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Wed May 17, 2017, 01:02 PM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete Second Season: The Election From Hell / Trump Begins

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete Second Season: The Election From Hell / Trump Begins

Season 1: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1016169212

Well, we survived the unexpected results of the election and Donald Trump’s first 100 days. Which might seem like it takes place in dog years because in those 100 days, I feel like I am now 72 years old with all the stress of the news, the fear of nuclear war, Trump’s tax returns, and all the other crazy shit we’ve had to endure since the election. And whether or not we make it to the four years or even the midterms remains to be seen. So with that in mind, enjoy the 24 editions that make up Season 2 of the Top 10 Conservative Idiots. Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

Edition #2-1: The Election From Hell: Drain The Swamp Edition (11/16/16)

Donald Trump survives the election to become the 45th president of the United States. We add him to the list of “People Who Somehow Got Elected”. We also take a look at Melania Trump’s stance on cyber bullying and the real losers of this election – Curt Schilling and Alex Jones. Plus we talk about Donald Trump’s enemies list and ask: “Who Did Taylor Swift Vote For”?
Live Musical Guest: Gogol Bordello

Edition #2-2: The Election From Hell: The Room Where It Happened Edition (11/23/16)

Mike Pence gets booed while attending a performance of Hamilton on Broadway. Donald Trump blasts the media behind closed doors, while whining once again about how Alec Baldwin is being a big meanie head. We reveal what happens when you protest against Trump, and talk about Trump supporters failing at boycotts. We also recap the incident at Adam Yauch Park and open up the Top 10 Shopping Network with suggestions from Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP gift guide.
Live Musical Guest: Sixx A.M.

Edition #2-3: The Election From Hell: Wheel Of Corruption (Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance Edition) (11/30/16)

Donald Trump celebrates Thanksgiving in the most Donald Trump way possible. We talk about Donald Trump’s latest cabinet hires and discuss his possible business conflict of interest. We also do some fact checking into memes being passed around by deplorables. We ask: The Electoral College – How Is This Still A Thing? White supremacists are going batshit crazy in lots of public places and situations over Donald Trump’s win. Plus we take a look at who’s going to be the musical guest of honor at Donald Trump’s inauguration.
Live Music al Guest: Florence & The Machine

Edition #2-4: The Election From Hell: The Art Of The No Deal Edition (1-Year Anniversary) (12/7/16)

A fake news story turns into a real problem when a gunman does some “investigating” of his own at a DC pizza parlor and it backfires on him big time. Donald Trump throws out 40 years of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and China. Breitbart declares war on big cereal after Kellogg’s pulls their advertising. Sears is going for broke. In Minneapolis, Donald Trump’s brown shirts fire back at the Mall Of America for hiring a black veteran as it’s new Santa. We talk about The Trump Effect and teach you how to talk to your relatives during the holidays.
Live Music al Guest: Puscifer

Edition #2-5: The Election From Hell: Treason Is The Reason For The Season Edition (12/14/16)

Allegations are coming fast that Donald Trump may have committed some light treason by encouraging the Russians to hack the vote during his campaign. We go through Donald Trump’s cabinet picks including Rex Tillerson, the former Exxon CEO who has way too much at stake in dealing with Russia, Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs employee who kicked an elderly woman out of her home for 27 cents, and former Carl’s Jr. CEO Andrew Puzder. Plus we ask “The Family Research Council: How is this still a thing?” and continue our lecture series on how to talk to your conservative relatives about Trump.
Live Music al Guest: Dropkick Murphys

Edition #2-6: The Election From Hell: Wheel Of Corruption And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Edition (12/21/16)

For our final act of the horrendous year that was 2016, we bring back the Wheel Of Corruption. Donald Trump starts a diplomatic war with China when Chinese intelligence finds a US drone in the South China Sea, and throws the US intelligence community under the bus. Bill O’Reilly accidentally reveals the secret White Supremacist agenda. Betsy DeVos profits off the Flint toxic water crisis. A planned inauguration party backfires on the organizers after they forgot to file a permit. Plus we recap all the strange and weird stories of 2016.
Live Music al Guest: Weezer

Edition #2-7: The Election From Hell: Donald Trump’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events Edition (1/4/2017)

With our first edition of 2017, we find out that white supremacist website Daily Stormer has been blurring the line from white supremacist blog to full blown domestic terrorist group. The GOP Congress wants to gut the Senate Ethics Committee. Donald Trump hangs with mobsters at his New Year’s Eve bash, flirts with nuclear war, and provokes Kim Jong Un. Fox News gets caught spewing misinformation, and we are not surprised. We ask: “The War On Christmas: How Is This Still A Thing?”. We introduce you to a creepy Starbucks customer in Washington. And we continue our lecture series “How To Talk About Trump For Dummies” with Chapter 8, 9, and 10 Part 1.
Live Musical Guest: Tiger Army

Edition #2-8: The Election From Hell: Donald Trump In: Goldmember Edition (1/11/2017)

The CIA drops the big one as a dossier is uncovered that has Donald Trump in a pickle over some very perverted sex acts. Donald Trump gets in a Twitter beef with Arnold Schwarzenegger over ratings for the Celebrity Apprentice, and picks a fight with Meryl Streep over her Golden Globes acceptance speech. We recap a horrific kidnapping and torture episode in Chicago. Bo Bice hilariously claims a case of reverse racism while dining at the Popeye’s chicken at the Atlanta airport. We add Kansas governor Sam Brownback to the list of “People Who Somehow Got Elected”. Alex Jones attempts to profit off a mass shooting. Plus, we go back to our ongoing lecture series “How To Talk About Trump For Dummies” and cover Chapter 10 Pt 2, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12.
Live Musical Guest: Fitz & The Tantrums

Edition #2-9: The Election From Hell: Wall Of Meat Edition (1/18/17)

With just two days to go to the inauguration, Donald Trump infuriates Georgia representative John Lewis while supposedly celebrating Martin Luther King Day. We kick Donald Trump to the curb when talking about his poll numbers, and talk about who’s in and who’s out for the inauguration festivities. We introduce you to Trump’s hall monitor security for the event. The Bathroom Police are back and more evil than ever when it comes to trans rights. The guy Trump picked to head the Health & Human Services Dept was busted for ethics violations. The San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles, but they’re not exactly welcome. Plus we conclude our 5 part lecture series “How To Talk About Trump For Dummies” with dictator comparisons, the conclusion, and a final exam.
Live Musical Guest: Against Me

Edition #2-10: Trump Begins: Just The Alternative Facts, Ma’am Edition (1/25/17)

Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, but the inauguration, as well as his first day, are proving to be complete disasters. Giant protests are held across the United States and the world in support of women’s rights and against Donald Trump. Kellyanne Conway dishes out some “alternative facts” instead of real ones. Sean Spicer gets in a feud with the makers of Dippin’ Dots foods. We profile Dan Patrick and his support of an insane anti-trans bathroom bill in “People Who Somehow Got Elected”. France’s Marine La Pen channels her inner Trump. Betsy DeVos says we need guns in school to protect from bears. Dinesh D’Souza cleans up big at the Razzies. Plus we kick off our quest to find the Stupidest State and in the first round it’s Alabama vs. Arkansas in a Family Values faceoff.
Live Musical Guest: Childish Gambino

Edition #2-11: Trump Begins: 2.5 Minutes To Midnight Edition (2/1/17)

We discuss Donald Trump’s Muslim ban heavily, while talking about the protests breaking out at our country’s airports and embassies around the world. We talk about the firing of acting attorney general Sally Yates. Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway complains she hasn’t slept in a year and Donald Trump takes just 8 days to reach the below 50% barrier. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Steve Bannon runs a shadow government for real, and Trump can’t stop taunting Schumer, Graham, and McCain. Plus the Insane Clown Posse plans their own march on Washington DC. And we end by taking another look at our Stupidest State contest – this time pairing regional rivals Michigan against Wisconsin in a battle for fiscal irresponsibility supremacy.
Live Musical Guest: Avenged Sevenfold

Edition #2-12: Trump Begins: Remember The Bowling Green Massacre Edition (2/8/17)

In a rare Top 10 move, we rescind a week off to trash Kellyanne Conway’s justification of Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban with a fake terrorist attack that never happened. Trump also manages to piss off most of our allies in a span of a few hours, while he hosts what could quite possibly be the worst Super Bowl party ever. We also trash professional troll Milo Yinnapolous after his recent stint at UC Berkeley with fellow professional troll Martin Shkreli results in riots. Sean Spicer is the subject of an epic Melissa McCarthy sketch on SNL. Alex Jones thinks Lady Gaga’s halftime show is part of an illuminati mind control plot. We delve into the world of food and talk about a possible bacon shortage, while Hooters debuts a bizarre new restaurant concept. Finally, we continue our Stupidest State contest and head to the Gun Nut Conference, where Arizona’s border patrol takes on Montana’s white supremacists.
Live Musical Guest: Slightly Stoopid

Edition #2-13: Trump Begins: Your Friendly Neighborhood Nuclear Football Guy Edition (2/16/17)

Trump’s top advisor Michael Flynn may have committed some light treason. Donald Trump discusses national security measures in public while meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister at Mar-A-Lago in Florida. Trump also flip flops multiple times on things he said not even 3 weeks ago. We also talk about the Trump – Nordstrom feud. Alex Jones blows a gasket when a coup happens at the White House (not really) and Jennifer Lopez speaks out at the Grammys. Plus we also talk sports when Robert Kraft and Tom Brady of the world champion New England Patriots weigh in on who should visit the White House during their victory celebration. The New York Knicks are in a feud between a current player and a former player. Plus we head to the next round of our Stupidest State contest where juggernauts Kentucky and Texas make a run for the undisputed king of the Batshit Conference.
Live Musical Guest: A Tribe Called Quest

Edition #2-14: Trump Begins: Wheel Of Corruption’s Home For Peculiar Children Edition (3/1/17)

Milo Yinnapolous rises high and falls completely flat on his face after he defends the one grey area conservatives and liberals can agree you don’t go there – child molestation. We recap the Conservative Political Action Conference the Idiots way! Trump rescinds Obama’s executive order on trans people being able to choose their bathroom. Louis Gohmert gives a shockingly stupid reason why he’s avoiding town halls. Jason Alexander trolls H.R. McMaster’s use of a Seinfeld clip in his acceptance speech. Donald Trump plays golf, and beats the war machine going into Iran, while at home he makes the claim for military superiority. We talk about more hate crimes being committed in Trump’s name. Plus we continue our quest to find America’s Stupidest State where last year’s Layover League champion Florida is defending their title against hot newcomer Maine.
Live Musical Guest: Dropkick Murphys

Edition #2-15: Trump Begins: Nothing Burger With A Side Of Treason Edition (3/8/17)

Jeff Sessions admits that he may have committed some light treason by using state funds to meet with Russian ambassadors during the campaign. Mike Pence’s AOL e-mail account was used for state business and got hacked. Donald Trump goes on a Twitter rampage accusing Obama of wire tapping his phone during the campaign. Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. spend taxpayer money to open a new hotel in Dubai – a Muslim country. Roger Stone goes off on a misogynistic tirade aimed at one of his key critics. We add Mark Chelgren to the list of “People Who Somehow Got Elected”. Garfield the Cat is the subject of an insane Wikipedia battle. We talk about Trump fans destroying Jewish cemeteries. Plus we conclude with another round of our Stupidest State Contest, this time pitting regional rivals Tennessee and North Carolina in a Family Values faceoff to face Alabama in the conference championships.
Live Musical Guest: Deftones

Edition #2-16: Trump Begins: Wheel Of Corruption’s Long Halftime Walk Edition (3/15/17)

Congressional Republicans go nuclear in their quest to overturn Obama’s ACA and replace it with a far more sinister and ultra corrupt version – the AHCA. Steve King gets caught saying something racist. Donald Trump fires DOJ prosecuter Preet Bharara. We delve into the myths vs reality surrounding Donald Trump’s positions on health care. KellyAnne Conway believes that microwaves can turn into cameras. Trump Supporters go full Hilter at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. We add Dana Rohrabacher to our growing list of People Who Somehow Got Elected, and ask The Christian Persecution Complex: How Is This Still A Thing? Plus we talk about whether o r not former pro football player Arian Foster could fight a wolf, and we take in another round of our Stupidest State Contest – this time pitting a central shoot out with Missouri taking on South Carolina.
Live Musical Guest: The Shins

Edition #2-17: Trump Begins: The Worst Day Since Yesterday Edition (3/22/17)

We talk about Donald Trump’s meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump also threatens a nuclear war with North Korea, and has his worst day ever when the FBI grills him about Russian involvement in the election. Ann Coulter makes a bizarre claim about the Russians and the 1980 “Miracle On Ice” team. Sean Hannitys’ past catches up to haunt him. Donald Trump Supporters are experiencing cases of buyer’s remorse. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan talks about a bizarre fantasy he had in college during his wild “kegger days”, and there ain’t no party like a Paul Ryan party! The Trump effect is in full swing with a pair of extremely horrible and unrelated incidents in New York City. We ask – “The Flat Earth Society”: How is this still a thing? Plus we take in the final matchup of round 1 in our Stupidest State contest – Kansas Vs New Jersey in a battle for fiscal irresponsibility supremacy.
Live Musical Guest: Milky Chance

Edition #2-18: Trump Begins: Paul Ryan’s Long White House March Edition (3/29/17)

Paul Ryan takes the long march White House to tell a very angry Trump that the ACHA not only failed, it failed bigly. Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch gets grilled by Al Franken. While the world burns around him, Trump spends yet another weekend at yet another Trump property. We open up the Top 10 Home Shopping Network to troll the Trump sons Uday and Qusay. Mike Huckabee gets roasted when his Twitter feed proves to be a gigantic disaster. Devin Nunes gets caught in a lie about spying. Fox News gets caught in a lie about what Trump did last weekend. Pizzagate is sadly, still a thing. One Million Moms tries their hand at a “gay free” animated series. And we end with the next round of our stupidest state contest with the first conference championship where #1 Florida takes on #4 Texas.
Live Musical Guest: Clutch

Edition #2-19: Trump Begins: In Like Flynn Edition (4/5/17)

In what seems like a bad spy movie come to life, Michael Flynn goes rogue and attempts to sell out his boss in an effort to get immunity. The GOP tries to sell your browser history to the highest bidder and fails at that. We channel the late great Rodney Dangerfield when Trump goes on his latest angry 3:00 AM tweet storm. Trump is the first president in 107 years not to throw the first pitch out at a MLB home opener. The Bathroom Police are back and eroding the freedoms of LGBT Americans at an alarming rate, while we mention the worst party bus ever. Mike Pence gets caught with his sexist pants down – both literally and figuratively. We tell you about an exciting vacation opportunity. Plus the next round of our Stupidest State Contest – Alabama squares off against Tennessee for the Family Values Conference Championship.
Live Musical Guest: Violent Femmes

Edition #2-20: Trump Begins: You Dropped A Bomb On Me Edition (4/19/17)

Donald Trump literally plays with fire as he launches nukes, but then forgets what country he just bombed! Meanwhile, Trump’s precious Mar-A-Lago resort is one of the unhealthiest restaurants in the country as it fails to meet health inspection requirements. A new group called “Antifa” emerged during tax day protests at UC Berkeley. United Airlines continues to shoot itself in the foot over passengers getting booted from planes. The Joker talks to Alex Jones about what’s real and what isn’t. Mike Cernovich gets punched in the face at Berkeley. Bill O’Reilly is close to getting fired from Fox News after outrageous sexual harassment claims. We tell you about fun events to attend on 4/20 while gently reminding you not to be a dick. Plus we have the next round of our Stupidest State Contest – Michigan Vs. Kansas in the battle for Fiscal Irresponsibility superiority.
Live Musical Guest: Iration

Edition #2-21: Trump Begins: Wheel Of Corruption: Skull Island Edition (4/26/17)

The Wheel Of Corruption is back. We use it to pay tribute to Bill O’Reilly and the long-awaited end of the O’Reilly Factor. Jason Chaffetz goes rogue like a bad spy movie. We talk about Donald Trump’s first 100 days and all the “winning” he’s done. Trump invites some extremely cringe-worthy dinner guests to the White House and some terrible photo opportunities ensue. We recap Trump’s insane AP interview where ½ of it is “(unintelligible)”. Steve King gets added to the list of “People Who Somehow Got Elected”. Alex Jones admits to smoking rather potent strains of weed. Ann Coulter fights for her right for free speech at UC Berkeley. We get a sugar high off Starbucks’ latest insane creation. Plus the next round of our Stupidest State Contest – where Missouri brings their big guns against Montana in a battle for Gun Nut supremacy. Or white supremacy! Hey o!
Live Musical Guest: Dreamcar

Edition #2-22: Trump Begins: Argo FOAK Yourselves Edition (5/3/17)

Trump calls murderous dictator Rodrigo Dutuerte and gets basic American history wrong. Meanwhile, on the eve of Trump’s first WHCD, Trump instead appears in Pennsylvania and gives the most divisive speech in history by a sitting president. Reince Preibus wants to do away with the first amendment to be able to sue news organizations for slander. Mike Enzi makes a terrible analogy about guys wearing tutus in bars and sparks creative protest. We hold an intervention for the NRA in regards to their addiction to guns and reckless disregard for the 2nd Amendment. We introduce you to a new protest group calling themselves “The Proud Boys”. Scott Baio makes some insensitive remarks about his former TV costar in the wake of her death. A large bunny rabbit dies on a United Airlines flight. We talk about the epic disaster that was the Fyre Festival. And the next round of our Stupidest State contest explores the Layover League Championship: Texas vs. Kansas by talking about the influence that the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party have wrecked on these states.
Live Musical Guest: Mastodon

Edition #2-23: Trump Begins; Aint No Party Like A GOP Party Edition (5/10/17)

The GOP passes Trump’s insane health care bill in the House, but prematurely celebrates when they have a booze-filled party in DC before realizing what they have done to the American people – and voted without reading the bill. We introduce our new character “Trumpy The Fake News Parrot” while talking about Trump and Michael Flynn. Trump might be on drugs. We play a new game called “Fundies Say The Darndest Things”. Trump supporters take their fight to Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel – for completely different reasons. Eric Trump might be the biggest moron on the planet. Marine LaPen wins “The Biggest Loser”. Eminem sues New Zealand’s ruling party over his hit “Lose Yourself”. And the next to last round of our Stupidest State contest takes on the subject of Doomsday Prepping when Montana meets Tennessee in the Flyover League championship.
Live Musical Guest: Cold War Kids

Edition #2-24: Trump Begins: Swamping The Drain Edition (5/17/17)

Season Finale: In the season finale – we destroy the theory that Trump coined the phrase “Prime The Pump”. We also recap the Comey firing and the FBI raiding an Annapolis headquarters of a GOP fundraising firm. We put Kim Jong Un and Trump in a UFC Octagon in order to settle their scores once and for all. Trump gave a commencement address at Liberty University and invokes a scary subject – Christian nationalism. Richard Spencer gives a glimpse of what an actual Nazi rally might looks like. In India, Justin Bieber’s first tour is a complete disaster. We ask – “The Sovereign Citizens Movement: How Is This Still A Thing?”. And we finally crown the winner of our Stupidest State Contest. Who will it be – Montana or Texas? The winner will take home the coveted trophy.
Live Musical Guest: George Clinton

Top 10 Conservative Idiots season 3 debuts June 7th! See you then!

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