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Tue Jun 19, 2012, 03:09 AM

The Dirty Thirty

Look at all the things wrong in America right now from the real obvious: poverty, lack of healthcare, crime, education, unemployment, to the less obvious: pollution of both our air and drinking water, the effects of global warming on our weather patterns.

Then look at the Republican solutions since 2010: legislation against the teaching of evolution, banning the word “gay” from schools, denying women control over their own uteruses, banning contraception, legislation to put children back to work and limit the pay of middle class workers, legislating the Ten Commandments, – none of which address any of the problems faced by Americans today. Even when they do touch on an actual problem – proclaiming days of prayer to combat drought – the solution is laughable.

The GOP has no intention at all of addressing any real problems; they are, however, very anxious to address non-existent problems, to identify and then legislate against them, like people eating food made from human fetuses. We all know that’s a huge problem in this country, cannibalism. And then there are all those women being coerced into having abortions. There has been no evidence of job creation legislation coming from the Republican-controlled House. Nothing at all.

The government needs money and the Republican solution to that is to cut taxes on the rich, pay oil companies to charge us exorbitant prices at the gas pump, and raise taxes on the poor and middle class, segments of the population that are already fighting to survive in a still shaky economy. For a decade we’ve been pouring billions into wars overseas and what better time to start a new war, when the economy can barely support the two we’ve been fighting? They don’t want Obama intervening in Libya, an inexpensive affair both in terms of money and American lives, but they are more than happy to urge a war on Iran which is sure to g on for years. We barely got out of Iraq with our skins intact and they want to go into the even less hospitable Iran.

Much more: http://www.politicususa.com/the-dirty-thirty-page/

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