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Fri Jul 15, 2016, 08:38 AM Jul 2016

Nice attack killer: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel identified as terrorist behind Bastille Day massacre

Source: The Independent UK

The man who killed more than 80 people with a truck in Nice has been locally identified. The driver of the lorry was 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, according to newspaper Nice-Matin which cited local sources, who is from Nice.

Police had previously said that they had formally identified the man, after finding ID papers and a phone in the truck he used to kill 84 people on Thursday night, during Nice's Bastille Day celebrations. He had been shot by police at the end of the attack.

The attack appears to have been premeditated, the local paper said, citing police sources. The man might have hired the truck on Wednesday in a town near Nice, it reported, and CCTV him picking up the vehicle in the hills outside the city.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel worked as a delivery driver, and though he was known to police because of petty crime, was not suspected to have been radicalised and did not have a file with the anti-terrorism police.

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/mohamed-lahouaiej-bouhlel-nice-attack-latest-identity-suspect-lorry-france-killer-terrorist-a7138196.html

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Nice attack killer: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel identified as terrorist behind Bastille Day massacre (Original Post) AntiBank Jul 2016 OP
That's a Weird Headline Night Watchman Jul 2016 #1
It is, however, the name of the city in France where the incident took place. Raster Jul 2016 #3
Having traveled there extensively JustAnotherGen Jul 2016 #4
And yesterday it was "Nice Mayor" PatSeg Jul 2016 #7
You could edit the following line out of the OP Democat Jul 2016 #2
it was, now removed, thanks AntiBank Jul 2016 #5
What do these assholes expect to accomplish? IronLionZion Jul 2016 #6
That question has been answered over and over GummyBearz Jul 2016 #8
Or they'll burn in hell for all eternity IronLionZion Jul 2016 #9
which is why religions are BS mdbl Jul 2016 #17
That's reductionist. Igel Jul 2016 #21
That was interesting pandr32 Jul 2016 #27
Thanks for that LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #34
Suicide isn't terrorism EL34x4 Jul 2016 #10
To strike fear into the hearts of their enemies seanbnewyork4 Jul 2016 #25
I doubt it IronLionZion Jul 2016 #26
They're hoping to frighten everyone into voting for right wingers that support war and torture tenderfoot Jul 2016 #28
and if this turns out to be a self-radicalized single terrorist, how could that be stopped? still_one Jul 2016 #11
stop those who are encouraging self-radicalization 6chars Jul 2016 #12
easier said than done in a democratic society still_one Jul 2016 #13
then just grin and bear it 6chars Jul 2016 #14
You're arguing extremes. Igel Jul 2016 #22
So where is the line? christx30 Jul 2016 #33
Apparently this guy had failed marriage but had three kids. DCBob Jul 2016 #15
Probably a garment industry worker of some type. nt Dreamer Tatum Jul 2016 #18
Three kids... skypilot Jul 2016 #20
Just think - under Sharia he could have gotten his kids TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2016 #36
Hmmm, I thought his name would be Jacques or Pierre ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jul 2016 #16
Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel did this ? bdwker Jul 2016 #19
you forgot a few 6chars Jul 2016 #23
And Dhaka, Bangladesh n/t 24601 Jul 2016 #24
Running out of room bdwker Jul 2016 #30
Ah, ah ah.... ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jul 2016 #35
Ahhh that explains the garment factory worker comment above. PersonNumber503602 Jul 2016 #37
You're right and then some bdwker Jul 2016 #29
Could you post the link for that list, please? alcibiades_mystery Jul 2016 #32
what about all the Boko Haram attacks in Africa? RussBLib Jul 2016 #31


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4. Having traveled there extensively
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 08:54 AM
Jul 2016

It's my default - Neece. I can understand how many Americans just don't understand the pronunciation of a city they have ever heard of.


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2. You could edit the following line out of the OP
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 08:51 AM
Jul 2016

The most powerful Nice terror attack tribute cartoons

It must have been a link.


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6. What do these assholes expect to accomplish?
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 09:11 AM
Jul 2016

Dumbasses. Losers. People like that really should just off themselves first instead of taking anyone else down.



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8. That question has been answered over and over
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 09:35 AM
Jul 2016

They expect to accomplish entrance into the after life where 72 virgins are waiting to please them for eternity, and Allah will make sure they are all super hot too. The dead infidels don't matter


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21. That's reductionist.
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 11:21 AM
Jul 2016

That works only in jihad. So if they win, they win personally and as a people; if they lose, they win personally. Really, losing is not the goal; winning personally and as a people would be better.

The formal "win" is to force the bad people who defy the nature order of the universe according to Allah into a proper state of Submission. Think of jihadis as Submissionist terrorists. In the religion of Submission, lessers must submit to their superiors. Women to men; children to parents; Jews and Christians to the Submitted; and the Submitted Ones to Allah. Notice that Submission is a religion of peace--if everybody submits as ordained, then there is no war. We find liberty in Submission.

'Aslama is "to submit."
'Islam is "submission"
Muslim is a "submitted (one).

Remember, the root meaning of "pacification"--as in the pacification program in Vietnam--is "peace," Latin pax.

The RW accepts this interpretation.

I'd add that being superior and not acknowledged or treated as superior is humiliating. The affected cultures are big into avenging humiliation and regaining face.

The LW interpretation is that they just want to be treated as equals and religion isn't a serious value. The true point in this is that if you're treated as less than whose who you believe to be inferior it's deeply humiliating. For many, dignity isn't what you have but what you're given or take from others. The way to redeeming humiliation and granting such people dignity is to treat people equally. For many of the Submitted, esp. those not in their own World of Submission, that's sufficient. Not necessarily a great thing, but adequate--getting your due is not cause for gratitude, but does keep the resentment to a minimum. It's a risky game, though, since you need to know what they think of as respect, and in a multicultural society I don't get to define what I need to do to others for them to have respect. I need to outsource my thinking and motivation to others and properly be told what to do, in other words, I'm at the mercy of what others say is the minimum. (Yes, that's intolerable. Yes, that's a guiding principle of a lot of 21st century rhetoric.) For others, "equality" is still not adequate, but at least it sucks the oxygen out of much of their humiliation-based public rhetoric.

Ultimately what you need to do is to get people to stop thinking of things in terms of personal humiliation and see beyond their own skin. If everything that affects a person is taken as personal--you don't get that job, it's personal; the hot water heater breaks, it's personal; you drop out of school and can't get a good job, it's personal; you don't see yourself represented as you think you should be, you don't see your group represented in the numbers that please you, it's personal. The external dignity or humiliation route a great way of conducting a society where everybody's suspicious of each other because it gives everybody a scorecard for who to battle and how to battle to preserve your own rights and status, but it's not good for a democracy in which domination isn't the goal but the goal is the common good and cooperation. The only way to get a lot of suspicious, antagonistic people to work together is to have them submit to a higher authority that keeps them all in check, that is, takes their scorecards away or makes them meaningless. That can be government, it can be religion. It can be a Cause. But still, Submission is the name of the game, whether we use an Arabic word or a Latinate word.

But in such a society, it's common to say, "a pox on both their houses." You don't get people saying the equivalent of "a pax on both their houses."


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34. Thanks for that
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 03:12 PM
Jul 2016

There are people of all cultures, I'm sure, that take things personal way too much. But in the Middle Eastern born people I have met or worked with or for, it seems epidemic. The odd thing is that when you first meet them they are so overly friendly. Its like they hand you all their trust right away and dare you to disappoint them. And, speaking from personal experience from those I have worked for, or done a one-off contract job for, if they think you have not done some job right, or quote too high for a job in their opinion, their demeanor can pivot on a dime. They presume that you have purposely gone out of your way to insult them. I've had more than one experience with this. Suddenly you go from always being warmly met each time to a curt negative attitude and then never again contacted. In my experience, I've never met a culture that is so extreme between how they respect or not respect you.



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25. To strike fear into the hearts of their enemies
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 12:42 PM
Jul 2016

So that people will give in to their demands. Frightening stuff.


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26. I doubt it
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 12:48 PM
Jul 2016

It sounds like he was a psychotic loser acting alone. Sure, he might claim he's with ISIS. But the evidence so far doesn't show much connection to any cause or demands.


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28. They're hoping to frighten everyone into voting for right wingers that support war and torture
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 01:48 PM
Jul 2016

they work for the same team. The War Machine.


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12. stop those who are encouraging self-radicalization
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 10:01 AM
Jul 2016

he was not sitting in an empty room self-radicalizing.


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22. You're arguing extremes.
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 11:25 AM
Jul 2016

If we can't stop it by fiat--"fiat pax"--then it can't be done so suck it up.

If I can't be a billionaire it means I can't make enough money for bus fare. So suck it up.

In between there are partial solutions that are compatible with democracy; we don't need a "Democracy" in which absolute authority and rule with an iron hand, uniform surveillance and censorship and extreme punishment for incorrect speech are required for some temporary security.


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33. So where is the line?
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 02:34 PM
Jul 2016

Going to extremist websites? Posting something positive about ISIS on Facebook? Attending meetings with known radicals?
I understand and agree with your shades of gray argument. Just asking where you think the line should be? This is ok, but if you do this, you're a terrorist/criminal and subject to prosecution.


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15. Apparently this guy had failed marriage but had three kids.
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 10:12 AM
Jul 2016

I doubt he was closely associated with ISIS.. if at all. Sounds like an angry messed up psycho out for some sort of revenge.


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20. Three kids...
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 10:47 AM
Jul 2016

...that he was in the process of completely screwing up, judging by that photo of them.


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36. Just think - under Sharia he could have gotten his kids
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 09:42 PM
Jul 2016

And if his wife wanted the divorce, he might have been able to deny her.

I would bet that he blamed the decadent west and France in particular for all his problems.



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19. Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel did this ?
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 10:41 AM
Jul 2016



New York
San Bernardino

Anybody want play "name the next city" ?



(435 posts)
30. Running out of room
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 02:30 PM
Jul 2016

New York
Paris x 2
San Bernardino


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35. Ah, ah ah....
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 03:13 PM
Jul 2016

Bangladesh was the black market clothing industry. Heard it right here on DU. They are a vicious lot, those fabric makers.....



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29. You're right and then some
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 02:25 PM
Jul 2016

Date Place Killed-Injured
2016.07.14 Philippines Manilop 3 0 Three off-duty soldiers are ambushed and killed by Abu Sayyaf while buying food.
2016.07.13 Iraq Rashidiya 7 11 Seven Iraqis are laid out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.07.12 Iraq Baghdad 12 37 A dozen people at a vegetable and fruit market are reduced to pulp by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.07.11 Somalia Lanto Buro 11 6 At least eleven others are killed by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2016.07.11 Iraq Qayara 9 0 Women and the elderly are among nine members of two families dragged from their homes and executed by ISIS.
2016.07.11 Iraq Nineveh 4 0 Four doctors are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.07.10 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 6 Three children are ripped apart by Taliban shrapnel.
2016.07.09 Nigeria Abuja 1 0 A female pastor is hacked to death by Muslim radicals who left her severed head on a Bible.
2016.07.09 Nigeria Rann 7 0 Boko Haram invade a village, stealing food and gunning down seven residents.
2016.07.09 Iraq Riyadh 3 0 Three Kurdish brothers are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.07.09 Iraq Kirkuk 2 2 ISIS is suspected of a home invasion in which a moderate cleric and his family member are killed.
2016.07.09 Mali Koro 2 0 Two guards at a checkpoint are machine-gunned point-blank by suspected Jihadis.
2016.07.09 Pakistan Islamabad 1 1 The wife of a Shiite cleric is gunned down in a targeted attack.
2016.07.09 Libya Sirte 7 3 A secret ISIS prison is unearthed with seven bodies and three surviving torture victims.
2016.07.09 Bangladesh Kajura 0 1 A Catholic nurse is set on fire by suspected Religion of Peace operatives.
2016.07.08 Syria Tel Abyad 10 11 Women and children are among ten taken out by an ISIS suicide bombing at a popular market.
2016.07.08 Syria Aleppo 34 200 al-Nusra members send shells into a populated area, killing thirty-four civilians.
2016.07.08 Nigeria Damboa 9 12 A suicide bomber strikes a rival mosque, killing at least nine.
2016.07.07 Libya Benghazi 12 35 A dozen souls are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.07.07 Iraq Balad 56 70 Fifty-six pilgrims are blown up by a Sunni suicide bomb attack on a Shiite shrine.
2016.07.07 Bangladesh Sholakia 4 12 A police officer is hacked to death and a woman is among four total killed by an Islamist attack during Eid prayers
2016.07.06 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six people are beheaded by a Sharia court.
2016.07.06 Yemen Aden 25 8 al-Qaeda suicide bombers take out over two dozen local soldiers.
2016.07.06 Syria Aleppo 3 3 Three civilians are flattened by a Sunni mortar barrage.
2016.07.06 Syria al-Zahraa 2 6 Two children are turned to paste by a Sunni rocket.
2016.07.06 India Vijaywada 1 0 A teen is honor-killed by her conservative Muslim mother for having an affair with a Hindu boy.
2016.07.06 Afghanistan Sancharak 4 1 Four family members are wiped out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.07.05 Thailand Bannang Sata 1 0 Militant Muslims launch a grenade from an M79 in front of a mosque, killing a passerby.
2016.07.05 Indonesia Surakarta 0 1 A suicide bomber detonates in front of a police station.
2016.07.05 Thailand Songkhla 1 2 Muslim 'insurgents' place a bomb that kills one other person.
2016.07.05 Iraq Saidiya 3 12 Jihadis send mortars into a displaced persons camp, killing three.
2016.07.05 Syria Raqqa 4 0 Four popular soccer players are forced to kneel and then shot in the head by caliphate members in front of children.
2016.07.05 Thailand Pattani 1 3 A bomb planted by Muslim militants in front of a police station leaves one dead.
2016.07.05 DRC Tenambo 9 0 Nine Christian villagers are murdered by ADF Islamists.
2016.07.05 Syria Um al-Housh 40 0 Women and children are among forty civilians captured and 'mercilessly' executed by the Islamic State.
2016.07.05 Somalia Galcad 2 0 Two staffers at a telecommunication company are beheaded by al-Shabaab.
2016.07.05 Syria Hassakeh 30 40 A suicide bomber massacres thirty innocents outside a Shiite bakery.
2016.07.04 Iraq Baghdad 2 9 A bomb near a popular market leaves two dead.
2016.07.04 Iraq Tal Kaif 3 0 Three Kurds are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.07.04 Saudi Arabia Jeddah 0 2 A suicide bomber detonates near the US embassy.
2016.07.04 Iraq Sharqat 7 0 The Islamic State boils seven members alive.
2016.07.04 Saudi Arabia Medina 4 5 Four guards are killed by a suicide bomber outside Islam's second holiest mosque.
2016.07.03 Libya Benghazi 2 0 A car bombing leaves two dead.
2016.07.03 Iraq Arabi 2 0 A father and son are executed by the Islamic State after three months in captivity.
2016.07.03 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two civilians are neatly taken out by Muslim bombers.
2016.07.03 Iraq Kirkuk 7 0 Seven civilians are executed by caliphate members.
2016.07.03 Libya Banghazi 2 7 An ISIS car bomb explodes in a busy district, killing two traffic cops.
2016.07.03 Iraq Shaab 5 16 Jihadis set off a bomb in a commercial district that claims five lives.
2016.07.03 Iraq Karrada 308 246 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates in a shopping mall packed with Shiites, slaughtering over three hundred, including many children.
2016.07.03 Thailand Pattani 1 2 One person is killed by a bomb left outside a mosque.
2016.07.03 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is beheaded for 'mocking Islam'.
2016.07.02 Syria Elkheir 1 0 A man is brutally beheaded for 'pledging to infidels'.
2016.07.02 Afghanistan Khakrez 4 0 Four people are taken out by a Taliban bomb blast.
2016.07.02 Somalia Baidoa 2 19 Two girls, ages 4 and 5, are disintegrated by an al-Shabaab mortar round.
2016.07.02 Bangladesh Satkhira 0 1 A Hindu priest is stabbed at a bakery by Muslim extremists.
2016.07.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 17 A Shahid suicide bomber on a motorbike kills two bystanders.
2016.07.02 Afghanistan Khorasan 3 0 Video shows three 'apostates' executed to religious music by child soldiers.
2016.07.01 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 0 Five local cops are gunned down by the Taliban.
2016.07.01 Iraq Tuz Khormato 2 4 A suicide attack at a Shiite mosque leaves two dead.
2016.07.01 Bangladesh Dhaka 22 26 Seven terrorists take hostages at a restaurant and summarily execute all who cannot quote from the Quran.
2016.07.01 Syria Damascus 1 0 A pilot is murdered by Jaish-al-Islam.
2016.07.01 Israel Hebron 1 3 Palestinians fire on a family's vehicle, killing the father and injuring his wife and two children.
2016.07.01 Iraq Baghdad 5 30 Five people lose their lives to a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2016.07.01 Pakistan Haripur 1 0 A man is shot dead by a conservative family for marrying their dauther without permission.
2016.07.01 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A moderate cleric is shot to death by more-radical co-religionists.
2016.07.01 Afghanistan Shahwali Kot 7 0 Three woman are among a family of seven murdered in their home by Sunni militants.
2016.07.01 Bangladesh Jhenaidah 1 0 A Hindu temple worker is hacked to death.
2016.07.01 Kenya Wak 6 2 Children are among six people on a bus brutally machine-gunned by religious radicals.
2016.06.30 Bahrain Manama 1 3 A bomb planted by suspected Shiites kills a woman and injures her three children.
2016.06.30 Afghanistan Paghman 37 80 Two suicide bombers massacre thirty-seven souls in a coordinated attack on a group of buses.
2016.06.30 Cameroon Limani 11 50 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a rival mosque, taking eleven others with him.
2016.06.30 Somalia Lafole 18 20 Eighteen passengers on a minibus are cooked alive by an Islamist roadside blast.
2016.06.30 Egypt Rafah 2 1 Two security personnel are ambushed and killed by Islamists.
2016.06.30 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A Coptic priest is shot in the head by Muslim radicals.
2016.06.30 Israel Kiryat Arba 1 1 A 13-year-old girl is stabbed to death in her bedroom by a Palestinian terrorist.
2016.06.30 Bangladesh Bandarban 1 0 A 55-year-old Buddhist leader is hacked to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
2016.06.30 Iraq Baghdad 6 19 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out six bystanders at a popular market.
2016.06.30 Iraq Fallujah 4 5 An Islamic State supporter sprays a group of policemen with automatic weapons fire, killing four.
2016.06.30 Pakistan Peshawar 3 6 Three security personnel are taken out in separate attacks by armed fundamentalists.
2016.06.30 Egypt Farafra 6 3 Islamic extremists open fire on two police vehicles, killing six officers.
2016.06.30 Israel Netanya 0 2 A mother shopping for her daughter's wedding dress is among two civilians stabbed by Muslim terrorists.
2016.06.30 Nigeria Obi 1 0 An evangelical pastor is hacked to death by militant Muslims.
2016.06.29 Cameroon Djakana 4 4 A young suicide bomber detonates at a video club, killing four patrons.
2016.06.29 Thailand Narathiwat 1 3 A Muslim roadside bomb claims one life.
2016.06.29 Syria Tal Abyad 10 25 A suicide car bomber targeting Kurdish civilians takes out ten.
2016.06.29 Syria Bokomal 5 0 Five young people are beheaded on video by the Islamic State.
2016.06.29 Iraq Sharqat 2 8 ISIS mortar crews target refugees fleeing the violence, killing two.
2016.06.29 Iraq Abu Ghraib 3 7 Three patrons at a market are sectionalized by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.06.29 Mali Timbuktu 3 6 al-Qaeda linked militants ambush and kill three local soldiers.
2016.06.28 Iraq Sharqat 4 0 Four civilians are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.06.28 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Terrorists fire on a suspected brothel, killing three women and a child.
2016.06.28 Thailand Muang 2 1 Muslim 'insurgents' gun down a father and son.
2016.06.28 Malaysia Puchong 0 8 A grenade thrown into a Malaysian bar during Ramadan is the work of an Islamist.
2016.06.28 Iraq Abu Ghraib 14 32 At least a dozen worshippers are laid out by a suicide blast at a mosque.
2016.06.28 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A secular judge is gunned down by Sharia proponents.
2016.06.28 Turkey Istanbul 44 239 Three suicide bombers massacre over forty innocents at a busy airport.
2016.06.27 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Two people are leveled by a Jihadi bomb blast outside a row of shops.
2016.06.27 Iraq Fallujah 7 0 Seven people are found tortured to death by the Islamic State.
2016.06.27 Yemen Mukalla 42 30 A woman and child are among over forty taken out by four suicide bombers.
2016.06.27 Kenya Dimu 5 4 Five border guards are murdered by al-Shabaab extremists.
2016.06.27 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 0 A young policeman at a checkpoint is picked off by a long-range Islamist sniper.
2016.06.27 Lebanon Qaa 6 19 Six people are left dead after four suicide bombers detonate at a small village.
2016.06.26 Kuwait Kuwait City 1 0 A man kills his own brother for not fasting and praying during Ramadan.
2016.06.26 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 2 3 Two policemen are disassembled by an ISIS roadside bomb.
2016.06.26 Thailand Narathiwat 1 2 A shooting and bombing leave one dead and two injured.
2016.06.26 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two civilians are blown to bits by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.06.25 Bangladesh Chittagong 1 0 A Hindu practitioner is beheaded by Religion of Peace radicals.
2016.06.25 Syria Raqqa 5 0 ISIS executed five journalists by forcing them to use cameras and computers rigged with explosives.
2016.06.25 Pakistan Lahore 0 1 Four Muslims gang-rape a Christian whose brother had eloped with a Muslim.
2016.06.25 Syria Deir Ezzor 4 0 ISIS hangs four young people while forcing their families to watch.
2016.06.25 India Pampore 8 24 Lashkar-e-Taiba members pour machine-gun fire into a bus, killing eight passengers.
2016.06.25 Somalia Mogadishu 14 25 An al-Shabaab suicide bombing at a hotel claims the lives of fourteen employees and guests.
2016.06.24 Iraq Hawija 5 0 Five civilians are executed by ISIS at a popular market.
2016.06.24 Somalia Yurkuk 5 0 Five farmers are killed during an al-Shabaab attack.
2016.06.24 Afghanistan Kot 8 12 At least eight civilians are killed when ISIS loyalists burn down a village.
2016.06.24 Libya Benghazi 4 14 Four civilians are killed when terrorists set off a car bomb in front of a hospital.
2016.06.24 Cameroon Gouzoudoum 4 2 Boko Haram kill four villagers and torch their homes.
2016.06.24 Saudi Arabia Qatif 1 0 A local cop is gunned down by Shia radicals.
2016.06.24 Pakistan Quetta 3 32 The Taliban are suspected of a bomb blast in a shopping district that leaves three dead.
2016.06.23 Syria Maalula 1 0 Jihadists slit the throat of a Christian man in front of his wife.
2016.06.23 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 2 Two ISIS-supporting brothers stab their mother to death.
2016.06.23 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is stabbed, shot and crucified by the Islamic State.
2016.06.23 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Jihadis set off a bomb near a candy factory, killing two passersby.
2016.06.23 Iraq Naeima 2 1 A man and his son are killed when their house is burnt down by caliphate members.
2016.06.23 Syria al-Bab 20 0 Twenty Kurds are executed for refusing to obey the Islamic State.
2016.06.23 Iraq Tuz 2 3 Islamic State cadres murder an old man and his brother.
2016.06.23 Uganda Lakabuku 1 0 Faithful Muslims murder a Christian widow for refusing to allow a mosque on her property.
2016.06.22 Egypt al-Arish 1 1 A police officer is shot to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
2016.06.22 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 2 A Taliban bomb takes out a traffic cop and a commuter.
2016.06.22 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A Sufi singer is gunned down in a targeted attack by radicals.
2016.06.22 Afghanistan Jund 4 1 An Afghan soldier gets religion and turns his gun on four colleagues.
2016.06.22 Pakistan Yakatoot 1 0 An official is shot to death outside a mosque by suspected extremists.
2016.06.21 Nigeria Vase 12 0 Six members of the same family are among a dozen butchered in cold blood by Fulani mercenaries.
2016.06.21 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 Another policeman is murdered in his own home by four religious extremists.
2016.06.21 Jordan Ruqban 6 14 A suicide car bomber slams into a border gate, killing at least six others.
2016.06.21 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two Sunnis are cut down by more-radical Sunnis.
2016.06.21 Iraq Dor 5 35 A Sunni suicide bomber takes out five Shiites.
2016.06.21 Syria Manbij 32 0 At least thirty people are killed by ISIS suicide bombers and executioners in a three day assault.
2016.06.21 Iraq Souib 4 5 Four people at a checkpoint are torn to shreds by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.06.21 Libya Garabulli 29 30 An ISIS RPG fired at a group of fleeing civilians hits an armory. Over two dozen are incinerated in the ensuing explosion.
2016.06.21 Somalia Jowhar 1 0 An Islamist infiltrates a security detail and assassinates a government official.
2016.06.21 Philippines Sulu 3 0 Three accused apostates are beheaded by caliphate loyalists.
2016.06.20 Nigeria Uzzar 8 0 Eight people are slaughtered by Muslim terrorists.
2016.06.20 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 Islamic fanatics kill a police officer in his own home.
2016.06.20 Sudan Thur 4 0 Suspected Arab militia attack a displaced persons camp and shoot four refugees to death, including a child.
2016.06.20 Afghanistan Badakhshan 10 40 Religious fanatics plant a motorcycle bomb at a crowded market that claims ten lives, including five children.
2016.06.20 Afghanistan Kabul 33 5 Thirty-three bus passengers are incinerated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.06.20 Afghanistan Kabul 1 5 A politician is assassinated by Taliban bombers.
2016.06.20 Kenya Dimu 5 0 Five border guards are murdered by al-Shabaab extremists.
2016.06.20 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 An Ahmadiyya doctor is gunned down in a targeted attack on a religious minority.
2016.06.20 Iraq Taji 4 12 Four Iraqis are laid out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.06.20 Iraq Dibs 1 4 A bomb blast targeting a family fleeing the caliphate manages to kill one member.
2016.06.20 Kenya Owane 1 3 An Islamist landmine kills an ambulance driver.
2016.06.20 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 1 0 A Sunni is murdered at his office by Shiite radicals.
2016.06.19 Syria Latakia 1 0 An ISIS suicide bomber kills one other person.
2016.06.19 Egypt Hasna 1 1 Fundamentalists take down a local cop with an IED.
2016.06.19 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 9 Two people are left dead following a Mujahideen bomb blast at a popular market.
2016.06.19 Iraq Amrli 9 0 Nine Sunnis are executed by Shiite radicals.
2016.06.19 Nigeria Benue 18 0 Eighteen dead villagers are discovered following a raid by Fulani terrorists.
2016.06.19 Syria Qamishi 3 5 At least three people are killed after a suicide bomber detonates at a memorial to massacred Christians.
2016.06.19 Thailand Tak Bai 1 0 A 35-year-old woman is murdered by two Muslim militants.
2016.06.19 Afghanistan Tagab Yari 6 0 Fundamentalists open fire on civilians eating during Ramadan, killing six.
2016.06.18 Nigeria Wumbi 2 0 Islamists set fire to a village, killing two residents.
2016.06.18 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 2 6 A street sweeper is among two people taken out by an ISIS suicide blast.
2016.06.18 Syria Sheikh Maqsoud 7 40 At least seven residents are aerated by Sunni shrapnel in their own neighborhood.
2016.06.18 Syria Aleppo 7 0 Seven members of a Kurdish family are killed in a targeted bombing of their vehicle.
2016.06.18 Iraq Qayara 3 0 Three people are executed for trying to flee the caliphate.
2016.06.17 Iraq Haj Ali 12 6 A dozen civilians at a displaced persons camp are pulled limb from limb by Jihadi bombers.
2016.06.17 Nigeria Kuda 24 0 Twenty-four women are summarily shot dead at a funeral by Islamic extremists.
2016.06.17 Pakistan Gujranwala 1 0 A conservative family slits the throat of a young mother who was seven months pregnant for marrying against their wishes.
2016.06.17 Pakistan Sohbatpur 2 0 The Taliban is suspected of planted a landmine that claims the lives of two children.
2016.06.17 Syria Manbij 6 0 Two children are among six members of one family exterminated by firing squad for trying to flee the caliphate.
2016.06.17 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 24 7 Two dozen people are reported killed following sustained ISIS assault that involved three suicide truck bombs.
2016.06.17 Niger Ghafam 7 12 Seven 'apostates' are killed by Boko Haram at a displaced persons camp.
2016.06.17 Pakistan Burewala 2 0 A man returns from Haj and then honor kills his pregnant sister and her husband.
2016.06.16 Iraq Birahmed 15 0 An ISIS attack on a cluster of towns produces fifteen dead Iraqis, including a father and son.
2016.06.16 Iraq Fallujah 1 1 An ISIS sniper picks off a 2-year-old boy in his mother's arms.
2016.06.16 Libya Abu Grein 10 7 An ISIS suicide bomb blast claims the lives of ten others.
2016.06.16 Egypt al-Arish 2 0 Two off-duty cops are gunned down in their own homes by four fundamentalists.
2016.06.16 India Kashmir 1 0 Islamic terrorists murder a border guard.
2016.06.16 Pakistan Peshawar 1 3 Religion of Peace roadside bombers take out a policeman.
2016.06.16 Syria Mayadin 2 0 Two people are crucified for not fasting during Ramadan.
2016.06.16 Iraq Sinsil 4 0 Four people are stoned to death for adultery.
2016.06.16 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Two people at a popular market are exterminated by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.06.16 Iraq Shirqat 19 0 Nineteen civilians are pulled from their homes and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.06.16 Syria Latakia 1 0 A suicide bomber hits an aid convoy, killing one member.
2016.06.16 Uganda Luuka 1 0 A Christian woman's baby is poisoned to death by a Muslim family member for being fed during Ramadan.
2016.06.15 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Jihadi bombers target a fruit and vegetable market, killing two patrons.
2016.06.15 Iraq Yusufiyah 7 0 At least seven Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.06.15 Afghanistan Kohmard 1 0 A local governor is assassinated by Sharia proponents.
2016.06.15 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A 4-year-old girl is allegedly beheaded by the caliphate.
2016.06.15 Bangladesh Madaripur 0 1 A Hindu college professor is stabbed by Muslim radicals.
2016.06.15 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 A journalist is among four Iraqis killed by an ISIS mortar round.


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31. what about all the Boko Haram attacks in Africa?
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 02:31 PM
Jul 2016

and how far back do you go?

Oklahoma City?

The list is far, far too long and I would say, with some confidence, that religion in some form played a role in 95% of them.

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