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Sat Aug 12, 2017, 03:44 PM

Cowards & Traitors at the top of the Alabama Democratic Party

Their failure to reach out to the former Governor reveals who they may actually have been working for all along.

'Isnít it strange that Alabama Democratic leaders Reed & Worley havenít reached out to former Governor Don Siegelman? Itís makes perfect sense for them to reach out to a solid motivator of people across political lines. If Reed/Worley were good leaders this is exactly what they would do but since we know they ran like cowards during the Siegelman political motivated prosecution Iím not surprised at all. Joe Reed and Nancy Worley should be strapped in straight jackets and tied to chairs, muzzled and forced to watch the documentary (Atticus v. The Architect: The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman) that shows the corrupt underbelly of Alabama politics. Why do I say that? I say that because they both act like what happened to the former Governor is ok and no big deal. What happened to the former Governor is a real big deal because that is the point at which the Alabama Democratic party crumbled and hasnít been successful since in winning statewide offices.

All the current Alabama Democratic Party problems originate at the cowardly silence of Joe Reed, Nancy Worley and of course Sue Bell Cobb. Cobb who was a federal judge said nothing and did nothing and now has the nerve to ask for votes. The view of this writer is that Joe Reed and company named above tucked their tails and ran. They tucked their tails and ran into the arms of Republicans like Jeff Sessions. Our Alabama democratic party leaders failed to use this outrageous act of political corruption as a rallying cry instead they fell silent and were cowardly and are unfit to lead the party any further. Even as more than 112 former state attorneys general from both parties across the United States signed a brief in support of Don Siegelman the Democratic leaders in Alabama remained silent. Alabama democratic candidate for Governor Sue Bell Cobb was a federal judge so where was she? Not a peep out of Sue Bell because she was rubbing elbows with the likes of Jeff Sessions (R) who she later endorsed as Trumps Attorney General. Well we know she liked attorneys generals so where was she when over a hundred backed Siegelman? Its a disgrace for her to continue in the primary after what she done to the grassroots of Alabama and we will not forget. Sue Bell Cobb is wasting time and money. Thereís no excitement for a Sue Bell candidacy and hurt black turnout numbers; sheís a liability to a party trying to get itself back together! She should stop wasting our time.

Why want these two political failures reach out to this beloved democrat; a man who can motivate, excite and rebuild a broken party? Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman is the only person to serve in all four of the top statewide elected offices: Secretary of State, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and Governor and he put in 26 years! The Alabama democrats under Joe Reed & Nancy Worley and candidates like Sue Bell Cobb have shown that canít win statewide, canít be trusted and have failed us horribly. Whatís motivating them to continue to hurt the party by staying on? Who do they really work for Democrats or Republicans? Reed & Worley should do the honorable thing if they have a shred of political honor left and resign so the party can have a revival/renewal, embrace democratic millennials and heal from what they have done to us. The Alabama Democratic Party are victims of political folks like Joe Reed, Nancy Worley and Sue Bell Cobb and its time we confront those who victimize us with their continued failures.

****Atticus vs the Architect the Don Siegelman Documentary by Peppertree Films documents the malicious political assassination of Alabamaís former Governor is making rounds across the nation. Among some of the upcoming screenings will be at the Princess Theater in Decatur, Alabama (August 18th) so get your tickets.'


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