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Sat Jan 31, 2015, 02:03 PM

Bad Math: An Analysis of Divide and Conquer Politics as Used in Wars for Oil

In Texas, a state legislator put an Israeli flag on her desk and instructed her staff to ask Muslim visitors to swear allegiance to the US. The swearing allegiance part was offensive. Muslims, like Catholics and Buddhists, have come to the US in order to take part in the American dream. They are here to go to school, become doctors and engineers, raise families and live the good life.

The Israeli flag was Bad Math.

There is a mathematical fallacy that is very popular today. It goes something like this:

Strength of Islam=Strength of Judaism - Antisemitism

There is a corollary that goes

Strength of Judaism=Strength of Islam-AntiIslamism

We see this same Bad Math at play when whites are told

The Strength of White Folks=The Strength of Black Folks-Racism


The Strength of Men=The Strength of Women-Sexism

And don't get me started on

Heterosexual Happiness =Homosexual Happiness-Homophobia

In fact, the happier and healthier and stronger everyone is in a democracy, the happier and healthier and stronger the democracy is. For instance, if workers of all races, religions and colors make a better wage, then they can buy more goods and services, making businesses healthier, creating jobs and raising wages. The only people who really benefit when wages are kept low are a handful of capitalists, via this equation

Vampire Capitalist Wealth=Worker's Wealth--Worker's Life Blood

Republican toadies of the Wealthy Vampire Capitalists may claim that they are aiding the cause of Jewish people worldwide when they put down Muslims. Do not be fooled. A very different equation describes their behavior:

Vampire Oil Executives Wealth=World Oil Reserves+US Military Invasions of Oil Producing Countries

And US Military Invasions of Oil Producing Countries=US Military Industrial Complex-US Voters' Esteem for People Who Live in Oil Producing Countries

Giving us

Vampire Oil Executives Wealth=US Military Industrial Complex-US Voters' Esteem for People Who Live in Oil Producing Countries

Meaning that when a Texas GOP state legislator puts up an Israeli flag in her office to wave in the face of Muslim visitors, she is NOT showing her respect for Judaism---every Sunday her Church tells her that her mission in life is to convert Jewish people. She is showing her support for the all important Texas oil industry which wants 1) A Big US military to use as its private mercenary army (witness the invasion of Iraq) and 2) Carte Blanche to have millions of Muslims in other countries killed as they were killed during the Iraq war without having to worry that US voters will shed tears. Because they can always claim

"We're not killing Iraqi Muslims. We are supporting Israel!"

Math is tricky. I hope this helps.

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