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Tue May 16, 2017, 05:41 AM

Impeachment of the president, explained (Source: Vox)

This seems to match what I learned eons ago so I thought it might be interesting and perhaps helpful given all that's going on with Trump ATM.

Like so many others I'd love to see him and his whole cabal disappear like NOW but there's a process and unfortunately for us it's not normally a speedy one.

"The history and logistics of trying and removing the president from office."


President Donald Trumpís firing of FBI Director James Comey has raised questions about whether he was trying to obstruct an investigation into his campaign and associates. And this, not even four months into Trumpís term, has led to chatter about impeachment ó the process by which a president can be charged with ďhigh crimes and misdemeanors,Ē and removed from office if he is convicted of those charges.

For the moment, this chatter is just that. Itís quite difficult to impeach, convict, and remove a president from office ó so much so thatís itís never happened in US history. (Two presidents have been impeached but acquitted; another resigned to avoid near-certain impeachment.) So far, we are not even remotely close to this politically charged process getting started for Trump, let alone actually happening.

But if youíre interested in understanding how impeachment works, the important thing to know is that while it looks and feels a whole lot like a legal or judicial process, in practice it is dominated by politics from start to finish.

Thatís because, rather than being run by any courts, impeachment and any ensuing presidential trial are carried out by the House of Representatives and the Senate, which are partisan bodies

Continue reading for more info at the link above.

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