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Sat Dec 31, 2011, 01:46 AM


TYT says they are the largest online news show. I'm not sure how they come up with that factoid. My point being that their audience might not be so limited. The stuff cenk says does have potential to catch fire and cause trouble for obama. If he was just some random loony, I'm guessing this thread never would have been started. It's because Cenk does make some good points and have a pretty large audience that some folks feel the need to tear him down with insults and attempt to discredit him.

Let's not forget who Cenk's audience is. It's a significant bloc of progressives who care more about policy than party, many of whom are willing to consider casting a protest vote if they believe the Democrats do not represent their interests.

Instead of mocking and trying to discredit this one opinion slinger cenk, elected dems should pay more attention and give more power to the progressive bloc inside the democratic party, and give less attention and power to republicans and corporate donors.

The progressive left does feel neglected. It's not just this one guy. That's the real issue. The party "leaders" ought to pay attention.

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