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Sat Dec 3, 2016, 01:41 AM Dec 2016

Trumps Victory Tour First Of Its Kind Since Hitlers Nuremberg Rallies

With presidential elections occurring only once every four years, it can be difficult to remember exactly what the normal course of events looks like between election day and inauguration day. In this case, it’s been eight full years since we’ve witnessed a change in the occupant of the White House, making it even harder to recall all the ins and outs of the transfer of power.

For example, as Trump launches his “Thank You” victory tour tonight at a rally in Cincinnati, you may find yourself wondering, “Did Obama have post-victory rallies? Did Bush? What about Clinton?”

Newsweek investigative reporter Kurt Eichenwald wondered the same thing, so he did a little research. He had to go back quite a ways (and quite a distance) to find a similar set of circumstances:

Kurt Eichenwald ✔@kurteichenwald
Researched political, non-campaign victory rallies. Found 2: Trump's & Reichsparteitag des Sieges. Yah, it took place in 1930s. In Germany.
12:06 PM - 29 Nov 2016

That’s right, the last time a politician held victory celebrations in his own honor they were called the Nuremberg Rallies. They began after the Nazis’ rise to power in 1933 and became a yearly event emblematic of the power of the regime’s propaganda machine.

Each year, the rallies grew larger and more impressive, and Hitler’s speeches became progressively more sinister. The rally in 1939, scheduled to begin on September 2, was cancelled at the last moment—Hitler and Germany had invaded Poland the day before.

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Trumps Victory Tour First Of Its Kind Since Hitlers Nuremberg Rallies (Original Post) RandySF Dec 2016 OP
And he will continue to hold rallies like this frequently to keep his fans stoked up. hedda_foil Dec 2016 #1
"Victory Tour" --keeps giving me Hunger Games flashbacks n/t DeadLetterOffice Dec 2016 #2
Donald Trump turned me into a Democrat ThatManFromNantucket Dec 2016 #3
"I pencilled her name in on election day"--huh??? raccoon Dec 2016 #5
Some ballots are filled out by hand, not by pulling a lever uppityperson Dec 2016 #16
Thank you. nt raccoon Dec 2016 #18
So you're saying that you celebrated on Election Day? yardwork Dec 2016 #15
Trump is a textbook narcissist... Docreed2003 Dec 2016 #4
Little bit hyperbolic... Begabig Dec 2016 #6
Can you imagine the outcry had BHO Cosmocat Dec 2016 #7
The Nuremberg Rallies were Nazi Party Congresses FarCenter Dec 2016 #8
Anyone find an actual link to an article from Newsweek on this? n/t Zing Zing Zingbah Dec 2016 #9
Good news is barely anyone showed up titaniumsalute Dec 2016 #10
So we are going to invade Mexico? Monteg92 Dec 2016 #11
Obama and Clinton had some post election events I believe. Tommy_Carcetti Dec 2016 #12
trump is closely following Goebbels's rules for propaganda. NightWatcher Dec 2016 #13
He know the Hitler playbook well doesn't he. Hitler II coming to a city near you. lonestarnot Dec 2016 #14
He sure as hell does workinclasszero Dec 2016 #17


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1. And he will continue to hold rallies like this frequently to keep his fans stoked up.
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 01:46 AM
Dec 2016

Yes, I see what you do., Randy. And it's horrifying.

3. Donald Trump turned me into a Democrat
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 03:49 AM
Dec 2016

As of January 1, 2016 I would have considered myself a fairly reliable Republican voter. I'm from solid blue Arlington, Virginia. A Republican running for office here has almost no chance of winning any local election.

I forgot how much I despised Clinton. Her lawyer-speak and backtracking on the server business was a quick reminder. If only had server-gate came out a few months earlier, we would be now talking about President-elect Biden. But alas, her iron grip on the party infrastructure and funding assured she would win the nomination. There was no way that I could vote for her.

But then Trump won the GOP nomination. I'm an adult. She was the best person on the ballot for the job. I put aside my extreme distaste for her and instead of voting for a third party I pencilled her name in on election day. When she lost, I had mixed emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed the schadenfreude at the grief displayed by her biggest supporters. No, it was never "her turn". But even while tasting those delicious tears, I knew that feeling wouldn't last because we are in big big trouble.

I'm not sure what bothers me more. Is it that ass-clown crybaby who will be calling the shots, or is it that the alt-righis Nazis that support him? Now I'm certain that the majority of Trump voters are not white nationalists. They are a combination of the frustrated and uneducated, who were shamefully ignored by the Clinton campaign. What is really making me angry is that those facist alt-right assholes feel so confident from the Trump win that they are publicly showing their faces. I want them to crawl back under their rocks. Then lift the rock and slam it down on their heads.

Here's to an impeachment in 2017. Sure, Pence is no prize, but at least he can act like an adult. The devil you know.

/rant off


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5. "I pencilled her name in on election day"--huh???
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 06:37 AM
Dec 2016

Why would you have had to do that? I'm sure she was already on the ballot in every state.


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15. So you're saying that you celebrated on Election Day?
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 12:29 PM
Dec 2016

You were happy that Hillary was defeated? And you joined DU to tell us this?


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4. Trump is a textbook narcissist...
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:04 AM
Dec 2016

He requires constant adulation and has such thin skin that he explodes towards anyone and everything that would reduce his acclaim. In the process, his need for constant adulation has created these rally's which serve two purposes. One, they bring acclaim to Mr Trump and, much more frighteningly, they provide extremists an avenue to vent their frustrations and if this continues it could have extreme ramifications on the country as we know it. Look no further than the calls to "Lock her up" during this rally when Trump said "Well we did have fun with Hillary during the election, didn't we". And he did NOTHING to stop their chants. Our country, and I do not believe this is hyperbole, is sitting on the edge of a very dangerous precipice. If this type of ridiculous hate is allowed to fester and take hold, I'm afraid our country may irrevocably be changed at best and torn to shreds and corrupted completely at worst. Make no mistake, the GOP created this monster, and I'm referring to the Trump supporters not the man himself. By creating masses of people who are filled with anger and hatred and then providing them a mouthpiece for their hatred in the form of Trump, who wants nothing more than to be universally acclaimed, they have managed to pour gasoline on the flames of everything wrong in this country that we have been fighting against since its inception.


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7. Can you imagine the outcry had BHO
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 08:09 AM
Dec 2016

Done this?

Sorry, this is more evidence of just how fucked this country is.

The double standard of how Rs heads blow up over nothing, the media validates it by endlessly giving them a massive public platform to scream about it, and the halfwits in this country get caught up in it.

When BHO was elected, the Rs spent the entire first year screaming about INDOCTRINATION! if a school so much as had students do a play about him.

Now, this fuckwit is doing these hate rallies, something no other POTUS elect has even thought about, and any mild note of it gets a collective "pish posh" from rs and their media whores.



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8. The Nuremberg Rallies were Nazi Party Congresses
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 09:21 AM
Dec 2016

They would be more similar to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. They began in the 1920s before the Nazis cam to power.




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17. He sure as hell does
Sat Dec 3, 2016, 01:44 PM
Dec 2016

America/news media/republican party/Comey/Russia...what have you unleashed on the world?

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