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Sat Feb 16, 2013, 05:25 AM

If the Republicans are Married to the Filibuster - Can We See the Pre-nup?

Famed motivational speaker Tony Robbins professes, "that for things
to change, you have to change"...well that helps explain what happened
during adolescence...but more importantly what didn't happen with
Republicans in Congress.

Ever since the election, we have been hearing that Republicans will
change and be putting forward a kinder and gentler face...but the
face that we have seen so far, is in dire need of a little "Pro-Active

Change didn't work so well for the new voice of the GOP's Marco Rubio,
as he demonstrated his own version of unintended water-torture, while
trying to resuscitate the message of compassionate conservatism.

And we saw the old faces of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John
Boehner, struggle with change, as we watched them attack Hillary
Clinton, Chuck Hagel and John Brennan with such force, that each
one of them will now have their own Drone named in their honor.

Even older lines of Republican dogma have made their way back and of
course failed to change the conversation, such as, "you have a better
chance of raising the Titanic than raising taxes, immigration sounds
more like a debate about spending cuts verse revenue with Republicans
being more concerned about what you can get rid of than what you can
bring in, and as far as climate change, no problem, it will just make it
easier to drill for oil... once all the ice melts.

A new Republican Party? There are some things that are best destined to
be frozen in time. We will forever remember the iconic beauty of Marilyn
Monroe and James Dean, the timeless image of the Empire State Building,
and Chris Christie and Rush Limbaugh Sumo Wrestling for the last good
idea inside the fortune cookie at their favorite Chinese Restaurant.

The Republicans are not going to change, even when hell freezes over,
because they are already living there!...and they kind of like it!

President Obama has more than changed...he is unchained, wanting to
create a legacy that is not limited by the small mindedness of his opponents,
but measured by the vast accomplishments he is able to achieve!

But the President will need to change more than his approach, but the
strategy of his Party in order to have any chance of having a Presidency
worthy of his opportunities.

First, the President will need to have Harry Reid trigger the nuclear option
on the Senate Filibuster that will be send a shockwave so powerful that it
will pause Dick Cheney's new heart.

The President reminded us in his Inauguration of, "the urgency of now"
and spoke of the fact that we, "deserve a vote", in his State of the Union.

This single stand alone action will say, that the status quo will not stand. And
even though America's government may be broken...the "Will" of its President
is not, nor that of the American people.

No more agencies without a Chairman.
No more seats on the federal bench without appointments.
No more denying a President a vote on his own choices for a Cabinet seat.
And no longer, the Majority of the United States Senate being controlled
by a small group of Senators who think waiting to pass legislation should be like
be like standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Second, the Senate begins passing legislation that the American people have
clearly demonstrated they believe in. If the House refuses to bring it up for
a vote...than you have set up a reason why the American people should return
the House back to Democratic control.

The American people will vote for a cause...they won't vote for the idea of a cause.
Build an unanswered legislative agenda in Congress and you can build an army to
turn out the vote at the mid-term elections.

Finally, let President Johnson have the War on Poverty, Nixon the War on Drugs
and Bush the War on Terror...Let this President take no prisoners and win the War
on ineffective government... and he will win the most important War of all.


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