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Sun Aug 30, 2015, 03:56 PM Aug 2015

I知 All Trumped Out!

Every time I turn the TV to CNN to catch up the news of the day and leave it on that channel for more than 15 minutes Donald Trump will appear on the screen and I am really getting sick of it. It may be a clip from one of his town halls, or a report of tweet where he said something outrageous about one of his opponents, or maybe it’s a cut away to speech where he is addressing a huge crowd, or maybe it’s a live interview. The media seems to be drawn to Trump like flies to cow paddies; they simply can’t seem to help themselves.

I understood at first; much as we would like to deny it, we can’t keep from watching train wreaks. From my perspective Trump has been doing an excellent job of wrecking the Republican Party’s chances of electing the next President of the United States. The future Republican nominee, whoever that may be, has to do a better job of attracting several large groups of voters which Trump has been going out of his way to alienate. In addition Trump is ruining his own chances of winning the Presidency by making totally outrageous claims about what he will do when he is victorious and he has been viciously attacking his fellow Republican candidates and stealing their limelight.


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1. The pieces to this puzzle are an odd mix
Sun Aug 30, 2015, 04:10 PM
Aug 2015

Trumps phone call to Clinton for his "advice" about running.

Trump posing as an "opponent" of Hillary "the presumed nominee".

The DNC -- under DWS's iron-fisted insistence -- rigging the debates to
insure the absolute minimum exposure for Bernie possible, esp. for earlier
voting states.

M$M clearly being "under orders" to cover Trump 24/7 wall-to-wall, all
the while pretending that Bernie Sanders doesn't exist.

What did I miss?

What does all this put together, add up to, or suggest?



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2. The DNC is partially responsible for Trump's success
Sun Aug 30, 2015, 05:00 PM
Aug 2015

Their refusal to have the grown ups, the Democrats, debate allows Trump to fill the political vacuum. Even Rachel and other liberals go on and on and on about Trump becuse the DNC took their party out of the lime light. Trump is the flashing light and the DNC made sure the Democrats weren't flashing or even glowing. So no one sees them.

Even with all this coverage, the media doesn't report Trump's white supremacist rants and chants at his rallies. It's as if the news left out the part about the Jews in Hitler's speeches. They manage to edit out the worst of Trump and make him more palatable to normal people.



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4. The DNC can't protect Hillary from herself indefinitely
Sun Aug 30, 2015, 05:06 PM
Aug 2015

But they might elect Trump and destroy the Democratic Party trying .
not to mention destroy the nation under President tRump.

world wide wally

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5. Trump fatigue struck me about a month ago...
Sun Aug 30, 2015, 05:19 PM
Aug 2015

and it's only gotten worse since
Fortunately, I think it's contagious and incurable other than going cold turkey.

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