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Wed Mar 11, 2015, 08:41 AM Mar 2015

Foreign Relations Hearing on C-Span about the AMF

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Kerry, Carter, Dempsey

I enjoyed the last one I watched with Ashton Carter....

Just started, Menendez is explaining what's going on...

AMF stands for Authorization for Military Force - about Syria, Iraq, Iran, and all them places...

Foreign Relations Hearing on C-Span about the AMF (Original Post) fadedrose Mar 2015 OP
Yesterday, John Kerry answered a question fadedrose Mar 2015 #1


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1. Yesterday, John Kerry answered a question
Fri Mar 13, 2015, 05:36 PM
Mar 2015

about the letter the Republicans sent to Iran and how it would hurt the US, and he gave several good reasons without insulting the signatories. When he was not quite done, Corker said something about "the speech he had prepared, and how it took 6 minutes," and Kerry, a pro, calmly told him that it was not a speech, rather he was answering a question.

Then I left the house.

Today I was lucky enough to be here to see the Kerry response again, and Corker interrupt again, and I kept watching. A few Senators later (Risch-ID) is a real moron, but that's besides the point. Kerry answered the last questions put to him (easy ones) that required a common sense answer that even I could have given, but those Senators love to be on the TV.

Then, Corker came on again. He must be head of that committee, and said, to paraphrase, "I gave you a hard stop, and you're now free to leave, but you're welcome to stay for the remainder of the session, and I wonder if you have something to add."

Kerry said, "No, but I'd like to tell you about money approved for Ukraine and you'll get more details on it tomorrow. Corker said he'd heard something about it, as Kerry got up and walked out. He'd had the audacity not to comment on Corker's remarks, say goodbye, and all that polite stuff. He was mad at Corker

I was so impressed..no angry words, looks or gestures, just a marvelous SecS
letting Corker know that he had been out of turn...as he proudly but innocently walked out very quickly, his entourage running behind him....

Sorry to take so long about really nothing, but Kerry is cool...

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