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Fri Apr 29, 2016, 08:03 PM

Hartmann: "Breaking Through Power--A Few People Can Make a Big Difference" Pts 1 & 2:

Published on Apr 29, 2016

If the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is any indication - Americans are sick and tired of the establishment and the powers that be. So how can we break through those powers and make a better country for all? I'll ask legendary consumer right advocate and 5 time presidential candidate Ralph Nader in tonight's Conversations with Great Minds. Check out BreakingThroughPower.org

For more information on the stories we've covered visit our websites at thomhartmann.com - freespeech.org - and RT.com. You can also watch tonight's show on Hulu - at Hulu.com/THE BIG PICTURE and over at The Big Picture YouTube page. And - be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Civic Start Up...... Great Watch..Very Interesting, Gotta Stay With It...for Progressive Dems Going Forward.

Part 1


The Feathers of Transnational Bankers Have Remained Unruffled!

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Reply Hartmann: "Breaking Through Power--A Few People Can Make a Big Difference" Pts 1 & 2: (Original post)
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Response to KoKo (Original post)

Fri Apr 29, 2016, 08:46 PM

1. Fuck Ralph Nader.


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Response to baldguy (Reply #1)

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 01:17 AM

4. Without Nader, you, your children, your loved ones might be dead...

...or maimed from extremely unsafe automobiles. Nader courageously STARTED the automobile safety movement that protects you and yours to this day. As Hartman says, Nader and Rachel Carson (whose book "Silent Spring" got DDT banned) are two of the greatest and most influential Americans of all time, who brought brilliant, specific, focused action on two extremely dire dangers to people and to the environment.

So, you're saying, just fuck that?

Nader tried to get discussion of issues like these by running for president, and was banned from debates by the top mucks in the Corrupt Media and in the Democratic Party, and was treated by the Corrupt Media like Sanders was treated until two months ago, and continues to be treated as to the issues Sanders is trying to bring up, that is, a black hole where information should be.

As for the 2000 election, there is strong evidence that Nader voters in that election (Gore vs Bush) would NOT have voted at all if there hadn't been a Nader candidacy. In other words, he didn't take votes from Gore, or not very many. And blaming Nader for Gore's loss leaves both the Supremely Bad Court and Bill Clinton off the hook for their much more important roles in Gore's loss--the Supremely Bad Court in making a supremely bad and unprecedented decision to stop the vote count in Florida, and Clinton by not keeping his dick in his pants and thus becoming the "star" of a salacious scandal that made him useless on the campaign trail for Gore.

As a matter of fact, of the many risks that the Democratic Party is running by stacking the deck for Hillary Clinton, one is Bill himself. He has already caused scandal by illegally invading polling places to campaign for Hillary. What else might he do in the coming months, in November and, if she wins, afterwards during the second Clinton administration? The Clinton Foundation itself is one great big scandal waiting to happen, with Bill as a key player and scandal target.

I'd suggest that you develop some perspective on these matters--on Nader, on Gore vs Bush, on Bill Clinton and on Hillary's enormous vulnerabilities in the GE. Also, issues matter. Unsafe cars matter. DDT matters. Frakking matters. Our planet matters. Vast inequality matters. U.S. wars and interventionism matter. If you see everything in partisan terms, you can lose sight of what matters.

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Response to Peace Patriot (Reply #4)

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 06:32 AM

5. Without Nader: No W, no 9/11, no endless Iraq War, no economic collapse...


Nader's youthful accomplishments don't make up for his current unapologetic self-centered arrogant assholeishness.

Fuck Ralph Nader.

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Response to baldguy (Reply #5)

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 01:37 PM

6. That's ridiculous. You are, indeed, missing most of what matters...

...if not everything that matters.

Who benefits from endless war? Who benefits from bankster crime and bankster bailouts? You think Gore could have prevented all this, in whatever form it was going to take? It was inevitable, in one form or another, given our MIC and given our corrupt system. And with Clinton, it's going to be deja vu all over again. Her advisors are ROBERT KAGAN, of the "Project For a New American Century" (the Bush junta's blueprint for military occupation of the ME and world domination), and HENRY FUCKING KISSINGER, and she is bought and paid for by the banksters.

But, yeah, spend your intellectual capital hating Ralph Nader. That makes a lot of sense.

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Response to Peace Patriot (Reply #6)

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 06:53 PM

7. The idea that the Dems are no different from the GOP is bullshit. Evil bullshit, to boot.


If you can't see the difference, then you're blind. Fucking self-aggrandizing assholes like Nader allow fucking murderous assholes like Bush to gain power. The only thing that matters is to stop them.

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Response to baldguy (Reply #7)

Sun May 1, 2016, 01:49 PM

8. I see from your sig line that you oppose even DISCUSSING issues that matter.

All discussion of Hillary's foreign policy advisers--TRULY evil men!--all discussion of frakking--a truly evil, greed-driven practice--of Planet Earth going down for the count (talk about evil!), of "We came, we saw, he died! ha-ha-ha" (Hillary's laughing comment on the bayonet rape and murder of Gaddaffi and the consequent civil war), all discussion of "free trade for the rich," and all discussion of anything important, anything that matters to the poor, to the working class majority, to working mothers, to women in Honduras, to women in Libya, any discussion of slave labor conditions in many countries impacted by U.S. corporations, any discussion of tens of thousands of voters purged from the Democratic voting rolls, anything that matters is not discussable.

Well, damn. I'll just shut up then.


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Response to Peace Patriot (Reply #8)

Sun May 1, 2016, 05:53 PM

9. And from your post I see that you're deep in thrawl to the RW CT bullshit.


Next you'll be telling us that Hillary is a lizard person from Beta Retuculi.

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Response to KoKo (Original post)

Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:03 PM

2. Great Event!

I can hardly wait to livestream this. They have some fabulous speakers. Thank you so much for posting this.

This “Civic Mobilization” will involve thousands of people at Constitution Hall and around the country and connect long-available knowledge to long-neglected action for the necessities and aspirations of people from all backgrounds. Many of the presentations will feature reforms and redirections for the common good enjoy Left/Right support.

Breaking Through Power: How it’s Done—May 23, 2016 will feature presentations by seventeen citizen advocacy groups. Over decades these activists have produced amazing accomplishments against powerful odds. These civic leaders will demonstrate how, with modest budgets and stamina, they have improved the health, safety and economic well-being of the people and focused public opinion onto decision-makers and opponents. Through greater visibility, broader support and wider emulation, they will present their future missions and show that it can be “easier than we think” to make major changes. For the first time ever, this diverse group of fighters for justice will be assembled together on stage at Constitution Hall and show that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when fighting for a broader democratic society. The presenters will appraise what levels of citizen organization is necessary to fulfill these broadly-desired missions.

Breaking Through Power: The Media—May 24, 2016, brings together also for the first time a large gathering of authors, documentary filmmakers, reporters, columnists, musicians, poets and editorial cartoonists. All of these presenters have documented or depicted entrenched wrongdoing by the corporate state or “crony capitalism”—the cruel impacts of corporate crimes and abuses, the absence of governmental law enforcement, and the harmful effects of concentrated corporate power.

The speakers all seek wider audiences for their works: more readers, viewers and listeners. Unfortunately the mass media barons prefer to wallow in incessant advertising, hedonistic entertainment, sports and mind-numbing redundancy. The result is what many observers see as the stupefaction of human intelligence. A major purpose of Day Two is the creation of a “Voices” advocacy organization that puts forces in motion to inject serious programming into the over-the-air and cable networks under a revitalized Communications Act of 1934 and generally champion a greater life of the mind on all media.

Breaking Through Power: War—May 25, 2016 is dedicated to enhancing the waging of peace over the waging of war. We will assemble leading scholars having military and national security backgrounds, veterans groups such as Veterans for Peace, and long-time peace advocacy associations, to explain how peace is more powerful than war. The speakers will address the horrors of war, its huge costs here and abroad to innocents and the weakening blowbacks of Empire amidst a collapse of constitutional and international law. One outcome of this day will be the establishment of a Secretariat comprised of current and former top-level military, national security and diplomatic officials who have spoken truth to reckless power. If organized for quick responses, their credibility, experience and wisdom can resist and prevent the kind of prevaricating pressures and unilateral policies that drove the unlawful destruction of Iraq, Libya and beyond.

Breaking Through Power: Congress—May 26, 2016 will unveil a new Civic Agenda to be advanced by engaged and enraged citizens in each Congressional district. The Civic Agenda includes recognized necessities ignored by Congress for decades. The planks of this Civic Agenda will be presented by nationally-recognized advocates—a veritable brain trust for the well-being of present and future generations. Each speaker will present the substance of each demand, which will be conveyed to their members of Congress via organized “Citizen Summons” in each Congressional District. Revitalizing the people to assert their sovereignty under our Constitution is critical to the kind of government, economy, environment and culture that will fulfill human possibilities and respect posterity.

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Response to KoKo (Original post)

Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:25 PM

3. wonderful way to extend civic engagement. thanks for posting.

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