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Sun Jan 29, 2017, 05:32 AM

6 Cringe-Inducing Moments From Trump's First Week You Might Have Missed...

6 Cringe-Inducing Moments From Trump's First Week You Might Have Missed. It's easy to get lost in the president's blizzard of vileness.

Amid the mounting horrors of Donald Trumpís first week in office was a stunning amount of boneheaded ridiculousness. The president's executive order banning Muslims and refugees from seven countries rivals Japanese internment camps for racism and spurred mass protests at airports Saturday. Mixed with this cruelty was Trump's ongoing tantrum about his inauguration crowd size and his popular vote loss. He and his puppeteer, Steve Bannon, declared the media the opposition party and picked an absurd fight with Mexico that Trump deservedly lost.

Deplorable firsts this week included a sitting vice president attending an anti-abortion rally, a president muzzling the agency designed to protect Americans from environmental toxins, Trumpís assertion that torture works against all known evidence, and a deliberate attempt to use his august office to perpetuate the debunked racist myth of mass voter fraud.

Some of the horror was downright laughable, like Kellyanne Conwayís Orwellian coinage of ďalternate facts,Ē Sean Spicerís (and apparently Trumpís) murky understanding of how tariffs actually work, and the presidentís apparent belief that aerial photography, when it comes to the size of his inauguration crowd, is somehow unreliable...

1. Trump further blurred the line between the White House and his family business.
2. He obsessed over the size of his inaugural crowd to a mind-bogglingly absurd degree.
3. He appointed two 20-something right-wing nutjobs to head up Voice of America.
4. He showed a fourth-grade understanding of human rights, children's rights and women's rights. What, no spanking?
5. He proved on the world stage that he really does not get the whole free press thing.
6. He made it clear that the White House does not want to hear from you.

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