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Thu Jul 20, 2017, 08:21 AM

If the Founding Fathers had a crystal ball and could see the future

Would they have defined "treason" more broadly? Would they have limited the pardoning power of the President to exclude or diminish the power in the event that the President or his co-conspirators were the criminals being pardoned? Would they have included filters on the press to filter out overt lies and propaganda being conveyed to the general public under the guise of it being truthful, veritable news?

It seems there are gaping holes in our Constitution when it comes to a corrupt and criminal executive branch. The expansive authorities granted to the President allow him to circumvent punishment for the highest crimes imaginable. The checks and balances afforded Congress are meaningless under a 2 party system in which one of the parties is willing to subvert their duties in order to protect the party brand. Our rights as citizens to vote the criminals out is a once-every-four-years solution that still allows the criminals to ply their trade for FOUR LONG YEARS.

And all of that is meaningless when the press is able to spew out absolute lies and falsities without recourse.

Yes, my fear is that Trump will have the Special Counsel fired, and will then pardon himself, his family, and everyone associated with Trump/Russia, that the Congress will not impeach, and the press will come to the briefing room every day and allow the White House to propagate its lies and deceptions without video feed and without adequate refutation of FOX News talking points.

Can someone invent a time machine, go back to the Founding Fathers, and let them see what awaits this country?

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