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Fri Apr 27, 2012, 01:23 PM

ˇYa Basta! Enough is enough (my newest video)

Please click through to watch my video on Youtube! And give me a thumbs up if you like it!

"ˇYa Basta!" sung by Evan Greer and friends (featuring Anne Feeney).
music: http://archive.org/details/EvanGreerFriends-NeverSurrender

Filmed by Larkworthy Antfarm at the opening of Betty Tureaud's day-glo art installation
"The Land of the Rising Sun." in Second Life.

ˇYa Basta! Enough is enough.
You ask why are we angry? I say look at history.
the cause of all our troubles it is not a mystery
there are those whose lives are easy
there are those whose lives are rough.
now is the time for us to rise and cry out enough is enough!

enough borders enough nations
enough corporate exploitation
enough racist air pollution
enough racist institutions.
enough chains and enough cages
enough starvation wages
enough highways and gas stations
enough control by corporations

we won't take it anymore
yeah, this is class war!
we will fight you in the streets
and we will dance on your defeat
!Ya Basta!

I swear to you there'll be a day when the melting pot will boil
and you only bring us closer with each war you make for oil
each union that you break and each ballot box you stuff
brings us closer to the day when we will cry out enough is

enough greedy politicians
enough gender-role traditions
enough hierarchies
enough of living on our knees
enough gouging of the planet
enough destruction of the earth
enough tearing of her flesh
to see what the insides might be worth

and all around the world the people are fighting back
each day another shard of the system starts to crack
in Argentina and Chiapas, with our rage and with our love
the people are all crying out: enough is

enough war and occupation
enough propaganda stations
enough enforced reality
enough police brutality.
enough nuclear arms
and enough factory farms
enough stolen women's choices
enough silenced women's voices

enough words have been said
enough songs have been sung
enough protests have been had
enough banners have been hung
we are many they are few
there is so much we can do
when we use what we have learned
and fight them on our own terms
because they need us
and we don't need them
it is our sweat and labor
on which they all depend
they need us to drive their trucks
they need us to shine their crowns
they need us to be the cops
who beat our comrades down
but what good are all their laws
with no one to institute 'em?
and what good are all their guns
if there's no one there to shoot 'em?

we won't take it anymore
yeah, this is class war!
we will fight you in the streets
and we will dance on your defeat
!Ya Basta!

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