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Dana Bash (cnn) (Original Post) fadedrose Mar 2015 OP
Its Dana isn't it madokie Mar 2015 #1
And be sure you don't pronounce it DAY-na. Atman Mar 2015 #2
LOL madokie Mar 2015 #3
I'm not familiar with her, could she be a grown up Danae Pyle? TexasProgresive Mar 2015 #5
She's pretty similar. Atman Mar 2015 #7
"ex pole dancers" fadedrose Mar 2015 #11
Yes...they danced on the tips of the earth! Atman Mar 2015 #13
It's "Diane" fadedrose Mar 2015 #8
Thanks, looked it up fadedrose Mar 2015 #10
they could call it Enrique Mar 2015 #4
cannot stand listening to the BASH-er chillfactor Mar 2015 #6
Was going to change it to Kornacki fadedrose Mar 2015 #9
As opposed to Dana Loesch, who should have her own ... 11 Bravo Mar 2015 #12


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1. Its Dana isn't it
Sun Mar 1, 2015, 09:37 AM
Mar 2015

at any rate you're shitin' me right, about her having her own show
Mrs. John King, oops used to be mrs john king



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2. And be sure you don't pronounce it DAY-na.
Sun Mar 1, 2015, 09:40 AM
Mar 2015

It's DAN-a. She'll bash you if you pronounce it wrong.


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7. She's pretty similar.
Sun Mar 1, 2015, 10:16 AM
Mar 2015

Actually, she might have been the inspiration for Danae Pyle. She's a pompous blow-hard, been on the air WAY too long. She was the original "hottie" before Fox took over and hired all the ex pole dancers.


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8. It's "Diane"
Sun Mar 1, 2015, 12:12 PM
Mar 2015

Feinstein, who was on when I decided to express my favorable opinion of her show. What I did was give Dana the name Diane, but gave it an "a" on the end. Both ladies should be mad.

She started with one of the House members who is against signing the Homeland Security bill until the President does something about his executive order on immigration. She was her usual harsh self in a way I liked. Didn't get his name, but that segment dealt with the coup to remove Boener.

Was never a fan or critic of Diane Feinstein, but today I am a fan. When Dana asked her about the Netanyehu visit, she said she would go to hear him, but disagrees with his view on Iran. She explained that there are 5 nations besides us (US) in on the talks, and that Israel would benefit if a deal were made. Dana said, paraphrasing, "Netanyehu says that he speaks for ALL Jews," and was he speaking for her (Feinstein), and she said, "NO, not in this." I admire her courage in saying this because of all the pressure she must be getting. She also said that his speech would no doubt criticize the President and didn't like that idea.

The whole show was good, and should be on later, instead of Forensics, Eating with Bourdain, looking for criminals with Hunt, spending the night with howars-Life, and tonight with Jesus.
CNN's treasure is the group of reporters they have, not the specials that belong on other channels...


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10. Thanks, looked it up
Sun Mar 1, 2015, 12:25 PM
Mar 2015

and see where they separated in 2012.

Never knew she was married to John King.


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9. Was going to change it to Kornacki
Sun Mar 1, 2015, 12:14 PM
Mar 2015

when I started to listen to the interview with that Rep congressman whose name I never go or missed. She was rough on him...

I like Kornacki too. Wish they'd move him to Melissa's spot and move her up. Her show is more serious and early risers would get more out of it.

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