school if you are too young too be messing with matches anyway.

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