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Hilarious Twitter exchange between Bill and Barack. (Original Post) Dr Hobbitstein May 2015 OP
Your bar for hilarious is pretty low. AngryAmish May 2015 #1
Wow... Dr Hobbitstein May 2015 #2
it's funny - thanks for posting samsingh May 2015 #20
Did somebody pee in your cornflakes this morning? lamp_shade May 2015 #8
That is a kind way of putting it. nt stevenleser May 2015 #11
he/she is just angry samsingh May 2015 #21
... SidDithers May 2015 #9
For those who don't find it funny... thesquanderer May 2015 #14
It's funny in a sly, guy-putdown kind of way. nt brush May 2015 #15
Your 6r joy really shines. hrmjustin May 2015 #26
Well for me Canoe52 May 2015 #27
It made me chuckle too. cwydro May 2015 #3
Very funny. NCTraveler May 2015 #4
Very funny. I share your sense of humor. cbayer May 2015 #5
This was a funny exchange Gothmog May 2015 #6
That is clever. I chuckled. mnhtnbb May 2015 #7
K&R nt stevenleser May 2015 #10
Pretty funny---FLOTUS will not work tho... Evergreen Emerald May 2015 #12
@FSOTUS Historic NY May 2015 #16
Wouldn't @FPOTUS be even more politically correct? First Partner? What IF the US were to underahedgerow May 2015 #22
^this^ Hiraeth May 2015 #17
@FGOTUS doesn't really roll off of the tongue, but I believe it's correct: Heidi May 2015 #18
Good morning! Evergreen Emerald May 2015 #29
Zing JohnnyRingo May 2015 #13
First Dude. nt Lucky Luciano May 2015 #23
Love it! Lisa D May 2015 #19
FPOTUS NV Whino May 2015 #24
I think it's brilliant amuse bouche May 2015 #25
Delightful! madamesilverspurs May 2015 #28

Dr Hobbitstein

(6,568 posts)
2. Wow...
Tue May 19, 2015, 08:04 AM
May 2015

You're quite negative. I happened to find it humorous, so I posted it... It made me laugh.

Garfield, however, I don't find that funny at all.


(11,836 posts)
14. For those who don't find it funny...
Tue May 19, 2015, 08:48 AM
May 2015

I wonder if you get it? i.e. that Bill is asking on behalf of Hillary ("asking for a friend&quot , and that the status of "@flotus" is up for grabs if Bill becomes First Spouse...

Hilarious may be a bit of an overstatement, but I think it's at least amusing...


(1,232 posts)
22. Wouldn't @FPOTUS be even more politically correct? First Partner? What IF the US were to
Tue May 19, 2015, 09:38 AM
May 2015

elect a lesbian or gay President that has a life partner?

Imagine that!



(58,237 posts)
18. @FGOTUS doesn't really roll off of the tongue, but I believe it's correct:
Tue May 19, 2015, 09:05 AM
May 2015

First Gentleman of the United States. I only know this because I once lives in a state with a female governor; her husband was referred to as the first gentleman.

Good morning, Evergreen Emerald!


(18,291 posts)
13. Zing
Tue May 19, 2015, 08:43 AM
May 2015

If Hill does indeed make it to the Oval Office, I wonder what her husband's official title would be. "First Gentleman" does't ring.

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