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Sun Jul 1, 2012, 04:01 PM


The oligarchy's rule of law

so i'm reading this article about how when the soviet union collapsed and capitalism took over but things still went to hell, milton friedman came in and rationalized the failure by saying it was because there was no "rule of law".

In reality, as everyone was forced to admit by 1999, Russia’s privatized companies were stripped and plundered as fast as their new private owners could loot them, leaving millions of workers without salaries, and most of Russia’s industry in far worse shape than the Communists left it....some of the more earnest believers whose libertarian faith was shaken by what happened to Corporate Russia needed something more sophisticated than a crude historical whitewash.

Lucky for them, Milton Friedman provided the answer to a Cato Institute interviewer...Without “rule of law,” Friedman and the rest of the free-market faithful argued, privatization was bound to fail.

Then the writer starts talking about the CEO of natural gas producer Chesapeake Energy (USA), Aubrey McClendon. McClendon plundered the company by running a hedge fund from inside it. Employees, retirees and shareholders lost, McClendon scored.


The writer concludes that “Rule of law” is just another red herring diversion to provide cover for continued oligarchy plunder, failure and barbarism.


I found a little tidbit in the article particularly interesting. Who is Aubrey McClendon?

Why, he's a Kerr-McGee ('Silkwood') heir.

And his wife?

She's a Whirlpool heiress.

And deeply involved in stealing waterfront land from Benton Harbor, an African-American slum and the poorest city in Michigan, in order to expand an exclusive golf course country club for residents of St. Josephs, where McClendon owns several plots of land.

I remembered seeing discussion about that theft.


Supporters of the Harbor Shores luxury housing development say the $500 million project will create jobs and spark the renewal of the city of Benton Harbor, now the poorest city in Michigan.

But for two prominent backers of project, Republican Congressman Fred Upton and Whirlpool CEO Jeff Fettig, the benefits of the project hit closer to home: the proposed development will put a private golf course with spectacular views of Lake Michigan just a short drive from their family residences.


Rich people just take whatever the hell they want. They're the biggest thieves in the world.

Other relatives of McClendon & wife mentioned in the article = "swimsuit model Kate Upton" & Fred Upton, Republican Congressman.

George Carlin's words 'It's a club & you ain't in it' came to mind.

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Response to HiPointDem (Original post)

Sun Jul 1, 2012, 04:05 PM

1. Du rec. Nt

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Response to xchrom (Reply #1)

Sun Jul 1, 2012, 04:18 PM

2. thanks for the rec & kick. i think it's interesting when you look into the backgrounds of these


folks, they typically come from money.

We get hundreds of responses to OPs that talk about some dumb thing a teacher did (didn't put sunscreen on a student), but only a handful about criminal things powerful people do -- unless they're on the "other team".

And even then, it's usually stupid things like asking for a blowjob in a toilet. The deep criminality is rarely discussed.

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Response to HiPointDem (Original post)

Sun Jul 1, 2012, 04:42 PM

3. I shared on Facebook... with my own 2 cents...

It occurred to me that the reason the CIA recently extended the "classified" status of documents related to JFK's assassination is because some of the people who profited from it are still alive. Once they are dead and their ill-gotten wealth is in the entitled little paws of their descendants, I'm sure those documents will be hitting the New York Times Best-Seller List within nanoseconds.

...which brings me to Milton Friedman, who was in life a shriveled little muppet-of-a-man. He pulled himself up by his golden bootstraps and extracted huge amounts of wealth from the demise of "marxist" economies, the dismantling of their social programs, the looting of their newly privatized resources, the deaths of thousands who cried "WTF?"...

He is currently residing up there with Ayn Rand in the conservative pantheon of demigods.

Many people who are doing a whole lot of damage to the world aren't going to be around when we finally set things right. The first thing we should do is end their dynasties. Seize their assets from their descendants and use the proceeds to repair the damage they caused.

Countries are forced to pay reparations for starting and losing wars. What men like Friedman have done to the world is nothing less... except that he is still winning the war. Death should not get him off; his family should pay reparations.

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Response to dogknob (Reply #3)

Mon Jul 2, 2012, 03:53 AM

4. thanks for sharing it. every post i put up about class war gets about 3 comments. meanwhile,


100s of comments about a teacher who failed to put sunscreen on a student.

i thought it was quite interesting that the ceo of chesapeake energy was a kerr-mcgee heir and his wife the whirlpool heiress was deeply involved in stealing a park from the black community.

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Response to HiPointDem (Original post)

Mon Jul 2, 2012, 04:05 AM

5. The GOP: incremental steps toward an unstoppable movement for positive change!


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