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Thu Feb 16, 2017, 12:42 AM



After reading the new Vanity Fair article (with it's double message of only 71% of Trump voters would vote for him now but also that Trump would beat Elizabeth Warren 42-26), it seems Democrats need a short easily understood message that clearly puts economics first (to galvanize everyone to action -- including Trump white voters. Get back the Democratic numbers that killed Goldwater).

Warren has been super on many things but we need to realize what Thomas Frank and others have put forth following the election (that it's still not "playing" in Kansas, for example). Trump voters see others as having jumped ahead of them in line and getting lots of free stuff they don't/can't get (like SNAP money and subsidies for the ACA). Hence their resentment.

So as a more equal economy also increases everyone's rights (as in the USA during FDR to Regan years), a simple clear slogan like "SHARE THE MONEY" could be the new "SHOW ME THE MONEY." Worked for Cuba Gooding's character.

We know Trump's circle (and Ryan, etc.) is bent on sucking more money out of the budget to redistribute upward to his friends, selling off public assets cheap to them and then demanding tax cuts for them. They are not shy about getting theirs! Time to rally everyone else in a new economic class war like the 1930s. "Fight for 15," etc. Point out their power grab is a MONEY grab above anything else and take back what the 1% have grabbed over the past 45 years.

After all, it's the "Sharing Economy" now -- so SHARE THE MONEY!

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