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Secret of life (you're welcome) :Don't take it *personally*-(Thanks Taoists,Buddhists, Machiavelli) (Original Post) UTUSN Jan 2023 OP
"It's not about you..." WheelWalker Jan 2023 #1
Hah, we get it, although it hurts! UTUSN Jan 2023 #2
It is totally about me! sanatanadharma Jan 2023 #3
Hah! - So we say when being herded to the real or imagined inquisition chamber! UTUSN Jan 2023 #4
Or, as the sage Lennon put it: LudwigPastorius Jan 2023 #5
I thought it was coo coo ca choo UTUSN Jan 2023 #6


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3. It is totally about me!
Thu Jan 26, 2023, 06:51 AM
Jan 2023

I only have control over my thoughts, emotions, and actions. If I am bothered in life I can work to change the world around, but only have power to change myself.

If it seems that the world is an obstacle in my way, how can I remove the obstructive part from the whole?
If the obstruction is real, I can not remove it. If the obstruction is not real, I need not remove it.

The secret of life is to 'be it', not to 'seek it'.
I try to take not personally my constantly changing mind, desires, fears, memories, body, and all the senses reveal.


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5. Or, as the sage Lennon put it:
Thu Jan 26, 2023, 11:53 PM
Jan 2023

"I am He as you are He as you are me and we are all together"

Goo goo gajoob, indeed.


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6. I thought it was coo coo ca choo
Fri Jan 27, 2023, 12:11 AM
Jan 2023

A lot of those "sages" and such weren't very nice. Just saw an ugly YouTube about PICASSO.

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