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Fri Jan 4, 2013, 02:32 AM

Venezuela VP criticizes 'manipulations' in reports on recent conversations with US officials

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Source: Associated Press

Venezuela VP criticizes 'manipulations' in reports on recent conversations with US officials
Article by: JORGE RUEDA , Associated Press
Updated: January 3, 2013 - 7:37 PM

CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuela's vice president on Thursday suggested that reports about recent contacts between U.S. and Venezuelan diplomats were distorted in implying the conversations were initial efforts toward improving relations if President Hugo Chavez dies. He said Chavez authorized the conversations.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro spoke on television upon his return from Cuba, where he and other officials met with the ailing president more than three weeks after he underwent cancer surgery.

"In these days, we've seen how there have been attempts to distort an event that was simply sought to be carried out with the authorization of the president" in late November and early December, Maduro said. "And it has to do with the relationship with the government of the United States."

Some recent news stories have raised questions about whether contacts between U.S. and Venezuelan diplomats could potentially lead to an improvement in long-strained relations if Chavez's health continued to worsen.

Read more: http://www.startribune.com/world/185608312.html?refer=y

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Response to Judi Lynn (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 02:40 AM

1. They are absolutely correct at least as far as the BBC interviews


I've heard, which are disgusting and clearly intended to put over false information while making Chavez sound like a tin-pot dictator. They call up and badger Venezuelan officials with the same slanted questions over and over, then replay the exchanges every half hour on BBC World, which runs several hours a day on NPR outlets. I only listen in the car and I'm not in my car all that much so it's clearly a full-court press, and a vicious and repulsive one. About par for BBC though.

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Response to allrevvedup (Reply #1)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 08:52 AM

2. Yup. I've been calling them the BBCons.

Conservative con men (fraudsters, liars, lowlife). They have been shits on the Latin American Left--especially Venezuela and Chavez--quite as bad as the Associated Pukes, the Miami Hairball and the New York Slimes, and all the rest of the fraudsters, liars and lowlifes who call themselves journalists but are, in truth, propagandists for our transglobal corporate rulers.

It's quite sickening. There is, literally, NO news service in the "western world" that can be trusted. This is especially true on the Latin American Left and probably true on all issues.* And on Venezuela/Chavez, it is so extreme as to be ridiculous.

My first shock on this was the New York Slimes. I've been mind-boggled by their bias on Venezuela/Chavez. It is unrelieved. There is no balance whatsoever--and no attempt to be balanced. And it ain't just bias; it's full-on disinformation--lies, extreme distortions, black holes where information should be--as if it were written by CIA hacks--and this is their NEWS stories, not just editorials.

Second shock: the BBCons. I was listening to BBCon radio a while back--an interview to do with Chavez--and my jaw dropped, it was so bad. I couldn't believe it. It might as well have been "Radio Martí" (U.S. taxpayer funded Miami Mafia Radio). The sneering attitude. The leading questions. The reporter ARGUING with the interviewee against Chavez--not just questioning, but debating, contradicting, eating up the minutes with anti-Chavez assertions, leaving no time for reply. It was truly outrageous. I've since realized that this is TYPICAL of BBC coverage of Venezuela/Chavez.

I don't call them these names for nothing. Associated Pukes. New York Slimes. BBCons. I call them names because their coverage of this subject stinks to high heaven.


*(I just saw an Associated Pukes NEWS article yesterday that equated Democratic critics of Obama's "fiscal cliff" deal with THE TEA PARTY. Extremists of the right and left, they said. Outrageous propaganda for the 1%! --as if the "Mad Tea Party" were real and not a creation of the Koch Brothers and ES&S/Diebold--and those defending the interests of the vast majority--workers, middle class professionals, small business people, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the young and the poor--were equivalent to the frigging "Tea Party"! So the extreme bias that I have seen, in ALL corporate media including so-called "public" media (NPR, BBC)--on the historic and, in many ways, amazing leftist democracy movement in Latin America--may extend across the board--that is, there is NO issue on which we are not getting 1%er propaganda and disinformation. We certainly saw this on the Iraq War--with the New York Slimes reprinting Cheney/Rumsfeld's "Big Lie" as headlined truth. We really need to BEWARE of these propaganda horns--question their reports in every respect, read between the lines, seek out alternative news sources--if we want to have an accurate picture of the world and of our own country.)

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Response to Peace Patriot (Reply #2)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 10:11 AM

3. BBCons, good one :)


It seems like they used to be more subtle but at some point in the Bush-Cheney terra era they took a hard right and now their interventionist agenda is painfully obvious. But then they've always considered themselves the grand masters of international espionage and propaganda. Apparently James Bond is a national hero and BBC reruns the Hollywood versions on holidays.

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Response to Judi Lynn (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 03:33 PM

4. Continuity Likely Even Without Chávez

Continuity Likely Even Without Chávez

Mark Weisbrot is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. He is also president of Just Foreign Policy.

Updated January 4, 2013, 1:00 PM

Since Hugo Chávez first took office, he and his party have won 13 of 14 national elections, mainly because they greatly improved the living standards of the majority of voters in Venezuela. Since 2004, after the economy recovered from the devastating opposition oil strike, poverty has been cut by half and extreme poverty by more than 70 percent.

And this measures only cash income: millions of people also got access to health care for the first time, and access to education also increased sharply, with college enrollment doubling and free tuition for many. Eligibility for public pensions tripled; and in the past two years the government has built hundreds of thousands of houses. Most of the poverty reduction came from increased employment, not “government handouts,” and during most of Chávez’s tenure the private sector has grown faster than the public sector. These numbers are not really in dispute among economists or international statistical agencies. If you follow Venezuela and haven’t heard any of this, it’s because the news media is giving you the equivalent of a “tea party” view of the country.

Also, the 20 years prior to Chávez were an economic disaster, with per capita income actually falling between 1980 and 1998. So naturally most people have noticed the difference. Is this progress sustainable? The press focuses on Venezuela’s inflation, which, at just under 18 percent is about the highest in the region. However it has come down from 28.2 percent in 2010, even as the economy has recovered and growth has accelerated. This shows that the government can bring inflation down with the right policies. Chávez’s party won in 20 of 23 states during a regional election on Dec. 16, even with Chávez himself absent from the campaign trail. This indicates that his successor will likely win if he should step down.

This should not be surprising. All of the left-leaning governments in South America -- Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay -- have been re-elected, some repeatedly, for similar reasons: they have brought real economic and social change and significant improvements in living standards for the majority.


(No more to this article at link.)

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Response to Judi Lynn (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 03:50 PM

5. Locking...

After discussion, we LBN Hosts have decided this a minor development of an ongoing story. Please consider posting this information as a reply in one of these earlier LBN threads:

Venezuelans Offer Prayers, Songs for Hugo Chavez

With Chavez sicker, Venezuela axes New Year party

Hugo Chavez: Venezuela leader suffers 'new complications'

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