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Mon Dec 17, 2012, 04:00 PM

3,500 Comments Later, Racist Conservatives Apparently Don't Like Jamie Foxx and Django Very Much

Right wingers love them some vigilante justice--except when it is delivered by a black slave to white masters.

Whenever the right talks about some of their favorite cultural issues like prayer in school or in this case, gun rights, I always think of the counter examples of those freedoms being exercised by people they don't like: Muslims or atheists praying in school, or those famous photos of Black Panthers with guns.

Those don't bother them though because when we here them saying "justice" they really mean "just us," just those rights for us, no one else.

It would appear that Jamie Foxx is not too popular among conservatives at the moment . As the star in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming speculative history film Django, where he plays a slave turned bounty hunter who gets to render justice out to the white people who wronged him and his family, Foxx is now an object of rage for white conservative victimologists, and those obsessed with "reverse racism."

While it should not be a surprise given the subject matter of the film, the intensity of the racially infused vitriol being directed at Jamie Foxx (and by extension the movie Django) following his appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend is nonetheless quite instructive.

There are now some 3,500 comments on the Right-wing site Newsbusters (whose story on Jamie Foxx's "racism" was promoted by the Drudge Report) where all manner of hateful utterances by white nationalists are effortlessly (and indistinguishably) co-mingled with those of "respectable" conservatives. The ease with which "respectable" conservatives can dialogue with overt bigots--and how their observations and tenor so easily overlap--is a frightening barometer for the current state of Right-wing political discourse in the Age of Obama.

The contemporary Republican Party has created a brand name for itself which is prefaced on white identity politics and white nativism. As such, they are the country's de facto White Party . While the White Right searches for a way to broaden its base, and to become more diverse in the face of the public's rejection of their policies in the 2012 election, the contemporary conservative movement is stuck in a state of limbo, a political conundrum and malaise, that they themselves created.


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