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Sat Aug 8, 2015, 04:50 PM

Trump represents every idiot who forwards emails titled "Obamacare death panels" or "IMPEACH OBAMA!"

or "the federal government is invading Texas to grab our guns" or "Benghazi was the cover-up of an attempted coup" or "Obama's Kenyan birth certificate."

The Republicans built a network of misinformed xenophobic reactionaries who will vote in every election out of fear stirred up by the Limbaugh-Hannity-Beck consortium because that is how the Republicans compensate for the fact that fewer than half the nation supports their bullshit -- higher turn out rates bolstered my panic fostered among the ignorant and misinformed.

Trump speaks to these people who know of no measure of success beyond cash money, stadium-sized houses, reality TV stardom, and young blond third wives. Trump's campaign only sounds stupid to someone who is smarter than the average birther waiving a Confederate battle flag while picketing Planned Parenthood.

Trump says offensive things that make perfect sense to his constituency, and so when Megyn Kelly or Rick Perry or Lindsey Graham criticize Trump, they may as well be launching that same criticism in the face of a huge segment of the Republican Party which thinks our president is a Muslim born in Kenya.

Trump cannot win the nomination, but attacking him the way the RNC and Fox News are trying to will only make Trump stronger among his constituency.

The next time you hear some right wing pundit claim that the Trump campaign is over, go to your computer's junk mail folder and find the "IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!" email from your ex-brother-in-law and ask yourself:

"Is the moron who forwarded me this email going to vote for the guy who adopted policies to undermine collective bargaining in Wisconsin or the guy who supported limitations on the civil remedies available for medical negligence in Florida or the guy who called Rosie O'Donnell a pig?"

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