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Thu Jun 14, 2012, 07:50 PM

oK.... as far as those points you made,

they're good, but we still don't have a candidate progressive ENOUGH to undo the massive shitstorm of a knotted mess that the Bush/Cheney folks left us with. That flurry of terrible legislation has set our country back 50 years (except for the tax rate for the wealthy), and we really needed someone to start unknotting it or cutting the knot at least. I don't see that happening. With both the Dems and Repugs on the side of MONEY, we aren't going to see any Progress until MONEY is no longer part of the equation. Many of us Dems don't see much of a choice, except between getting the thumbscrews, or a hot poker in the eyeball. Not much of a choice. And when a man no longer has a choice, he ceases to be a man.

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