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He's not a clown. He's not a buffoon, or a boor, neither an egomaniac nor a cheater. (Original Post) Stinky The Clown Jan 2017 OP
He is our very own.... pbmus Jan 2017 #1
He has never read that book or he did not understand it Angry Dragon Jan 2017 #17
Unfortunately that is incorrect... pbmus Jan 2017 #19
I was referring to the Bible .....the picture had a quote Angry Dragon Jan 2017 #20
Oh, yes...you are very much correct... pbmus Jan 2017 #21
have a good day for the end is near Angry Dragon Jan 2017 #22
K&R uppityperson Jan 2017 #2
Use Goering's body shape as that would be appropriate. BSdetect Jan 2017 #3
Nazi or Stalinist LiberalLovinLug Jan 2017 #4
Two for the price of one Generator Jan 2017 #9
Nazi. liberalnarb Jan 2017 #10
He can't be both? Idoru Jan 2017 #5
Re-read the post, please Stinky The Clown Jan 2017 #6
Apologies Idoru Jan 2017 #7
Danger to the whole planet Generator Jan 2017 #8
This man MUST NOT be inaugurated. We have to ... SylviaD Jan 2017 #11
All that and a Trojan Horse. Who the hell fires all the career diplomats on Day One .... Hekate Jan 2017 #12
I'm not sure they realized NewJeffCT Jan 2017 #14
Somebody sure as hell knew it. Hekate Jan 2017 #18
Nazi or Communist, you decide disalitervisum Jan 2017 #13
welcome to DU NewJeffCT Jan 2017 #15
Tom Clancy would be proud of you Angry Dragon Jan 2017 #16
He is a clear and present danger to the entire world! LeftishBrit Jan 2017 #23
He is all of the above and then some LandrosT Jan 2017 #24
That, I agree with. Lifelong Protester Jan 2017 #25


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10. Nazi.
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 04:00 PM
Jan 2017

Marx, at least, had good intentions. He believed that what he was doing was for the good of all people. Trump never had good intentions. He and hitler have that in common. Along with many other things...


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5. He can't be both?
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 02:53 PM
Jan 2017

That he is an egomaniac is evident to anyone with ears. That he is a cheater, he admitted that himself, during the last debate. Proudly.



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8. Danger to the whole planet
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 03:10 PM
Jan 2017

Why do you think it's a British spy that is trying to take him down? The Brits think we have lost our minds. They don't want to die. They are sensible people-and don't shout brexit at me either-that had the good sense to have regrets and it was very close. (also SCOTLAND) Fuck this sociopath. He is ruining America and will soon fuck up the world.


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11. This man MUST NOT be inaugurated. We have to ...
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 04:05 PM
Jan 2017

...take to the streets

....take it to the courts

......take it to the congress

this CANNOT stand


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12. All that and a Trojan Horse. Who the hell fires all the career diplomats on Day One ....
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 04:30 PM
Jan 2017

....with no replacements in sight -- just turn out the lights and don't bother to lock the doors behind you in evey foreign land? Who in their right mind announces that all the appointees in the department of Nuclear Maintenance are likewise terminated on Day One with no replacements, including the top 2 employees who run the joint? Leading #3 to say, "We are so fucked."


Benedict Donald, Trojan Horse.



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13. Nazi or Communist, you decide
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 04:46 PM
Jan 2017

It seems so odd, because the nazis and communists were (are) bitter enemies. But this revolting sack of crap displays characteristics indicative of both. The way he organizes things is clearly nazi, however, as he follows Hitler's principles exclusively regarding the way he has formed the cabinet and made ongoing administrative decisions, which is to place competing interests at each others throats so he alone can be the final arbiter, and protected from conspiracy against him among his own people. Not that he was smart enough to think of this himself, it's simply cribbed from Mein Kampf, probably the only book he's ever read.



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24. He is all of the above and then some
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 06:15 PM
Jan 2017

I still can't believe he'll be inaugurated in 2 weeks. How far our country has fallen.

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