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Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:30 PM Oct 2017

I am suffering from Trump depression.

This is not the direction I EVER wanted this country to go in. When I was young and idealistic I thought we were good when Nixon resigned. Reagan was awful, Bush 1 was ineffective. Clinton did a good job IMHO. Bush 2 was a total freaking disaster. The Obama administration was fresh air. So much progress was made. Now it is all being lost. And Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. This administration is against everything I believe in. I wish that mayor of San Juan was president. Just so fucking depressing. Just hoping for impeachment before it is too late.

I am suffering from Trump depression. (Original Post) Kath2 Oct 2017 OP
me too vlyons Oct 2017 #1
Yes. Kath2 Oct 2017 #3
I Am Hoping For An Act Of God. TheMastersNemesis Oct 2017 #2
I don't believe in god. Kath2 Oct 2017 #4
Lol. cwydro Oct 2017 #34
I'm expecting "self-infliction." GoCubsGo Oct 2017 #46
I'm more depressed that we live with 65 million morons adigal Oct 2017 #5
Do not let you get you down. Demtexan Oct 2017 #6
pretty much. way too much of him on DU, Kos, and other dems/progressive sites nt msongs Oct 2017 #7
Progressives, Dems, Liberals are ok. It is the RWers freaking out. Iliyah Oct 2017 #8
Right on. I was raised catholic. Kath2 Oct 2017 #9
You have a lot of company appleannie1943 Oct 2017 #10
It must feel like watching your home burn down with all your life's possessions... kentuck Oct 2017 #11
It sucks. Kath2 Oct 2017 #13
I think it is the feeling of helplessness... kentuck Oct 2017 #15
Agree UCmeNdc Oct 2017 #12
This proves that the GOP is NOT a political organization Fluke a Snooker Oct 2017 #14
Best resistance: positive persistance american_ideals Oct 2017 #16
I hope so! Kath2 Oct 2017 #17
Join the ACLU! "People Power" - 50-state voting rights campaign american_ideals Oct 2017 #18
How do I get through my days? yuiyoshida Oct 2017 #19
Hahahahhhhhaaaaaaa! Nature always has the perfect answer, doesn't she! JoeOtterbein Oct 2017 #21
you're welcome but I am serious yuiyoshida Oct 2017 #22
Love it! Kath2 Oct 2017 #24
Well there are several good states to choose from yuiyoshida Oct 2017 #25
True. Kath2 Oct 2017 #43
I'm sorry. JoeOtterbein Oct 2017 #26
It shouldn't have to be a memory.... yuiyoshida Oct 2017 #28
Don't worry, that's just one reason why I'm heading to Washington near Portland. I can't wait! JoeOtterbein Oct 2017 #29
I could have written your post cilla4progress Oct 2017 #20
Look at it this way... LuckyCharms Oct 2017 #23
Trump was right about one thing... world wide wally Oct 2017 #27
Welcome to a non-exclusive club!! InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2017 #30
That, or the 25th Amendment, article 4. calimary Oct 2017 #31
I agree and just posted a rant about how depressing BigmanPigman Oct 2017 #32
We all are nt doc03 Oct 2017 #33
That is why it is sometimes good to limit how much political news you read. Willie Pep Oct 2017 #35
That's what they want. RandySF Oct 2017 #36
I so understand, Kath2. Laffy Kat Oct 2017 #37
This struck a nerve with me. TheRealistRealist Oct 2017 #38
Thank you. Kath2 Oct 2017 #42
The Great Spirit will set US free. democratisphere Oct 2017 #39
It's like the Christmas Grinch movie Freelancer Oct 2017 #40
The casualties of this bdamomma Oct 2017 #45
Here's something I learned from my great aunt... Freelancer Oct 2017 #41
ME TOO !!! flying-skeleton Oct 2017 #44
President Cruz would be a FAR WORSE president....hands down!! n/t Fluke a Snooker Oct 2017 #47


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1. me too
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:33 PM
Oct 2017

I am depressed by the fact that there are millions of stupid, greedy, bigoted. mean-spirited people that keep voting for these traitors and criminals.


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46. I'm expecting "self-infliction."
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 07:47 PM
Oct 2017

Although, I can't help but believe that Melania is trying to accelerate things by getting the White House chef to slip extra butter into everything, and serving him extra-large slices of chocolate cake with over-sized two-scoops of ice cream. And, giving him regular Coke, instead of Diet Coke.



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5. I'm more depressed that we live with 65 million morons
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:37 PM
Oct 2017

Including some of my family members. I mean, Trump will hopefully be gone soon. These people, at least some of them, arent old.


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6. Do not let you get you down.
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:38 PM
Oct 2017

I took a long walk today to get away from the news.

I think Moron has bit off more then he can handle.

Just take a break from the news for awhile.

Enjoy the fall weather.


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8. Progressives, Dems, Liberals are ok. It is the RWers freaking out.
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:40 PM
Oct 2017

Every 36 thousand years, they say the earth sifts because of another planet.

As to humans, we never learn. It's in our soul to hate and feel superior, and religion does not help.


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9. Right on. I was raised catholic.
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:46 PM
Oct 2017

I think religion is toxic.

I am 100% pro-choice and pro gay rights.

It kills me that rights are being taken away.


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11. It must feel like watching your home burn down with all your life's possessions...
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:50 PM
Oct 2017

Everything you have worked so hard for all your life. Things like peace and progress. All gone with the work of one arsonist...


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13. It sucks.
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:55 PM
Oct 2017

Peace and progress are beautiful things. Now there is just hate and ugliness. I hate it.


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15. I think it is the feeling of helplessness...
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:06 PM
Oct 2017

That there is nothing we can do about it?

But, we have to keep the faith during these troubling times, in my opinion. If for no other reason than to keep our sanity.

Time has all the answers.


Fluke a Snooker

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14. This proves that the GOP is NOT a political organization
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:57 PM
Oct 2017

...as much as it is a domestic terrorist cabal that won't stop until the entire non-white, non-progressive groups are ethnically cleansed from existence, along with the absolute destruction of the environment of the entire planet that will doom humanity and all life on earth. This is NOT an exaggeration, and until we take of the kid gloves of politics and treat all Republicans for what they are, goon squad debutantes, we will be on a horrific path to doomsday.


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16. Best resistance: positive persistance
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:12 PM
Oct 2017

reposted from another poster who I thought put it well:

Trump is hanging on by a thread.
When Nixon got to high 20s approval the GOP turned on him.

Same here. DJT is in the mid 30s depending on day. He tried to intervene in AL Senate and his base didn't listen to him. GOP noticed- it's not Trump, it's hate motivating the base. So Trump can go without breaking the hateful base.
And Bob Corker is mainstream GOP who has turned on Trump.

Make no mistake - Trump is not long for this office. 6 months tops is my prediction. And Mueller or Schneiderman will jail him afterward, and take away all of his assets .

As Democrats our mission now is to work on turnout and against voter suppression.


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17. I hope so!
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:14 PM
Oct 2017

"As Democrats our mission now is to work on turnout and against voter suppression." Right on!


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25. Well there are several good states to choose from
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:47 PM
Oct 2017

or you could organize to get Legal Medical Marijuana on the ballot. I read recently that New York State has legal medical cannabis for use but you nearly have to be on your death bed to use it.. that's ridiculous! Whats the point of that?


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26. I'm sorry.
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:47 PM
Oct 2017

But you did remind me of my younger days (late 60s early 70s) before they cracked down on us. We were free enough not to care if it was legal or not. Here's a good story:

About 40 years ago we were playing garage rock, and "using" in my bro's garage. It was getting late and we heard pounding at the door. It was a young Baltimore cop. So of course we hid the medicine but he stopped us. He said, "No, no, you don't have to put it away. You guys sound great, just turn it down. The neighbors were complaining it was too loud. But turn it down, cause the next time they may not send me."

We were just so grateful we were not busted.!!!

Thanks for the fun memory yuiyoshida!


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28. It shouldn't have to be a memory....
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:51 PM
Oct 2017

That's why States, like California is opening things up to recreational use. They should have things set up by this next year, where you can buy it legally, and betting there will be weed cafe's too, just like they have in Holland.

Time to make some new memories... I bet places like Colorado have their own weed tourists every year...


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29. Don't worry, that's just one reason why I'm heading to Washington near Portland. I can't wait!
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:54 PM
Oct 2017

Thanks again!


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23. Look at it this way...
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 11:39 PM
Oct 2017

If you weren't suffering at least some level of mental turmoil with this guy, I would question your mental health. Many people, including myself, feel the same as you. Do what you need to help yourself, and understand that you are reacting in a normal way.

Even mild exercise, such as walking, helps. Eat as good as you can. Mock and belittle Trump supporters every chance you get, but only if you will not put yourself in danger. No need to swallow your feelings when they say "Why do you get so upset over politics"?

I hope you feel better soon.


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32. I agree and just posted a rant about how depressing
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 12:13 AM
Oct 2017

our government has become in the past 30 years and this is rock bottom...worse than Nixon. I am so glad I chose not to have kids since this place takes one step forward and two steps back every time I look up. It IS too fucking depressing for words. Sometimes I wish I weren't so aware and could just be a "bliss ninny" and willfully ignorant and let it all just slide by. My passionate nature and my upbringing doesn't allow me that peace of mind unfortunately.

Willie Pep

(841 posts)
35. That is why it is sometimes good to limit how much political news you read.
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 12:41 AM
Oct 2017

I am not arguing for becoming apathetic but sometimes it is good to do something else other than follow politics. I try to offset my political news consumption with other things like reading books, exercising and watching light entertainment (sitcoms are always good). I recently watched a bunch of Get Smart episodes. I forgot how funny that show was.

I feel like my mind is rested and rejuvenated after I take it easy on the politics for a period of time.

Laffy Kat

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37. I so understand, Kath2.
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 01:08 AM
Oct 2017

Depression and anxiety are perfectly normal responses to what is happening in our country. I don't get the people who AREN'T upset. What I've been doing is trying to find comfort in the little things, day to day. I've been trying to be extra nice to everyone because that makes ME feel better too. Paying things forward, that sort of thing. Everyone is looking for kindness.

Unless they're assholes then all bets are off. (Just kidding.)


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38. This struck a nerve with me.
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 01:21 AM
Oct 2017

I was sad when he 'won' the election. I am angry and depressed now. I am depressed because of what he is doing to our country. Even if he is removed, it will takes years to fix all the damage he's done.

I am angry:

With the GOP. I expected a few spines to show up by now. But only see faux outrage and monotoned condemnation from this bunch. Even though Corker states most repubs agree with him about Trump's instability, they will cave to Trump and pressure him (Corker) to an early ouster. They will never impeach this dirt bag as I believe most GOP are severely compromised.

With Dems because of their silence and concaved chests. Tomorrow morning there should be large group of Dems giving a press conference. They should tell the public in the strongest terms possible the truth: Trump is purposely destroying the ENTIRE health care system and does care if you live or die. Explain exactly what his EO means as some may not fully understand just how bad this is. The Dems should also announce an investigation to see if any insider trading occurred ( by Trump, family, friends cabinet) before this EO was signed Friday. As I believe he is manipulating the stock market.

With MSM. The media has not challenged him in any way whatsoever. His taxpayer paid weekend golf outings receive no criticsm from MSM. Reporting on his threats to the NFL and NBC should have been stronger and could have opened up an abuse of power claim against him. But minimal reporting is done on his descretions. The media never pressured him to apologize for the wiretap lie. Maggie Haberman seems to be so in awe of him, that she can no longer report objectively.

Trump knows that he is winning. Even when it looks like he's losing. This is why he was so happy this weekend. Every day I want to scream 'Why is no one doing anything to stop this monster?'

Sorry for the long post. I just needed to vent.


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40. It's like the Christmas Grinch movie
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 02:10 AM
Oct 2017

Trump thinks he's stolen hope. Now he's perched at the top of Mount Crumpet, hand cupped at ear, hoping to hear the wailing sounds of a broken-hearted Whoville. We can't give him that. He's undone nothing that won't be rebuilt better than before. His acts will be rubbed out in the course of time. Just keep sight on the good in the world and sing your liberal heart out.


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45. The casualties of this
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 07:35 PM
Oct 2017

will be our children and grandchildren, we were brought up with our own parents working hard and making it better for us, now what we have is this nutcase and his narcissistic tendencies to screw us all??? Fuck him he will not paralyze me, and wouldn't it be great if Russia citizens could rise to get Putin voted out.

Boy I am waiting for that pendulum to swing back hard to the left.

Welcome to DU kath2


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41. Here's something I learned from my great aunt...
Mon Oct 16, 2017, 03:32 AM
Oct 2017

She found a house for sale. It had an ugly boulder just outside the back door. Nobody wanted it because of that. When she made a low-ball offer, the owners were thrilled. All the men in the family -- mostly loggers -- thought she was nuts. They all said there was no way to extract the rock, or blow it up, on account of it being so close to the house. Her solution was just to dig a boulder-sized hole, tip it in and smooth it over.

It's easy, and only natural to look at Trump and most Republicans and feel down. Their callousness makes them immovable by appeals to both the heart and reason. But, a stone is only as immovable as the dirt holding it up. When something is immovable, target the ground it stands on. The right wing stands on "conservatism." Yet there is nothing conservative about anything the Republicans are about. Point this out relentlessly, one shovel-full at a time, right next to them and they will fall.

Then, we can put picnic tables over them and all have veggie burgers.

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