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Tactical Peek

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Tue Aug 15, 2017, 09:02 PM Aug 2017

I've looked at Nazis from both sides now, From "Right" to "Alt-Right", and still somehow

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by doncjesuis, in a comment at Atrios' Eschaton blog this evening:

doncjesuis • 30 minutes ago

Rows and flows of hate-filled freaks
Of Neo-Nazi "Alt-Right" geeks
Who get aroused when Hitler speaks
I've looked at American Nazis that way

But now they murder just for fun
Then say, "There's blame on everyone!"
And, "What else could we all have done?
The protestors got in our way..."

I've looked at Nazis from both sides now
From "Right" to "Alt-Right", and still somehow
It's their delusions I recall
At least until they kill us all

Dudes with 'tudes and swastiki torches
Who sit with shotguns on their porches
And stoke their rage until it scorches
I've looked at them that way

While the news is just another show
Repeat some tweets and then you go
Toward cocktail weenies and merlot
Or maybe chardonnay...

I've looked at news from both sides now
From Real and Fake, and still somehow
It's news' collusion I recall
Our "Free Press" isn't "free" at all

Cheers and beers and feeling proud
To say, "Heil Hitler!" right out loud
And plow a car into a crowd
And take a life that way

And now these fiends are more deranged
They shake their fists, say the country's changed
Since they'd prefer black people chained
Just like the Good Ol' Days

I've looked at them from both sides now
From Lee to Trump and still somehow
They find new swamps from which they crawl
They're terrorist traitors one and all


I've looked at Nazis from both sides now, From "Right" to "Alt-Right", and still somehow (Original Post) Tactical Peek Aug 2017 OP
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