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Fri Jul 24, 2015, 05:51 PM

There is no GOP

What it has morphed into is a disparate mess of hate groups.

The time has come for it to disband completely and for these groups to stand on their own. Each claims to be the heart of the party, but although they do share some qualities, most are just fringe hate groups:

there are "wimmenfolk" haters, whose goal is for women to retreat to the birthing chambers and kitchens ..and to become their husbands' chattel

there are fetus worshipers who would begrudge a penny spent to actually help support the babies born from these unwanted pregnancies they claim to care so much about ...

there are the xenophobes who attribute their own failures to any person with darker skin than their own...never to the fact that they may have dropped out of school at 15, had 5 kids before they were 25

there are the rock'em-sock'em hell raisers who love to call themselves tea party-ers, but they are just plain ole malcontents who act like stubborn toddlers whenever and wherever they can

there are the libertarian-esques who think they should be left alone and should never have to pay for anything.. These people never left the pubescent mindset. They look grownup, but they are moochers

there are "good old days" gang who wax nostalgic about the 50's without realizing that 50's people paid hard core taxes so those good things could be available to many white men.
They ..also cleverly "forget" that millions of people never were able to cash in because of gender or skin color.

The main things that unite these groups are:

faux religiosity
mean-spirited greed

Not much "Grand" left in the grand old party

Old remains because many (most?) of them are getting up there in age

and it IS a pity party, to be sure. They claim that everyone is out to get them. but maybe Paranoia has replaced the party

These parties just need names, and should be forced to identify their goals...and should run candidates of their own, instead of trying to stitch that raggedy quilt back together every 4 years

Christian party
No taxes party
No blacks party
No foreigners party
Sacred fetus party
No girls allowed party

I would gladly accept the disbanding of the democratic party as well:

Labor party
Gender equity party
Save the earth party
Fair voting rights party

What WE stand for could stand alone..what they stand for cannot..

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