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Wed Feb 18, 2015, 05:34 PM

John Boehner doesn't mind your criticism. It gives meaning to his life.

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John Boehner recently violated rules of protocol, the constitution and any general concept of respectful behavior (to the President) by inviting the leader of a foreign country to speak before Congress without clearing it with the WH first. Now any sensible, well adjusted adult would realize this was offensive, disrespectful behavior. But for Boehner, being a Tea Party Republican, political vandalism is standard operating procedure.

Tea Party Republicans are all about Punk Talk and Political Vandalism. That is, saying and doing things which are offensive, irresponsible - and hopefully - shocking. This gives those who feel impotent and fearful a sense of being powerful. They have shocked the people involved in legitimate pursuit of constructive actions. This is all compensating behavior, which is identified with adolescence, intended to make up for feelings of inferiority, impotence and fear of being rejected by the peer group. During adolescence, young people have a strong desire to be accepted by others for validation and to shore up meager self esteem. IF they have low self esteem and fear/anticipate rejection by their peers they have to find a way to hide their lack of confidence and fear of rejection. This compensating behavior often involves "Punk talk" which is intended to show what a "tough guy" they are. This behavior is intended to show others that they don't care whether people accept them or not.

An essential characteristic of Punk Talk is the derision of 'the other guy'. In fact, Punk Talk is intended to enable you to 'put them down' before they can put YOU down - "HA!". That Punk Talk is an outgrowth of the fear of rejection by others is apparent in that it almost always involves derision of the person rather than what the person is saying. Think of all the statements of derision TP-GOPers have directed at the President. This is all to 'say': "I'm not impressed by you! You don't intimidate ME!" [div class="excerpt" style="border:1px solid #000000;"]Take a look on the site Discussionist. The Conservative's preferred idiom is that of personal attack. The Conservatives' vernacular is Punk Talk; not only on that site -- but everywhere else - including the U.S. Congress.

Think about it, in your normal daily workplace activities how often do you witness an ADULT saying offensive, denigrating things about someone else. Hardly ever! If you do hear such a thing, what's your first thought?... that there must be something wrong with the guy doing the 'badmouthing'!

The Tea Party lead GOP, being devoid of any ideas - on how to solve any of the problems we face - have replaced constructive ideas and action with Punk Talk and Political Vandalism. But This isn't Junior High. Now that they control both Houses of Congress they have to produce. And - no surprise to anyone - they can't do it. Instead of passing some form of Immigration reform they are up to their usual practice of trying to obstruct action the President took by putting language to reverse the President's executive action to preclude the deportation of children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States - in the bill to fund Homeland Security. The idea is to put Democrats in the position of looking bad if they do not pass the Homeland Security funding bill. The responsible thing would be to act upon an issue that needs a solution - legislation to establish the position of U.S. born children of undocumented immigrants. That appears to be beyond the reach of the Tea Party lead GOP.

So, just expect more Punk Talk and Political Vandalism. THat's all the TP_GOP is 'good' for.

..BTW this same psychology applies to the ISIS psycho-creeps. It's how those who feel impotent make themselves feel powerful by engaging in destructive behavior. The more shocked the 'straight', legitimate people (involved in constructive pursuits) are the more powerful they feel..

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