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Erin Burnett on Outfront is really pissed off, just awesome! (Original Post) disalitervisum Jul 2017 OP
i am watching msnbc right now. what set her off ? drray23 Jul 2017 #1
Her mother just died too.. HipChick Jul 2017 #2
I've been convinced that Erin Burnett is a POS ever since.... TheDebbieDee Jul 2017 #3
She is a CNBC Uber conservative MiddleClass Jul 2017 #4


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3. I've been convinced that Erin Burnett is a POS ever since....
Thu Jul 27, 2017, 07:24 PM
Jul 2017

She was at MSNBC and one year (2007 or 2008), shortly before Christmas it was found out that the Chinese manufacturers of several well-known and traditional American toys used lead-tainted paints to paint the toys. There was a big recall and the US distributors of these toys were offering apologies.

I remember Erin Burnett commenting on the issue with something like: Well, do you want your kid's toys to be cheap or do you want them to be safe?

I remember thinking to myself: Why can't our kids toys be BOTH?!?!?!


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4. She is a CNBC Uber conservative
Thu Jul 27, 2017, 07:34 PM
Jul 2017

They all are over there, shes a Reagan lowered taxes, which rose revenues type

, never mentioning that he raised them 14 times after revenues collapsed. So the myth continues

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