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Sat Mar 25, 2017, 02:56 PM

This is important: Nunes talked to Ryan before Trump, then changed his story- to protect Ryan?

Those of you who saw Nunes's earlier presser after he went to Trump will remember him saying he first went to Ryan, but then he changed his story in a later presser. Lawrence O'Donnell did a whole segment on this Thursday talking about how people seem to be completely overlooking this, and that Ryan is desperately hoping people will forget this.

Many are demanding that Ryan remove Nunes, but forgetting (or don't know) that he conferred with Ryan before going to the WH in the first place. In Nune's later presser, which O'Donnell shows, he says Nunes fell on his sword for Ryan when he took Ryan out of the story and took full responsibility for going to the WH.

There are many demands for Ryan to replace Nunes, but this implicates Ryan as much as Nunes, and digs the corruption hole much deeper, and the rest of the media seems to be completely missing this very important piece:

Transcript of Lawrence O'Donnell Thursday:


Everything Devin Nunes did yesterday was crazy, unprecedented just isn`t
the word for this. It was out of control crazy.

The sequence of what he did shows that the justification that he offered
yesterday for what he did is just not true. The first thing he did with
that information was tell the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why did you not discuss this with the Ranking Member
before you came to the White House?

NUNES: So yes no, and I`m going to be meeting with Mr. Schiff at some
point to go talk about where we go with this investigation. But I have
been I had to brief the speaker first.


O`DONNELL: I had to brief the speaker first. That`s the line that`s been
lost in all the coverage of this. That was Devin Nunes` second press
conference of the day.

That was at the White House after he spoke to the president. His first
press conference of the day was at the House of Representatives announcing
that he was on his way to speak to the president, and what he was going to
tell the president about.

So he didn't have time to speak to Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the
committee, which is the first thing an intelligence committee chairman is
supposed to do with new information.

That`s what we`re supposed to believe. He didn`t have time because he had
to tell the Speaker first before Adam Schiff?

Everything Devin Nunes did after telling the Speaker was something the
Speaker approved of. You don`t go running into the speaker`s office with
something like this and not get the word directly from the speaker of
exactly what he wants you to do next.


You have every right to believe that Paul Ryan was very angry with Devin
Nunes exposing him as being involved in the delivery of this intelligence
information to the White House yesterday.

Because today, when Devin Nunes talked about it, he fell on his sword for
Paul Ryan. He completely took Paul Ryan out of that story. Devin Nunes
took full responsibilities for the decision to go to the White House.

This segment starts at the 14 minute point. Swalwell interviewed here as well:

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