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Wed Mar 4, 2015, 01:59 PM Mar 2015

Pat Robertson & ISIS

I don't want to start a thread, don't want any replies, rec.s, flames, etc., I just want to say something I've been wondering about for a week or so.

When the author of the Atlantic Monthly magazine article told us that ISIS is wanting to start a full out-and-out war so that Jesus would come back and lead them to victory (radicalizing), it was not explained how this would affect Pat Robertson, who is waiting for the same out-and-out war so that Jesus would come back. So, if the end-of-days happens, I wonder who Jesus will come to lead.

Not important, just thought about it. I'd find out if I watched Pat Robertson and some of the other TV prophets, but don't know when they're on and wouldn't watch if I did.

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