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Thu Nov 29, 2012, 11:55 PM

Republicans already announcing U.S. Senate campaigns for 2014

Source: Reuters

Republicans already announcing U.S. Senate campaigns for 2014
Fri, 30 Nov 2012 02:00 GMT
Source: reuters // Reuters

Nov 29 (Reuters) - Former South Dakota Republican Governor Mike Rounds said on Thursday he will run in 2014 for a U.S. Senate seat now held by a Democrat, the second state where a Republican has jumped into the campaign two years before the election.

The announcement by Rounds came just weeks after President Barack Obama won re-election and Democrats unexpectedly strengthened their U.S. Senate majority. Rounds is running for the seat now held by Democratic Senator Tim Johnson.

Republican U.S. Representative Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia on Monday said she would run for the U.S. Senate seat of incumbent Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller, who was first elected to the Senate in 1984.

The early entry of Republicans sparked speculation that they are trying to encourage the veteran Democrats to retire rather than face a long and expensive race for reelection.

Read more: http://www.trust.org/trustlaw/news/republicans-already-announcing-us-senate-campaigns-for-2014

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Response to Judi Lynn (Original post)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 12:09 AM

1. 2014 might be very tough, especially if some greedy Dems give up seats they are in


There needs to be an unwritten rule that NO sitting senator/house/mayor/governor should abandon a seat in between now and 2016.

The repubs would stop at nothing to reclaim the senate and keep the house and we all know what would have happened in the 1990s had the repubs owned both of them.

they would attempt the same thing again.

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Response to graham4anything (Reply #1)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 02:58 AM

2. How many times will you post this - in 1998, the Republicans had 55 Senators

and controlled the House. They still failed to kick Clinton out - it takes 67 vote.

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Response to karynnj (Reply #2)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 03:14 AM

3. Karynnj


They tried Their best to Get president Clinton booted out of the office and even when they was not able to do that, they was able to sensor him an humiliated him in so many ways. They really hated president Clinton - and he was white... Good know they already hate president Obama... And would stop at nothing to Rip him apart if they could...


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Response to Diclotican (Reply #3)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 04:49 PM

7. They're trying to rip PBO to shreds but he's too smart for it.

I am positive that PBO knows the jihad is on against him. And I'm also convinced he is fully aware of the racial motivations that stoke those fires. PBO has been dealing with this racism his whole life like all African Americans, especially those who move about in very white circles (be it at work, or socially... wherever). He knows exactly how careful he must tread and how much stereotyping he must overcome. It must be exhausting.

My point is, PBO knows how to tread these waters and he's a careful, calculating person, who is wise to the racial realities around him and the dangers that exist. He's also, probably, very aware of what kind of symbol he is to people all over the world who chafe under the yoke of the moneyed, old, white, elite that rule this world.

I think he'll not make the mistakes the Clinton clan did in the 1990s. They have already tried the land scandal trick on the Obamas and a few other things. The problem is, the Obama family is boring. They don't do anything bad or nutty like Big Dog with his infidelities and too friendly manner, or Hillary with her endless, driving ambition. Or the Bush family with the wild history of parties. The Obama family, by comparison, are just a bunch of plain Janes. Obama's one big passion is college basketball, that's it. Oh, and the smoking thing. That's it.

The right has nothing to attack him on personally. There's no dirt for them to dig up, in that way, PBO is perfect. They make up stuff about his citizenship, sure. All of which makes them look like crazy racists reaching for the white sheets. And that turns everybody else off.

Obama's got this, and I'm glad its him and not me. I'd never be able to walk the delicate line he does and not explode in frustration. He is a better man than I.

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Response to karynnj (Reply #2)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 05:16 AM

5. Put me on ignore if you don't want to read me. Your angling for Kerry to be SOS


therefore you have a stake in his leaving, which is directly opposite my point of view, so of course you will disagree with it.

WE WON in 2012, and that solidifies every single thing in the past.
To give them an opening for any issue whatsoever, could mean(especially if the fillibuster is going) that they could roadblock ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING they want

Is it worth it?

The republicans found that money can't buy the presidency.

But money can buy a smaller race, and what if that Sheldon A. puts in 100million dollars on each senate and house seat?
He has the money to do so.

Therefore I want to keep as many Democrats as any.

And btw-if John Kerry whom you guys are pushing for SOS is so tired of the senate, that statement scares me greatly. Because forget a special election now for him to be SOS.

IT scares me because he then needs to get out of reelection EARLY EARLY EARLY to insure a strong DEMOCRATIC candidate has a very long runup to win his seat.

We are talking his full term reelection here.

And if you follow my posts, I started saying weeks before that we have maybe at most
ONE DAY to celebrate the coming landslide (and I foretold the landslide from day one, I never waivered, never was a sad sam, debbie downer, cutten Runner.)
But I said 2014 and 2016 start Thursday morning Nov.8,2012 and we need a strong candidate in every single position in 12/14/16

And first thing the Kerry people are doing is attempting him to leave his seat to take a personal want job. I find that disgusting personally putting him before his country or party
IMHO (and articles all over are saying he is very quitely leading his minions to do just so.)

It's very easy. He can take the Sherman and back off.

That job should be Susan Rice's.

And IF he no longer wants the Mass. Senate seat, then announce now he will retire in 2014
and let Deval Patrick or Joseph Kennedy have a two year start to finance a campaign and get the people to make sure he wins.

I do not like temporary special elections. Normal voters do not vote in that election, do not take off from work, go out of their way, because face it, most voters don't see the importance.

And Mass. is a state where while considered liberal, has in fact had a recent republican senator (brown) and TWO, COUNT EM TWO REPUBLICAN GOV'S- WELD AND GUESS WHO.

John Kerry and his backers/staff whomever saw to it to for political sake, change the rules in 2004 to pre-empt a republican from taking his seat had he been the winner in 2004.
The rule took it out of (GUESS WHO WAS GOV IN 2004) hands and into a special election.

Now that has come to bite HIM himself in the back, because now Deval a DEMOCRAT cannot replace him if he took SOS with a democratic replacement.

And I don't trust the repub red dye hair job Sheldon A. hotel magnet, multibillionaire to not give $100million dollars to Scotty Brown campaign and there is nobody in hell who can get that much financing.

(and earth to whomever would be picked- that candidate MUST be 100% ON RECORD as being totally against guns and the NRA, because Scott Brown already is for better gun control, and that cause (dear to my heart personally) has a new Super Pac that backs any candidate going against the NRA.
So not only will you have Sheldon A. giving millions, Scotty might have another giving him millions too.

The democrat would lose a special eleection. NOT ENOUGH VOTERS

(and this is also how Arnold got in last minute in California, and how all those asswipes in 2010 got in- Scott, Walker, Christie, Rubio etc. Because democrats stayed home as it was not a presidential race.

And every position is already being filled by republicans in each state
(Karl Rove started this, fully stocking school boards and the lowest positions so that people each county knew already are there waiting to move up the ladder.)

The democrats do fantastic nationwide Presidentials
But they are way behind the curve on house/senate

BEWARE of it.
And in 2016, they will have the full 100% force of the Bush family machine who won 3 elections out of 4 in all states.
(wink wink, it took a Clinton to defeat a Bush nationally the one time they lost)

and it took Crist to slap Jeb down twice in Florida on a national issue (the Terry S. issue).

Dems need to fully back Charlie Crist as a democrat, to get rid of Scott in 2014.

We must take back the governorships and house and hold the senate, and NOT let greed or inertia or whatever stop that from happeneing.

We are on the verge of a lifetime of Democratic Presidents, but we must not let them gain seats to stop our every single move (as the President cannot enact any legislation that requires funding.)
(ain't it a shame that a billionaire can finance a hate campaign politically, yet a mega billionaire cannot just give that money theoretically to a president who wants a specific issue and voila,
the president signs that in to law.)

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Response to Judi Lynn (Original post)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 03:45 AM

4. Good. Let's start our research efforts. Early announcement = more time to get caught in the act.

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Response to Judi Lynn (Original post)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 04:29 PM

6. They had some good candidate in 2010 and 2012, but they never made it out of the primaries

Our party does a better job of making sure that the right candidates win their nominations.

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Response to Freddie Stubbs (Reply #6)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 05:00 PM

9. I totally agree. The GOP primary process is crushing them.

America's electorate has made a clear swing to the left from where they were before. Maybe they're in the center, maybe further to the left -- I really don't know. Its hard for me to tell because the GOP is so far to the right, they distort everything else.

But that's the problem they have now. They are so far to the right their candidates have to out conservative one another and the only way to do that is run further to the right. So to survive the primaries they have to pander to an increasingly nutty base which dooms them in any general election. No swing voter or independent will vote for them.

Their only choice now is to swing left. They can't go any further without permanent harm. But to do so would ruin them with their dwindling base. Which is probably the smart move. Just abandon the fundies and all the social nonsense they caterwaul about and stake out a spot in the middle. Granted they won't have much room because we're there, but they could be competitive about it. As it stands now, they aren't competitive with us at all. The only reason they didn't lose the house is because of the gerrymandering that went after the 2010 midterm elections. Our party really screwed that up. We took the foot off the gas and thought we could coast for a while, and that never works out.

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Response to Judi Lynn (Original post)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 04:50 PM

8. It will be interesting to see whether the tea partiers will allow sane candidates to be nominated

this time around. Will they hold their noses and nominate someone who does not think that a woman's body can shut down conception resulting from legitimate rape, but if it does not, the pregnancy is a gift from God?

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Response to Nye Bevan (Reply #8)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 05:02 PM

10. I doubt it. They're trying hard to convince themselves they didn't lose because of policies

And they seem to be interested in doubling down on the crazy. They are oblivious to reality.

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Response to apnu (Reply #10)

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 05:39 PM

11. If so, they are royally screwed.

Filtering out any candidate with a modicum of decency or sanity. What a screwed up party they have become.

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