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Mon Jul 17, 2017, 10:08 AM

Team Trumps Latest Defense: Who Cares?

Collusion Is Good! Try to catch me if you can!

– It is now clear that President Donald Trump’s campaign sought anti-Hillary Clinton dirt from Kremlin-linked Russians, and that he’s been shamelessly lying about it for a year.

So what is Team Trump supposed to say now? It is not enough to argue that Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a gamey duo of Kremlin-connected individuals wasn’t strictly illegal. Arguing the fine points of law is not how a buzz saw cuts through plywood.

He could have tried to distance himself from the meeting, saying that his son had made a mistake. Instead, in his usual have-it-both-ways style, he said both that he hadn’t known about it and that “most people” would have done the same thing.

It also was specious to argue, as Trump attorney Jay Sekulow did on Sunday, that the U.S. Secret Service had no objection to the meeting. Trump Jr. wasn’t a “protectee” of the agency at that point.

No, you have to attack the attackers. But how? Well, Trump’s allies are doubling down on what others see as his weakness, arguing in effect that colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin is what America should do.

In other words, yes, there are witches, but they are good witches.

As a matter of political strategy, this line isn’t as laughable as it sounds. Once again Trump may have more street sense than his enemies.


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Response to UCmeNdc (Original post)

Mon Jul 17, 2017, 10:13 AM

1. We're the frogs in water about to come to a boil.

With each new revelation, our tolerance to bad behavior just gets notched up. What's next? Trump explaining that it's OK to whack his political opponents because, "really, they were a threat to America"?

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Response to UCmeNdc (Original post)

Mon Jul 17, 2017, 10:20 AM

2. Who Cares - Well Let's Use One Of The Repugs Tried & True Line.....

The American People care!!!!!

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Response to global1 (Reply #2)

Mon Jul 17, 2017, 10:42 AM

3. But they largely don't care...and even if they did, there is no government agency that DOES...

WE are fucked...well and truly and to the core.

The House? NEVER going to do a damn thing to a GOP administration, not even a cursory hearing or exploratory committee...
The Senate? NEVER going to get to a vote in the first place, but there would be no removal from office for an impeached POTUS...
The SCOTUS? Anyone paying attention to Gorsuch's opinion knows damn well where the court is heading and it ain't good...

Constitutional Amendment? Sorry....I had to blow my nose from the tears on THAT front...I have a better chance of winning the lottery and I don't play...

The American People as a whole are a poorly educated, disinterested - or worse, easily pliant, absentee voting bloc. You can influence the rubes to vote against their own interests or get them to just not care enough to show up and the results are what we have now....single party rule that is 100% for the oligarchs and plutocrats and 100% unaccountable to the people.

Unless we can suddenly get EVERYONE to vote, this is only going to get worse and worse.

How do you get to 3% economic growth? Easy...only count GDP and massacre social benefits and safety nets so that the "economy" is doing great...but the citizens are dying in ditches and desperation.

How do you 'balance' the budget? Simple...cut education, environment and developmental programs out completely, turn the money over to private interests and viola...a 'balanced' budget appears out of thin air while people get dumber, sicker and less able to do damn near anything but stare at a fucking cell phone screen and send cat pictures back and forth...

I want to die. This is depressing in a way that crushes the will to live and grinds the soul into dust...

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Response to Moostache (Reply #3)

Mon Jul 17, 2017, 10:48 AM

4. Great response depressing but so true. Nt

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Response to Moostache (Reply #3)

Mon Jul 17, 2017, 11:53 AM

5. You Say They Largely Don' Care.....

So how come every time a Repug is asked about most anything - they use the saying "The American People" are either for this or "The American People" are against this?

The Repugs get away with this throwaway line all the time. No one in the MSM ever challenges them and say prove it. Or say - you know Mr./Ms. Congress Person or Senator - the polls don't support you saying that.

I'm just saying if the Repugs can get away with that - why can't the Dems use the same line. When it comes to the Repug Health Bill - why can't the Dems say "The American People" don't support it? In the case of the Dams - they can point back to the polling and show that the American People support ACA over the Repug Bill. We have supportive info.

The Repugs never have supportive polls or info - yet the get away with that throwaway line every time without ever being challenged.

What I'm worried about is people with your attitude based on your depressing post. We have people that have given up without even giving it the old college try.

The Dems are just rolling over and saying - it's hopeless - we're beat before we even start - so why should we even try to put forth and effort.

It really looks like the only person that is out their fighting for us is Bernie. And most consider him as only an Independent and not a Dem.

What happened to Shumer? What happened to Pelosi? What happened to Keith Ellison? What happened to Perez?

You don't hear much from any of them these days. The Dems are still making the same mistake of only running against Trump. This is what caused them to lose in 2016 as they didn't run against the Repugs and all the damage they did to the Obama Administration by sandbagging everything he attempted and wanting to repeal anything he accomplished. They are the ones that are truly wreaking havoc on this country - yet we aren't out their every day speaking to that issue. They are still up to their damaging ways - only now it is worse than ever in that they have the Senate, the House and the presidency.

If the Dems truly want to change things - they need to be out there every day taking on the Repugs.

Why can't the DNC hold a Dem Retreat - where they can as a group - put together a cohesive strategy for what the Dem Party stands for and how they can change things going forward and make things better for this country?

I see no effort on the part of the Dems to take control of the situation. Did they give up as you did?

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Response to global1 (Reply #5)

Mon Jul 17, 2017, 01:09 PM

6. This bothers me to.

Just give up and give every thing to the republicans?

To many people watch the news to much.

It can get depressing if you let it.

I survived two elderly parents sick at same time.

It made me stronger.

Turn off the tv, computer, or smartphone.

Limit the amount of news you watch or read.

Go have a life.

The republicans want us to give up.

The white house bunch is scared.

We have the evidence to bring them down.

It will take a little while but it will happen.

This country fought a two ocean war and won.

After coming off a major depression.

I am not going to give up.

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