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Sat Apr 22, 2017, 11:56 AM

Left, Right and Russia - A Progressive and Alt-Right Coalition?

When you have Russian affiliated networks and groups like Russia Today funding both left leaning and right wing personalities is Russia really being partial to the left or right? Or, are they simply trying to destablize the U.S. and using useful idiots regardless of political ideology?

You have the right attacking reports of Russian election influence through Deepstate conspiracies:

Likewise, you have progressives like Glenn Greenwald, TYT and the Sane Progressive attacking such reports from the left:

Indeed, you have Russian outlets like Russia Today keeping progressives like Ed Schultz and Thom Hartman on its payroll:


In 2011, when Trump was reportedly thinking of running for president (again), Schultz wrote in the Huffington Post: “When it comes down to the devil in the detail of dealing with the issues . . . and making real change, Trump, you don’t have it. You’ve never had it. Money is not a measure of a man’s character or success in the arena of public service.”

Now, I happen to agree with that second bit. The interesting thing is, Schultz doesn’t — anymore. The man who once mocked Putin, now cashes his checks, as a pundit on his network, lending aid and comfort to the Kremlin’s pro-Trump PR campaign.

Schultz recently told Larry King, his RT colleague, that Trump was like Ronald Reagan (he meant it in a good way). Trump, Schultz explained, “certainly has shaken up the Republican Establishment, and I think he’s done it by talking about things that people care about.” Schultz now says Trump is a great and decisive decision-maker.

So what explains the transformation? I don’t like speculating about people’s motives in part because 99 percent of the time, I find those who try to guess mine are wrong (Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke recently attacked me on Twitter for being a Zionist stooge because I oppose Donald Trump). Still, one possibility is that Ed Schultz is simply sincere. A more obvious explanation is that he’s doing it for the paycheck. Both of those things are possible. But there’s a third possibility: Some people need to be on TV or in some other public arena. As with Trump himself, the money comes second to celebrity. Russia Today was probably the only broadcaster offering to keep Schultz on TV — and perhaps that offer came with strings attached.

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